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  1. Limiting the seige fights, the best and most enticing pvp in the game currently to every 3 days would remove what little pvp is already in the game. I do agree that circle standing is miserably boring and really scares away any new player base from playing as that's what the majority of the day becomes. I do agree that providing timers and locks would encourage more organized larger scale pvp which we are in dire need for. The intention behind this post is good but the type of changes you are requesting aren't favorable. I agree with Krakken's points and would rather the community and Ace disc
  2. Absolutely. It'll be fun when we have more competitive groups going head to head, it is only a matter of time.
  3. Fair, grinding out gear is part of this game. CF also has a low skill cap when it comes to playing your avatar, I'm simply pointing out that there is a clear advantage when your running considerably better gear. That wasn't a complaint, you yourself just implied that you agree to this through your last comment.
  4. Entertaining fight, nice to see you guys running some wardens! To be fair though, I've seen a video of Brightdance running around with over 13k hp. You guys play very well together but you are also well optimized. A lot of people are running around with a 1/3 of that HP.
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