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  1. This happened to me today also. I watched for a few minutes and noticed that another player was idling in the default spawn location at the bottom of the cave. Meanwhile, several other players spawned at the top of the cave with me as they joined the campaign.
  2. Some random stuff I've noticed: Anomaly: Season Timer [repeatable] Season timer seems to be off by one season. Example: Yesterday, I noticed it was showing Winter during Fall, and today, it showed Winter was complete then though still had part of the day left for the first 4-day campaign. Anomaly: General Chat tab missing [not repeatable] Had an anomaly where the General chat tab wasn't there one day. Later when I moved to a new zone in the campaign, ended up with two 'Zone' tabs instead. Unable to reproduce. Anomaly: Split Stack off edge of screen [repeatable] To split a stack, we SHIFT+RightClick. If the stack we're trying to split is in the right-most columns in our inventory, then when the Split window appears, the right-part of the dialog is hidden off screen (for example, I was unable to see the new stack # count). I could find no way to move the dialog or inventory windows directly, but by cancelling the split attempt and moving the stack in my inventory further to the left, I'm able to get around this easily. Anomaly: Game 'skipped' while running in Survival Mode I found when running around zones that every 15-30 seconds (vague... I realize... haven't timed it) when in Survival Mode, everything would freeze for a fraction of a second (I'd guess... maybe 1/5th a second at most?). Before, during and after, FPS shows around 60-100+, and both latencies are showing <100ms, so neither indicate there's an issue. Also, when running around a fort or keep, not noticing the issue, and haven't noticed it in any form of combat (pve or pvp). I do a lot of rotating the camera around when I'm out in the middle of nowhere so it may be related to that? Who knows. The worst that tends to happen after these "skips" are that I'm facing some odd direction and have to re-orient real quick based on landmarks or the compass. Not a big deal. Haven't done any large pvp battles yet. Anomaly: PvE melee mobs act weird in combat [repeatable] So started by exploring a confessor and noticed that when doing ranged attacks on melee animals, the animals liked to perform melee attacks from where they were instead of closing the distance to attack me directly. And by 'melee attacks from where they are', I mean they would melee attack and since I'm not standing in front of them, they just look silly. They would still run at me, but it was like my basic ranged attack could interrupt their advance and force them to perform a melee from where they were. I remember this happening in particular with Wolves, Elks, and Hellcats, and probably some other 4-legged things that I don't remember. Suggestion: Custom waypoints There are some built-in waypoints in the game that you can see from a distance away, such as the gates between the worlds and to our corpse when we're in crow-form. The use-case that came to mind was that I was trying to reach a specific fort across the map and even though I knew I needed to go 'West', I had to check the map to orient myself a few times even though I was following the compass correctly. The compass was showing local outposts, but I couldn't find a way to show the fort/keep in question until I was within its range. Would have been nice to be able to see one of those giant shining beacons at my target. Suggestion: "Newbie" tips When I started playing, noticed the pop-up tips, but sometimes I was focused on a current action in game and didn't want to shift my focus immediately. I'd recommend turning off the auto-dismiss by default, and allowing players a way to turn auto-dismiss back on. Or setup an archive in the long run so players can review them at their own convenience. Don't feel like I missed anything important in the couple I didn't read, but who knows. Anomaly: Skinning Weak Spot Not sure if this is design or bug or just me, but sometimes when a weak spot appears during skinning, it is impossible for me to focus on it without losing focus on the corpse first which prevent me from being able to hit the weak spot then. Suggestion: Risk/Experimentation Graph Would be nice to see the risk graph on experimentation so could make some educated decision on which of the experimentation levels to use. Seeing the numbers are okay, but seeing a visual graph of failure vs success could help us better determine what degree of experimentation to choose. Got the idea from Blair's crafting video on 11/20 where he showed us some of the math behind the experimentation with his Excel worksheet.
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