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  1. FULL WIPE - INCREASED PASSIVE POINT SPEED!!!! Listen, the Uncle Bob scenario is hitting everyone on the winning side way to hard. We have a DEFINITE advantage on 90% of the population... and the game is stale with the current population. Wipe, but allow everyone to recoup quickly to reach endgame. What matters is we all start on an even playing field moving forward
  2. Yes absolutely. But what you've done is gated it and gimped them otherwise. If I could only equip a Legendary Vessel with Legendary Disciplines then those should have additional stat payoffs, while abilities remain static. This isn't any sort of rewarding progression, and you can't even argue that the experience is any way rewarding. Absolutely no one feels prestigious about getting a different color vessel in this game without a power scale increase on every component. It's like owning the White Elephant, at the end of the day you got a 2 ton poorly made socks machine that becomes a
  3. 100% agree, the space would serve better if you could see Remainding length of campaign.
  4. @jpollard New game types should fix a lot of the scoring issues you see. The majority of us are only on Faction because it is the only option in LIVE atm. Dregs gametype will take most of your hardcore base, and the "play to crush" crowed over there. Leaving Factions to be the step above GR in getting acclimated to the game. Lots of us don't expect more from Factions, because it is what it is, you have allies you may not want, and no control over internal competion. It's also not what's bringing a lot of us to the game. Although it could stand to give you a combat/capture score, craf
  5. We have nearly every guildy involved to some degree in our gearing process. Everyone contributes to the harvesting as well. Which in itself takes time, training, and multiple professions to support that alone and reach expected end-game harvest numbers. Starting out with less experience we usually take fresh people and bring them to group runs, such as POI Motherload's and War Tribe camps. Players with a specialization are supported by our Runecrafters with the right tools to tackle high-end nodes, and in turn they contribute some back to the Runecrafter. We try to balance our harve
  6. I agreed with the statement. Free gear is never fun in a game, there are plenty out there where you can pick a build, loadout, and kill. This is not one of them. I think most of the pop hasn't been through a reset entirely, unless you've started a new account, but systems have always been in place to catch you up to where most people are currently at. Such as having a guild craft for you and groups for obtaining higher rank materials. When this lands we'll have basically a staircase type system, where your training will coincide with what you are using to craft. Right off the bat, a
  7. Aside from nodes, no, there isn't much point to the fort other than the passive points, making it no less vital than anyother, with exception to having higher-tier drops. It would entirely allign with your level of passive training. White materials would be entirely viable fresh start and anything beyond that would offer minimal scaling beyond that, as the training does not support it to the maximum potential. Once you start moving along, into maxing out basic crafting you can begin to incorperate green/blue and have a noticible, albiet, still very minimal increase in stats across the
  8. What fkn gear gap, please, link and site who the actual hell is using legendaries?! I know right off the bat now, that you must not farm at all. Maybe that is why you have such a belief that there is a "gear-gap". Legendaries are HIGHLY inefficient in armor, smart crafters use the limited resource in Jewel Crafting or mayyyyybe a weapon if someone decided to put in 100+ hours at current conditions to the farm grind. You need to worry less about a gear gap and focus on something more important. Zybak pointed it out perfectly... You're getting rolled by the META.Top guilds don
  9. Yes, this is legit hard-baking in the grind fest. Along with diminished returns on farming (even with max training, that still gets trump'd by gear you can make in a day) they are basically saying, "Hey, we don't respect your time to play the game as intended, because science and math says, the population won't stay unless we attach a megalithic grind to the normal course of play." I want to play CF, not Minecraft. I want PvP, not more gates and grinds to get there.
  10. Didn't realize updating the Wiki for players out of the game for months on end was on me. I did it to voice a concern outside of bug reports, because this has been reported. Known Issue Even. Plus if you read the 1st post Miraluna, I made it very clear what the point is. Don't just read the last thing said, I stayed on point, use context.
  11. Srathor, I think what you really should be asking for is clear cut tooltips that let us know exactly what does what, as well as where and how things are effected. I'm not in any postion to share builds or "trade secrets" as it is the result of a team collaboration with many hours spent on TEST doing what the devs ask of us. My point is now, as things are we're getting ripped off a lot in terms of build and yeild as to what we should be getting.
  12. L'habituel... posséder tous les 6 châteaux... #HoA #Winterblades
  13. Yea, your gear is still bene... that's hurting your results, no one keeps it up anymore, as the difference is dismal anyway (juice not worth the squeeze). I linked passive talents specifically because they don't appear to be working. I get a lot of input is coming from players that have had years in the community, but anything crafting pre-5.9 as of right now... is irrelevant to the conversation. And building the way you always have shows you haven't theorycrafted, or play tested other inputs to try to maximize yeilds. This is why we're angry, we have worked through the chang
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