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  1. #1 Most Important thing in Crowfall you need before any gear. Otherwise you're alone in a void.
  2. Hey Devonic, you should really comb the site a bit more rather than just jumping right to forums with a question. 90% of the questions you have are answerable by skimming main page. Alternatively, if you're finding yourself under informed you should seek out a guild, as they will definitely fill you in on the last 3 years of this game
  3. The example of mother loads is something like, you miss Foreman's, 'take it down', or something to that effect, and as a result the node took maybe 2 stamina bar's instead of the usual 1.
  4. No, it has nothing to do with the amount of damage done to the node. This got a little off track, cause even on solo nodes... Let's say I stop real fast after initiating hitting the ore, pause for a 20 second period, then continue to finish mining it (and on average I will kill a R10 in 5-9 swings). I'll notice that the ore drop rate will almost have a fizzle effect, resulting in white ore and a few dust versus something that would normally drop greens/blue at minimum.
  5. I've noticed that the longer you take to harvest a resource node, the worse off your drops will be. Especially with mother loads, my question being, is there actually some kind of hidden decay rate on nodes from the moment you hit it to when you finish, that effects the quality of your drops? Or is it just me...?
  6. These are fast falling into obscurity, with the only reaction to them being, "Oh f***ing great! Now I gotta hit this so it stops c***-Blocking my farming route."
  7. There's appropriate times for this, as each one of these wipes comes with another chunk of the player population wiping with it. While yes, your decent gear could be getting completely trashed by people who may be taking advantage of all the beneficial up-time, or bugged crafting. The fact is a great deal of the disparity is caused by knowledge bases. I can tell you that our crafters are nearing the ends of every tree. Jewelry has been through multiple re-rolls to make every craft much more effective, as has our crafter's gear. To say certain people have been exploiting beneficial bug is even laughable. Those are people who know that Rune-making Seals go into gear, to make harvesting gear, which makes harvesting more effective. Nothing will change with a wipe, until somehow ACE makes it easier for new players to have access to the knowledge base experienced players have. What I think you need to be suggesting is a massive overhaul of tool-tips. A much more comprehensive beginner zone that gives you a full idea of the game sans the ganking (which has been much improved with higher ranked mobs/resources in beachhead zone, just not crafting). And ultimately easier access into guilds from the game itself, as its utterly obvious you'll only become as good as the people you're surrounded by, not the gear you're wearing.
  8. This is what guild farming looks like for an example... and this was just over 1 week...
  9. Given all the materials and qualities of each one, I think it makes sense that you should have wood/leather/ore all stack to 500-1000. We're not farming this in the 10's. We're almost forced to grind an hour given how your potion and food timers are not of equal times and just to get both to run out on sync takes 60 minutes. The amount of stacks alone become unmanageable as you start getting more diverse qualities as well... this needs to be fixed as it is a major quality of life issue for guild crafters and harvesters.
  10. Great fights Order, looking forward to many more! Gonna be a good campaign
  11. Like it's my theme song... And lets face it.... sometimes I'm definitely one of the 'worst of them'... haha
  12. This is false... stats do quite little in the grand scheme of things. I'm in top 5 of current leader boards for US total, and I can tell you, if you're worrying about a vessel now, and haven't even geared, you're doing yourself a disservice. A vessel won't make you a 'god-king murder monster' or even marginally OP.... gear will, time spent learning the class will, and mastering movement mechanics all will get you there, far more so than a vessel. *Edit - Damebix is 100% correct btw, a guild will help get you there. That's your biggest advantage. New or old, you need one.
  13. I just died as a lvl 21 High Elf confessor, I released, but never got Crow. So I logged in and out. After running back to my body I was revived as a level 30 Fae Assassin named D1. I am not sure of how this exactly happened... but definitely a strange bug.
  14. Lost my Lodge Throne Room Large, my Cottage House, as well as Woodland Grove, Woodland Creek and Shire land parcels.... just went into a friends EK and had them in my bags. They made it private and I was booted. Nothing was placed in my Spirit Bank, it was all just gone.
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