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  1. Yes absolutely. But what you've done is gated it and gimped them otherwise. If I could only equip a Legendary Vessel with Legendary Disciplines then those should have additional stat payoffs, while abilities remain static. This isn't any sort of rewarding progression, and you can't even argue that the experience is any way rewarding. Absolutely no one feels prestigious about getting a different color vessel in this game without a power scale increase on every component. It's like owning the White Elephant, at the end of the day you got a 2 ton poorly made socks machine that becomes a burden. What you've essentially accomplished is making Blue the new celing. As for legendary becomming the new minimal viable, yes, in endgame content, with over a year of getting professions to make legendary mats viable even, wouldn't you expect for people who put the work in to reach for the best at their disposal? As the man behind many of the crafting decisions I'd assume the goal would be not to make the entire process unrewarding, and without need for progression late into the game. Isn't being more powerful the only reason driving any progression in a pvp game? Where as the way you put it more or less, makes this feel like I'm just aiming to build an all Diamond house in minecraft because it's nice looking. *another note, coulda been a cool add to give runecrafters a hand in making combat items, RIP
  2. 100% agree, the space would serve better if you could see Remainding length of campaign.
  3. Yes, plz. Less people, more keeps? Where the hell does that make sense? Fewer ppl should mean fewer areas of interest so we get more conflict at the few we do... so absolutely take this suggestion @thomasblair!!!!
  4. @jpollard New game types should fix a lot of the scoring issues you see. The majority of us are only on Faction because it is the only option in LIVE atm. Dregs gametype will take most of your hardcore base, and the "play to crush" crowed over there. Leaving Factions to be the step above GR in getting acclimated to the game. Lots of us don't expect more from Factions, because it is what it is, you have allies you may not want, and no control over internal competion. It's also not what's bringing a lot of us to the game. Although it could stand to give you a combat/capture score, crafting score, and harvest score to have various ways to reach top of leaderboards. I'm big into seeing individual efforts weigh into the success of the overall group, however large or small that base may be.
  5. We have nearly every guildy involved to some degree in our gearing process. Everyone contributes to the harvesting as well. Which in itself takes time, training, and multiple professions to support that alone and reach expected end-game harvest numbers. Starting out with less experience we usually take fresh people and bring them to group runs, such as POI Motherload's and War Tribe camps. Players with a specialization are supported by our Runecrafters with the right tools to tackle high-end nodes, and in turn they contribute some back to the Runecrafter. We try to balance our harvesters with our needs. With ore being our first and foremost used material, followed by leather/stone/trees, in basically that order. In addition, players that contribute a substantial amount are further helped by our Jewelcrafter and Blacksmith, with sets specific to harvesting. This is our baseline where everyone starts more or less before even taking the time to help our crafters... with the point being, you need to understand the value to resources in crafting. As for our actual crafting team, they have tables for outcomes, a flow of resources, and lots of testing for combinations each content patch. For our guild the bulk of it is done by one full-time crafter with our maximum team capacity at a staggering two, for a team of usually 15. This is someone who basically plays the game to craft for us, we don't let just anyone handle it. It's still incredibly complex and nuanced. There are steps between each and every assembly for our fully re-rolled gear component alone. I would say this is where the game has the steepest learning curve hands down. There is a lot to consider from buffs, time and effort to creating and gearing each crafter over multiple renditions (improving with passive training), on top of maximizing economy. We heavily rely on a system entirely out of the game as well just to keep contributions and work orders for what needs to be done in order. A lot of this would probably greatly benefit the community as a whole if said systems were available ingame.
  6. I agreed with the statement. Free gear is never fun in a game, there are plenty out there where you can pick a build, loadout, and kill. This is not one of them. I think most of the pop hasn't been through a reset entirely, unless you've started a new account, but systems have always been in place to catch you up to where most people are currently at. Such as having a guild craft for you and groups for obtaining higher rank materials. When this lands we'll have basically a staircase type system, where your training will coincide with what you are using to craft. Right off the bat, anyone who's resourceful will stash anything beyond a white rarity item and save it for the day when crafting passives have made it worth the time to farm it. This will carry all the way though and constantly be evolving. As you will have to reroll vessels for crafters as you reach the training to max out pips when crafting. This is what will seperate the the casual from hardcore base. It's exactly like honing a knife, if you make more passes at it you will refine to a sharper edge. Taking that time to build all the way up would be pretty meh, if you didnt have some ultra-rare additive to further exceed or work for at true end-game. It's not like your going to take those rare drops and start pumping out whites with Treated Steel, or green weapons with your Hunger Shards. it wouldn't be worth it. At endgame it is, and well worth the hunt to get it.
  7. Aside from nodes, no, there isn't much point to the fort other than the passive points, making it no less vital than anyother, with exception to having higher-tier drops. It would entirely allign with your level of passive training. White materials would be entirely viable fresh start and anything beyond that would offer minimal scaling beyond that, as the training does not support it to the maximum potential. Once you start moving along, into maxing out basic crafting you can begin to incorperate green/blue and have a noticible, albiet, still very minimal increase in stats across the board. Until finally you get to the point where you have sumulteneously leveled multiple professions to completely maximize the highest tiers of rarity, and make full use of additives. There are much more steps for a high end crafter to consider as you have more at your disposal and rare additives (goggles/treated steel hammer/leather awl) that add both steps and materials to your grind. This also increases the maximum amount of those high end materials needed to make those additives useful. TLDR: It's entirely dependend on where your passives are and what you have set up for your crafting team. There are a lot of moving parts and interdependencies. A lot of work already goes into endgame crafting alone, outside of the farming loops. Forts at higher levels would allievate the grind feeling while still not overtuning the ease of access.
  8. What fkn gear gap, please, link and site who the actual hell is using legendaries?! I know right off the bat now, that you must not farm at all. Maybe that is why you have such a belief that there is a "gear-gap". Legendaries are HIGHLY inefficient in armor, smart crafters use the limited resource in Jewel Crafting or mayyyyybe a weapon if someone decided to put in 100+ hours at current conditions to the farm grind. You need to worry less about a gear gap and focus on something more important. Zybak pointed it out perfectly... You're getting rolled by the META.Top guilds don't have 10000 unicorns rolling their idea of the best class. You will seldom see an assassin/CC spec build/ranger/fessor because, they aren't viable when you're aiming into a melee ball, or are about as tanky as wet paper. All in all though this board is right. The game makes the player shift focus from trying to get easy to access PvP gated behind a MASSIVE POORLY EXECUTED GRIND-FEST. We're all feeling that. I'm not in favor of making purples easier for everyone to get, legendary is in a good place too, no one is decked out in pure Leggos. You get in the game what you put out, and farming ratios in the past between Blue and Purple were justified. If you were in purples, then you farmed roughly 4 times more than someone in blues, and had a crafter good enough to make it viable. TLDR: Don't play with kids that want to run around on their magic unicorn build and you'll lose less. It's dillusional to think there is a gear-gap, show me the people in full legendaries/epics, and then tell me what you were rolling with when you died so bad you to come here to cry, on the one board saying, "Wow, this is minecraft 2.0".
  9. Yes, this is legit hard-baking in the grind fest. Along with diminished returns on farming (even with max training, that still gets trump'd by gear you can make in a day) they are basically saying, "Hey, we don't respect your time to play the game as intended, because science and math says, the population won't stay unless we attach a megalithic grind to the normal course of play." I want to play CF, not Minecraft. I want PvP, not more gates and grinds to get there.
  10. Didn't realize updating the Wiki for players out of the game for months on end was on me. I did it to voice a concern outside of bug reports, because this has been reported. Known Issue Even. Plus if you read the 1st post Miraluna, I made it very clear what the point is. Don't just read the last thing said, I stayed on point, use context.
  11. Srathor, I think what you really should be asking for is clear cut tooltips that let us know exactly what does what, as well as where and how things are effected. I'm not in any postion to share builds or "trade secrets" as it is the result of a team collaboration with many hours spent on TEST doing what the devs ask of us. My point is now, as things are we're getting ripped off a lot in terms of build and yeild as to what we should be getting.
  12. L'habituel... posséder tous les 6 châteaux... #HoA #Winterblades
  13. Yea, your gear is still bene... that's hurting your results, no one keeps it up anymore, as the difference is dismal anyway (juice not worth the squeeze). I linked passive talents specifically because they don't appear to be working. I get a lot of input is coming from players that have had years in the community, but anything crafting pre-5.9 as of right now... is irrelevant to the conversation. And building the way you always have shows you haven't theorycrafted, or play tested other inputs to try to maximize yeilds. This is why we're angry, we have worked through the changes, adapted, and still found a way to hit consistencies in 5.8 to previous yeilds. But 5.9 is a wrench that broke the machine. And it's been ignored in bug reports, or taken the wrong way by a touchy dev.
  14. LOOK WHERE ALL THE MINING PASSIVE TRAINING WENT!!! This is why Im p*ssed off. A Mob w/ a 1 hour respawn gives more than I could hope to in about 4 in the current build. @thomasblair @vkromas
  15. Well, this isn't the case. This seems much more like a direct response to recent grievences being posted about harvesting. The fluctuation from literally one week to the next has been STAGGERING. This isn't something you need a table for that is, quite honestly, not anywhere near relevant anymore. Not relevant since 5.8 even. The amount of gutting they have done literally feels like ALL PASSIVE TRAINING is off. Hence the reason I posted pics of stats show how BOTH Crit Chance/Amount AND Quality Amounts were increased. This has nothing to do with how bene works (been w/o bene for 80% of my harvesting since last overhaul)... it's about nodes dropping less in general and lower quality. Dust off that account and hop in, you will see this as well.
  16. So... I doubt 10** people logged in over 1 night to vote yes on both of these after the poll was stagnant at 22 votes for ALL day yesterday. Thanks for skewing and custard it up guy! -Lesson learned no more anon polls- *Consensus before this wonderfully creative person put all this effort into screwing things up was 6 - YES's to the 16 - NO's with 6 of the above voting either Fully/Somewhat Agree and the other 16 leaning towards not agreeing at all. @thomasblair @vkromas
  17. ...Training that effects drop rates. More ore, at higher quality, look at the talents I linked.
  18. OH, BECAUSE IT'S END-GAME AND WE'RE MAX TRAINED MAYBE?!!! STOP NERFING DROPS TO OBLIVION, REMEMBER THAT WE'RE TRAINED!!!!!! There are 4 seperate passive talents that either aren't working or this is a micro-priorty focus on all the posting about drops, without the thought that most people are fully trained... *This isn't posted in bugs because every mention of it, brings out the nerf bat.
  19. Simple solution, flip the talent tree a bit. Cut promotions to the beginning and leave the rest as is. You get a feel faster, and you know if you like it or not earlier on. This opens up room to make Major disc's the last thing you get, which will have a mini-tree anyway. Which really does finish off the class.
  20. So I believe they are taking steps in the right direction to encourage leveling of more vessels. Which down the road will most definitely lead to more leveling, and when we truly reach endgame (with passive stats trained to where you cap trees in Armor/Weap/Craft/Harvest) you will have a lot to expand on. Reasons in both combat and crafting to constantly improve upon your vessel you use to whatever ends. I think the focus on the micro has taken over. Many of us as a community see this in the grind of harvesting with diminishing reward for maxed out training coming in waves. As well as certain gates in crafting, that just floods bag space and make nearly every endgame item require every profession to craft, but that's another point. Running the poll through the weekend... so hopefully anyone tying up the God's Reach level grind in the CW can take the time to add their input. I will run another poll after with options to what is working as far as comitting to a grind and what is worth it. I am excited about locking rarity of disciplines to rarity of vessels and making higher tiers more powerful and effective. It's a perfect way to feel as if you have honed a character well enough to improve upon it, and a sense of accomplishment when you're able to bring it to full fruition.
  21. Just getting a feel about how the community views these changes.
  22. Just uhh, unless it's siege time, Sanctifier is in a bad place right now... It's like a T-rex, big bite... small reach. It's more frustrating than fun. Inquisitor is solid all around tho.
  23. Absolutely yes, as it stands atm this feels like much larger than the 2%... it's absolutely f**king ridiculous... In the end, it seems less like a RNG mechanic and more like a giant slap in the face with no regards or respect for the time it takes to max passive skills. It's basically the "angry and disturbed child with a magnifying glass to the ant hill" mentality in game design format. NEEDS TO CHANGE!!! @vkromas
  24. There are bonuses to using the tables in the Keeps, as any experienced crafter would know. Ones you just don't get in an EK and rightfully so. Crafting w/o a threat in a PvP game needs something to justify the risk, or lack thereof it.
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