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  1. So we're seeing a male version of the druid on the front page. (seen here http://crowfall.com/en/) I say it's a druid because of his green hair, skulls on his belt and pants with glowing light blue magic in his hands. For me he seems kinda cool, but he also seems a lot more manly then I pictured him, ripped wearing pants and no shirt, doesn't get more manly than this. I was hoping for a more fluid crossover like the confessor where they're pretty much wearing the same, I'm hoping that we won't see the clothes turn 90 degrees when equipping them as a man compared to the female counterpart, she wearing a dress for instance, and then a male version equips it and the shirt goes missing, and the dress gets turned into pants. Of course this is the starting screen, so I won't be able to tell anything before we see the official male druid art, but what do you guys think? clothing, staff or maybe even magic wise etc.
  2. I vote no to glidning/flying. Only if it's limited to fae assassins (and cost stamina) will i be only slightly more okay with it. Crowfall hasn't got tabtargeting combat, right now we dont even know what kind of combat mech archers got beside the ground-targeting-hologram-thing. So if we implement flying you'll need to (say we got free targeting) aim and hit them at the right time. Now thats not really my problem, but siege is. Say your guild build a mighty fortress with thick walls and more sections so if the first one falls you can fall back etc. But there is a mountain to the side where theres some really good resources. There are 10 defenders but 25 attackers. Its okay since the wall got trebuchets and thick walls so you'll be able to hold it, but instead the 25 people go up on a hugh point and fly over the walls into the inner section. There are 3 warriors in the defenders group that was mounting the trebutchets and only a few was aimed down, but nonetheless 20 to 10 people now fight and the defenders lost their upper-hand that they used so much time on within 1-2 min. Say they hadnt seen the attackers but were patrolling or simply just socialising and then suddenly a group of 50 swoops down into the inner courtyard. If there weren't gliding you would be hearing clashing and rocks hitting the wall, and sure the attackers had time to set up their catapults and what not, but the defenders now have a chance to defend. Now when people say "gliding/flying just need to be balanced and implemented right to work" I agree, but so too does guns/robots and whatnot, if implemented right and balanced what is then bad about it? But how would people want this to be implemented and balanced right? By the movement speed of how fast you'll fly? It cant be too slow either or people will hate it or not do it aka. Waste of work i presume? or what? Also when people say they break immersion I think they ment that gliders are not really used in fantasy/medieval worlds, but so too is guns so that argument doesnt really count I guess. Now I don't hate flying, but I feel like the game should have been build with the mech in mind or shouldn't try to implement it, as it's focusing a lot more on ground to ground combat xD
  3. My take on the male :> or how I would like to see him xD
  4. Okay I'm going to list some minor things that i would really really like, NOT to see in the game :> Gender restricted armor, if I see some armor or robe I think look super cool and want to wear it on my character, I don't want to equip it and find out that they cut it to look like a new set of armor just because it's "male" only or something like that. It's like gw2 did, wow also did it, but in a much lesser fashion than gw2. So please, don't let that be a thing. ((I can understand race restricted, but gender, really? do you really want to use the time to make 2 different outfit for 1 armortype, it doesn't look like they're doing it from the view of how the Knight and lady-knight/dame/knightress looks, but it does with the confessor/frostweaver/ranger) It would also be nice if we didn't have floating names, or let them go invisible when you sneak at least (if they'll have a sneak mechanic). Oh yeah, and the killer. Please don't add dance or stupid emotions. If you are going to do it, please do it somehow immersive then, I don't want to look at my character shuffle or dance single ladies back in a medieval/fantasy setting, it just becomes awfully un-immersive, I rather see it done good than done poorly and just there for the fame, I don't need pop references, I really don't.
  5. So, will food play a part in Crowfall? I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the topic for me :>
  6. Raven, It's a good suggestion, I just hope to see a nymph-like male :9 And the satyr is not the counterpart to nymphs. Nymphs are spirits who take form, but they are spirits of the forest, aka. non-gendered. But they take the form of young maidens, but that's something completely different. Satyrs didn't have a counterpart, but that was added later, see the satyresses, who have nothing to do with nymphs. And I have never read anything about it or seen it used in Psychological terms, but if you could link it to me I would be very happy. Also in nature male and female often don't differ that much, we often see both sexes, and even some who change their sex if the other is missing. Also the big mammals are a great sample of this, lions you can see some difference, but take any other tiger and you'll have problem seeing a difference, also giraffes, horses and the like look completely alike. And while I think satyrs a great to have, I thing they should have an archetype dedicated to them, since it'll be weird to see them in a supportish role, at least for my point of view :3!
  7. Someone said a dryad is a nymph, but a lot of mythological creatures don't have one sex, ever heard a story about a female Minotaur or what the gender of a chimera is? A Nymph is most likely just the species, so they're probably asexual, but could maybe be both male or female. I just want to see a male version who looks like the female, slim, wearing the same outfit as the female version (hopefully you get the point) like with the knight, where the female and the male version are almost identical. I want to have at least one archetype male who isn't a bulky masculine guy, so we also have someone to represent the skinny guys in our society who are non existent in online games (unless you count tera's elven male into the fold, but they are just overly sexualised.) But I rather see them as the druid males than some bodybuilder, who look so manly that it hurts.
  8. I like it, makes it a bit more active for the people who are more focused on the economy. (Normally they just farm up and sit with the money, not really anything to do or any competition. Also i look most forward to the transportations of all the goods, being money or what not :>
  9. Oh my god, I'm so sorry xD didn't see the ongoing post. Can we get a moderator to delete this? :9?
  10. "It's like Game of Thrones meets EVE Online." - Crowfall. But is it really? Now don't get all haterish on me but for me it can sound like Crowfall just compares themself to Game of Thrones because it's popular, and EVE Online, because it's also pretty popular. Now for me those two are almost nothing alike the Crowfall I've seen up until now. Game of Thrones is mostly about court, diplomacy and backstabbing, none of which I think Crowfall really revolves around. I don't believe (and correct me if I'm wrong) that diplomacy will be in any way the same as in Game of Thrones (not saying there will be none) but saying that it is shaping up to not be even near that of Game of Thrones. It would also be hard since characters aren't permanently killable, so poison, backstabbing (taking someone down from a high position) would be kind of useless in a sense. EVE Online is a persistant world, with non-persistant "characters" when I say characters I mean ships, since ships can be destroyed, but you keep your character. In Crowfall you can't kill those characters, and instead it's the other way around with non-persistant world, and persistent characters. Now I'm not flaming Crowfall, I just want to find out what you guys think would be best to compare Crowfall with, not commercial-wise, but what is Crowfall most like? For me Crowfall is like Warcraft 3 meets Minecraft. Minecraft because we have a randomly generated world, with different resources, and we have some other force (not zombies like it is in Minecraft, but with the Hunger instead, as the evil force that tries to kill you.) You start a game naked, like in Minecraft, and proceed to build up etc. Warcraft since warcraft for me is a fight for resources, playing these scenarios (that will end at one point) and it's a very strategical game, with positioning, tactics etc. that grasp around the fighting part of Crowfall. Now what do you think Crowfall is like? and I would also like to know if you disagree with me (but no lashing out towards me please x3! and sorry for gramma mistakes.)
  11. I was thinking about that quote, and thought it a bit silly if the building would bounce like that (it doesn't look like you're about to be crushed, but more like you're about bounced on.
  12. Hey, so I'm sure you're all seen the Voxel Farm video, if not then here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=on-0Ou48tak I want you to go to 2:53 since it's easiest to see there. Now my worry is this, will we see buildings stand up on only a small single supports, like the building does at 2:56. For me it seem a bit silly, but at the same time, I don't know if they have developed the engine or plan on doing so, so the gravity will pull the structure down if it isn't supported with enough supports. What I find a bit weird is how the structure falls, i think it's cut away on the link I showed you, but it doesn't seem to change shape at any point when falling. One would imagine that it would scatter as it hits the ground, but it doesn't, it just lands on the roof and one would imagine the ground, unchanged. (it looks a bit like we're on the moon or something, the structure doesn't look heavy. I know they talked about giving different objects mass and weight, but I fail to see it at the moment. Am I the only one who feels like this, and do you think we'll be able to see structures behave more.. structure-ish, or will the technology just not suffice at all?
  13. Implementing fast travel will remove a lot of counterplay. You won't be able to hold back reinforcement. Ambushes would be non-existing as you could just move from castle to castle with the army (GW2 like) The biggest guild would be a super power (uncle bob) who would be able to move his WHOLE army from one point to another point far far away. So he'll be able to conquer everything, as he can easily defend it all with the use of fast travel. You can't cut off supply or reinforcement lines. (If you were to hold a siege over several days, if that is possible.) There won't be the same kind of territorial control, as you move borders. Instead you can build a castle right in the middle of the enemies land, and keep it with the use of portals (even though everything else around it is cut off) And that for me, removes something from a strategy game. Edit: Also the map of risk Mayham choose is really misleading. As we all know they only had fast traveling there because ships weren't implemented. take for example A game of Thrones the board game instead: See how there isn't any fast traveling, instead ships are used for that purpose. And my argument is that this is a much more tactical game than the normal risk.
  14. I would like to not see teleporting, I feel it would ruin the territorial control a lot. Maybe if you needed 6 people to continually use their time to hold it activated, then I would be fine with it. (Since they would put a lot of resources to teleport players, but at the same time, if something were to go wrong, it should be devastating. (To the summoners as well as the players going through.)
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