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  1. LOOK WHERE ALL THE MINING PASSIVE TRAINING WENT!!! This is why Im p*ssed off. A Mob w/ a 1 hour respawn gives more than I could hope to in about 4 in the current build. @thomasblair @vkromas
  2. Well, this isn't the case. This seems much more like a direct response to recent grievences being posted about harvesting. The fluctuation from literally one week to the next has been STAGGERING. This isn't something you need a table for that is, quite honestly, not anywhere near relevant anymore. Not relevant since 5.8 even. The amount of gutting they have done literally feels like ALL PASSIVE TRAINING is off. Hence the reason I posted pics of stats show how BOTH Crit Chance/Amount AND Quality Amounts were increased. This has nothing to do with how bene works (been w/o bene for 80% of my harvesting since last overhaul)... it's about nodes dropping less in general and lower quality. Dust off that account and hop in, you will see this as well.
  3. So... I doubt 10** people logged in over 1 night to vote yes on both of these after the poll was stagnant at 22 votes for ALL day yesterday. Thanks for skewing and custard it up guy! -Lesson learned no more anon polls- *Consensus before this wonderfully creative person put all this effort into screwing things up was 6 - YES's to the 16 - NO's with 6 of the above voting either Fully/Somewhat Agree and the other 16 leaning towards not agreeing at all. @thomasblair @vkromas
  4. ...Training that effects drop rates. More ore, at higher quality, look at the talents I linked.
  5. OH, BECAUSE IT'S END-GAME AND WE'RE MAX TRAINED MAYBE?!!! STOP NERFING DROPS TO OBLIVION, REMEMBER THAT WE'RE TRAINED!!!!!! There are 4 seperate passive talents that either aren't working or this is a micro-priorty focus on all the posting about drops, without the thought that most people are fully trained... *This isn't posted in bugs because every mention of it, brings out the nerf bat.
  6. Simple solution, flip the talent tree a bit. Cut promotions to the beginning and leave the rest as is. You get a feel faster, and you know if you like it or not earlier on. This opens up room to make Major disc's the last thing you get, which will have a mini-tree anyway. Which really does finish off the class.
  7. So I believe they are taking steps in the right direction to encourage leveling of more vessels. Which down the road will most definitely lead to more leveling, and when we truly reach endgame (with passive stats trained to where you cap trees in Armor/Weap/Craft/Harvest) you will have a lot to expand on. Reasons in both combat and crafting to constantly improve upon your vessel you use to whatever ends. I think the focus on the micro has taken over. Many of us as a community see this in the grind of harvesting with diminishing reward for maxed out training coming in waves. As well as certain gates in crafting, that just floods bag space and make nearly every endgame item require every profession to craft, but that's another point. Running the poll through the weekend... so hopefully anyone tying up the God's Reach level grind in the CW can take the time to add their input. I will run another poll after with options to what is working as far as comitting to a grind and what is worth it. I am excited about locking rarity of disciplines to rarity of vessels and making higher tiers more powerful and effective. It's a perfect way to feel as if you have honed a character well enough to improve upon it, and a sense of accomplishment when you're able to bring it to full fruition.
  8. Just getting a feel about how the community views these changes.
  9. Just uhh, unless it's siege time, Sanctifier is in a bad place right now... It's like a T-rex, big bite... small reach. It's more frustrating than fun. Inquisitor is solid all around tho.
  10. Absolutely yes, as it stands atm this feels like much larger than the 2%... it's absolutely f**king ridiculous... In the end, it seems less like a RNG mechanic and more like a giant slap in the face with no regards or respect for the time it takes to max passive skills. It's basically the "angry and disturbed child with a magnifying glass to the ant hill" mentality in game design format. NEEDS TO CHANGE!!! @vkromas
  11. There are bonuses to using the tables in the Keeps, as any experienced crafter would know. Ones you just don't get in an EK and rightfully so. Crafting w/o a threat in a PvP game needs something to justify the risk, or lack thereof it.
  12. I think there are a few easy ways to do this without overwhelming new players and giving them more than enough to begin experimenting on their own. This is more of a flow chart into how I think it should be presented as not to be swapping in and out of menus, while displaying the various means of harvesting: Starting Zone Tutorial: Show them where to get starting axes and their purpose for being there. Chop some trees and gather resources (mushrooms/dust) Kill and loot a few (2-3) spiders, and then loot chests around campfire. This is a good time to pause for a bit, and break down the hunger system. Show them crafting menu, make food, and tools (knife, hammer, pick) Kill a few more spiders to push level Demonstrate skinning here as well Harvest a few Slag/Cobble/Hunger Crystals while proceeding to 1st Sacrifice fire. Demonstrate sacrifice system using various spider drops/sacrifice crystals/extra food Break down leveling Spending stat points and discuss values/stats available/go into detail tab and showcase those briefly Showcase talent tree as well (including Disciplines for 5.9 release) and the promotion classes to build towards. Send them to the Temple Temple Area Tutorial: Show them target dummies area, and variety of harvest node types (ore/stone/trees) Hit the vendors, where to buy a mount/disciplines/food items/etc... End with Basic Crafting table Basic Weapon Assembly right into Intermediate. Craft Intermediate Armor (One white set and a green piece to show stat difference from rarity) Show them how the passive tree plays into success rate/failure. Go down the different crafting trees in passive with a brief breakdown. This gives a player with a full dose of the basics and that there is plenty to build on. After this you could cut to the crafting tables at the keep *A LOT OF QUESTIONS INGAME ARE FROM THIS* show them profession specialized places to craft and broad-strokes in advanced crafting. I feel like this is more than enough to get most of the questions answered for a new player, and get them going. I feel like the UI at character creation would take a lot of the guesswork out of that for a new player as well... you should know what you're getting from racials off the bat. My suggestion would be maybe putting the Racial Runestone next to the character.
  13. If they manage to craft a few my main question would be one tied to successes; Why does it feel like much larger than a 2% failure rate, even when fully trained/geared/buffed to craft? Is there plans to change this, or let us see more accurate information in our crafting details?
  14. Why don't you just update the Wiki?
  15. A few abilities seem even LESS responsive, even auto-attacks seem to be in conflict with their own animation. Is it a lot to ask that ablities work better than a bottle of Sex Panther?
  16. Cannot see the full leaderboard unless you're in 1920x1080 resolution, no scaling. 1920x1080 1600x900 *edit* Siege-window as well... 1920x1080 1600x900
  17. Something like Leveling Dust, that you have on test, would be amazing tied to the VIP status monthly... I would even buy heaps of it for crowns. Just do it! @vkromas
  18. Exactly. You need to have a bit of downtime between abilities, some intentionally are there to stop animation and let you reset basic attack, or go into another ability. There is a bit more de-sync with ranged as opposed to melee, however, there is at least an ability or two across all classes with much of the same behavior as your described @Puffs
  19. LOLLLL! Sorry this made me laugh... let me set you straight with a couple easy to understand points... 1. Uhhh no effin way. 2. Lrn2count. You're OUTNUMBERING, not outnumbered. You just lack your factions namesake as a core.
  20. Yea... this kinda caulk-blocks the entire campaign, and point of the Trial reward system. Gonna definitely skew the results you get in testing. @vkromas
  21. This isn't our job tho! That's why we have the always reliable and up-to-date wiki. Obviously. Let them help themselves, we can't hold their hands forever! https://crowfall.gamepedia.com/Crowfall_Wiki
  22. We should, 100%. It's a throne war game, secrets, intrigue and deception kinda rolled in there. I mean come on!!!!
  23. That is one of the 1st keys Zombie, is having the right infrastructure in your guild. As a singular player, you're useless all Epic'd to the 9's and up if your guild is in green/blue phase. This is where you need to consider allocation of resources and who you gear. Top of the pile, crafters, If your BS isn't getting the most points, highest capable vessel/gear/jewelry, then it will reflect in your gear, and the gear of your guild. Every player could simply get the mats needed and roll out in generic-poorly made blue/epics...etc. Top guilds do this 1st, they focus on what is good for all vs what is good for me. Once you have those systems in place and can craft to the level you desire... going from white to green/blue is the biggest jump you will make period. Blue to Legendary won't be anywhere near as pronounced as the 1st jump you make, so striving to reach legendary will just lead to burn out, and honestly wasted mats that could benefit your system rather than the individual. This is a guild game first and foremost, and you'll get from it exactly the amount you squeeze. The most important piece of equipment is that little tag next to your name and faction! Find people with your mindset, goals and ambitions
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