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  1. Bard/Twisting bug
    When activating the Pure Song buff from the Twisting minor discipline while in a combat tray to gain a enhanced song buff such as D'orion's Accelerando the enhanced song buff cannot be maintained after switching to survival tray even though the Song of Speed continues to cycle.
    I believe this was a recent change possibly introduced in 5.8
    Please allow enhanced song buffs to be refreshed after switching to another tray.

    Bard/Twisting quality of life suggestion
    Since you can't slot Hymn of Restoration in the survival tray it's impossible to activate the Pure Song buff from the Twisting minor discipline while in the survival tray with the Bard discipline by itself.
    This is a large usability hit.

    Please allow Hymn of Restoration to be slotted in the survival tray. It would be nice too if this heal was affected by support powers.

  2. Hello today at around 1900 PST on NA my wood elf druid glitched and I had permanent wood elf stealth. It used no stamina, didn't disappear while moving, and didn't end on it's own. I could harvest, kill creatures,  loot boxes, and I attacked one enemy player who couldn't see me. We chatted after to confirmed he couldn't see me.

    I didn't get a chance to test whether logging out and back in fixed it (presumably it would have) because my client hard locked and I am unable to get back into the game yet.

    I'll email support with details on how I think this happened.

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