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  1. The game's point system is, at the moment, a total let down.
  2. We covered this. Gluten is evil.
  3. Crazy idea - what if there was a forum that was literally "no-holds barred" and had very little to no moderation? If people want to spit, stew, and sit in toxic discourse - let them roll around like a pig in mud there.
  4. Is it also an issue that ... once Fall hits, game activity plummets? Or at least that seems to be the case in the last few campaigns. Heavy activity Spring/Summer, some Sieges Fall, then Winter and everyone goes ... "meh". There was an idea floating around instead of plentiful harvest declining seasonally, ditch the concept and make higher rank nodes spawn in fewer locations in the late seasons. You still have resource scarcity in the game design, but also a mechanism that drives conflict. I guarantee that if there was like ... one set of R10 motherlodes in the CW in Winter, people would be pvp'ing over them all the time. Which, I think is good? Gems and Minerals also need to stop popping out of motherlodes in late seasons. Or at least tie them to the seasons in some way.
  5. Also having this problem. Clearing cookies resolves it, so I'm assuming the issue lies in how the forum cookies are being utilized, or possibly for some of us using things like ublock?
  6. One man's trash is another man's treasure. Or something like that. Variation in gameplay inherently means something is going to be suboptimal.
  7. My point is that if I had that many points saved up, without speed accelerated, it would have been a whopping disappointment. Only other game like this (EVE) for comparison ... You might take 2 months to train from BS IV to V ... might only give you a 2.5% turret dmg boost but it will also allow another skill tree, additional ships that you can fly (Tier 2 ships), etc. There's a big "oomph" at the end of the train that makes it feel like an accomplishment in patience. Getting .1% hard control duration in a CF skill tree is the exact opposite of that feeling.
  8. That's the problem to some extent - GvG is entirely focused around keeps and there's nothing else to fight for. At least in EVE, outpost / etc. battles focused on establishing territorial control and control over resources. In CF atm, there isn't really anything to fight over except ... points, and small crafter bonuses? Maybe it will all change as systems get fleshed out, but that doesn't appear to be likely. I'd love some kind of roaming Wraith or PvE content that takes 10 minutes to kill, spawns randomly, and drops necessary loot for epic gear crafting. In one swoop, you: Give players a reason to get out and scout zones Create dynamic points of conflict and emergent gameplay Tie crafting to something more than a gathering system that requires no-life gameplay Create item / reward scarcity The systems as designed are so minimal ... that playing for the sake of playing / testing is just not fun. If the combat was better it would be fulfilling but atm... it's just not fun.
  9. Agreed. I don't know a better way to do it but I cringe at the amount of dev work that's already gone into the system, and how much more appears to be slated for it. Out of all the possible options that could serve as a fulcrum / reason for conflict in a sandbox world, "Points" has to be one of the laziest choices.
  10. Thought I'd post a few random thoughts as I haven't logged in for a couple of weeks (RL, work, fam') - and not feeling the urge to with the game designed as it is. Curious how my thoughts compare to the general community? Things I Like / Find Fun Gathering - the ebb/flow of the pip system has a good feel to it. World Gen - campaign worlds feel dynamic, nicely designed with areas to focus action - I imagine this will become more focused as points of interest, etc. make their way in. Character Design - Really like the prestige classes, wish characters has a bit more "uniqueness" to them though. Crafting - In PRINCIPAL. Game has fun combinations, etc. However there's a lot I dislike (see below). Theorycrafting - Game is going in the right direction for this, with disc and class combinations in a group. I wish there was more of the SIn / Adjudicator type synergies to explore. Thinks I Dislike / Find Tedious Point System - The more and more I think about it, I hate feeling compelled to get on a video game at a specific time that never changes during testing to play a game of CTF for fake internet points. It's not sandboxy at all, at the moment. The Point System - the recent reward drama reinforces this point. How is this a "throne simulator" when we're playing, at it's core, "CTF?" I hate the scoring system and how much it narrows gameplay choices and design. Feels so weirdly ... pasted on to the underlying game design. Performance - I have BIG concerns here. The game is so choppy / poorly optimized that I worry how much of it can truly come together at the end. Gathering in Bulk - It's tedious. As much as I love the microdesign of the pip system, gathering for more than an hour causes a lot of carpal tunnel issues. I don't have any kind of RSI but I think I will develop it if I gather in CF on a regular basis. Hold left click / spam-A = tension on the mouse hold and cubital tension on the keyboard hand. Crafting - While I like the crafting system, I hate how tedious it can be. However - I know that will be alleviated when/if the factory system is implemented. That being said, while the system initially impressed me with the multitude of choices and component options, once understood (thank you, -W- site), it felt very mechanical. You have x% to do this, x% to do that, a couple dozen ore/wood/stone combinations to play with to get a few more %%, but ultimately we're shifting percentage sliders a few degrees left or right in the process, over and over. At the risk of angering math nerd, I'd love to see a bit more RNG in the crafting system, both in the effects and in the maths. .001% Performance Gains - Exaggerating here but the game is full of small math bonuses that feel incredibly boring in isolation. I logged in for the first time in weeks today and had 250k combat points to spend. I think the actual impact of those expenditures in the 1h tree added up to something like 3% weapon decay loss and .1% power efficiency. Again, I MAY be exaggerating but if that was 2 months of actual gains I would have died from the lack of excitement at the outcome. Combat - This one I struggle with. I can't put my finger on what I dislike... is it mounts that allow remounting quickly? Is it the lack of VFX and UI feedback that help register combat impact? Is it the lack of VFX and SFX to help identify and trigger combat counters? Is it the "slippery" feeling of combat that's probably due to a lack of optimization? There's a lot to unpack here, but as I played over a month, I became increasingly ... bored by combat. There's nothing in it that feels visceral or engaging. Nitpicky Things / Misc Siege Weapons - need a lot of VFX work on these. Feature Deprecation - I get some of the choices made in limiting the launch feature list vs initial Kickstarter design list. Good example, destructable voxels. But where did the fun scouting / cartography ideas go? The game feels like a hollowed out version of what was pictured at the KS launch and that is unfortunate... my feelings here may be what they are because I find the core design system (CTF Points!) to be such a boring concept for a "sandbox MMORPG".
  11. Not really. Not to the extent that the output from this one profession remains permanent while everything else has durability.
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