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  1. Pssshhh... Brigand Mino’s are the real Stealth Gods
  2. The issue with me is (and I wouldn’t even call it an issue) is trying to find high rank stuff to skin, that aren’t spiders or cats. I eventually will find arouches or pigs at a high rank but I just wish they were more common.
  3. Chaos looks pretty good last night tho... that’s why Crowfall and campaign resets is such a great idea.
  4. I’ve been envolved in a couple 5v5 1 healer scrims and they have been a lot of fun. I know I would be down with getting involved in this and could probably put together a team.
  5. I am currently working on this build right now. I have a Purple Mino Vessel and went Brigand. I don’t have gear yet, but I am going to stack as much health on leather gear as possible. Once I play around with this build more I’ll have more information. Many people are saying Ranger is underpowered and very squishy, but I think I can make something work. Oh btw, Mino stealth is hilarious!
  6. I did not read that, that sounds like a really good idea.
  7. I enjoy the harvesting mechanic to the game, it kind of give a Stardew Valley feeling. I would hate to see Crowfall just become another basic cookie cutter MMO.
  8. I’ve only been playing for a couple weeks now but I have seen some people talking about how a winning faction and snowball and win the campaign. I have 2 ideas on ways to keep the loosing team in the fight. 1) Make Capturing points fast for the faction in second place and make it a little bit faster for the team in 3rd place. I feel like this is self explanatory and will keep loosing factions more engaged with incentive to come back slightly easier. 2) Depending on how much a team is loosing by create an algorithm to grant slightly more points per controlled point. And/or if a Faction does not control their original keep, give that faction a slight bonus to point when controlling multiple Forts. Since keeps can only be taken once a day a faction controlling 2 keeps has a serious advantage in points with no “maintence”. To not fall so far behind in score while not owning a Keep, a Faction could try to “maintain” multiple forts. For example if the Faction with no Keep owns 2/3 of the Forts they get bonus points equal to 1/2 a Keeps worth. This would also incentives more PvP at Forts. These are just a couple ideas I have had, tell me what you think and why these ideas might not work.
  9. I am a fan of this. I am going to figure this out and test things when I get home.
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