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    Allinavi reacted to Ussiah in Poll: Passive skill tree wipe   
    Full Wipe or No Wipe, if Full Wipe up training to x10 instead of x3
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    Allinavi reacted to Silkhe in Poll: Passive skill tree wipe   
    AGREED... Full wipe or no wipe.  Other pertinent info to making an informed decision here is; How fast would the passive multiplier be after full wipe?  Please Redo the poll  😊
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    Allinavi reacted to damebix in Poll: Passive skill tree wipe   
    Full wipe or no wipe.  Redo the poll.
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    Allinavi reacted to CrusaderW in Poll: Passive skill tree wipe   
    Yeah, all or nothing for the reasons already mentioned....
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    Allinavi reacted to Gopher in Poll: Passive skill tree wipe   
    Like others have said, I would say a full wipe even as it would be painful for me.
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    Allinavi reacted to Fefner in Poll: Passive skill tree wipe   
    Voted no as it should come with a whole wipe, this should of been done, like a lot of players wanted, when we had the wipe before 5.10 or whenever it was. 
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    Allinavi reacted to Marth in Poll: Passive skill tree wipe   
    if you are gonna wipe, wipe everything (maybe minus vessels?).
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    Allinavi reacted to Jah in Poll: Passive skill tree wipe   
    A passive skill wipe that left the existing vessels and loot in place would not help. While the passive skills would be equalized, nobody would be able to make vessels and gear to match those held by existing vets, so you are left with the same (or worse) level of demotivation for new players.
    If you want to take the step of wiping because it is an easy bone to throw the LIVE service while you are heads-down on the next build, I would suggest:
    1) Full wipe of passive skills, vessels, banks.
    2) Carrot of a long Trial campaign to compete over as part of the start-over process. I would suggest 2 months.
    A fresh start with a long Trial campaign could be a good way to hold over the players while we wait for the next build.
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    Allinavi reacted to Jah in Poll: Passive skill tree wipe   
    ACE didn't say anything about wanting to do the wipe for testing or development purposes. They said it was to address the new players who feel like they can't compete or catch up with the veteran players.
    The "egos" in this thread aren't concerned with fairness for themselves, they are saying that a skills-only wipe won't help the new players, and would probably make things worse for them.
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    Allinavi reacted to Wilbur in Poll: Passive skill tree wipe   
    Full wipe please.
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    Allinavi got a reaction from bignick22000 in WTB for 10 million gold:   
    Absolutely yes, as it stands atm this feels like much larger than the 2%... it's absolutely f**king ridiculous... In the end, it seems less like a RNG mechanic and more like a giant slap in the face with no regards or respect for the time it takes to max passive skills. It's basically the "angry and disturbed child with a magnifying glass to the ant hill" mentality in game design format. NEEDS TO CHANGE!!! @vkromas
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    Allinavi reacted to jtoddcoleman in Item Rewards - Official discussion thread   
    I actually don't like disciplines being gated behind random drops, either.   I feel like they are too critical to creating builds.  I'll talk to the design team about this one.
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    Allinavi reacted to Marth in Storage System - No Half Measures   
    centerpieces could have storage
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    Allinavi reacted to Ussiah in Upcoming Discipline Changes   
    You missed the point of the thread. Besides the complaint that having to farm a "legendary disc" doesn't give anyone prestige or a feeling of accomplishment or even a small power boost for the time, the complaint is about making this change PRIOR to putting the fixable things in that we know are coming.
    It is a timing issue primarily, secondarily people disagree with adding a grind to something that provides no value other then the fact you get to equip something that another player can just buy.
    In this thread they already admitted the amount of 6+ ancient spawns needs tweaking.
    @Yoinkyou make the assumption that people want him to just rollback everything, maybe some people do, but the majority of people are giving ways to make the system work and be reasonable. Please don't categorize everyone as "crying" when you agree with the majority that changes need made or "fixed".
    Small stat boosts for better quality discs. More ancients. Changing it so white vessels can only equip white, green could equip green or white etc then putting greater stat power into discs. Thus making players want the vessel and then the OPTION to find out better discs with better stats. Making ancients have a chance to drop better quality souls(purple etc)
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    Allinavi reacted to Ble in the game was too grindy and then made it more grindy- RNGx3   
    Another reason you might not be min maxing is because you don't play?
    And I can't fault you for that, 90% of the people have decided to do the same.
    Response: Yes, its alpha.  But the people here want to play the game. If the testers have value to the game devs, they'll need to implement things in a less-painful way.  You do this by ensuring the "place holder" is not a tedious horrible experience, or you wait until the system thats having its place held is implemented to remove the aspect of the game that it's supposed to provide.
    On the other hand, if the testers are not important to the game dev team, then yeah, keep doing this.  Its their prerogative.  But if you look at the ghost town this game has become, you got to recognize the effects of these changes.  You havent been here for most of the time its gotten really bad.  It's just not fun.  It comes down to them deciding if they want testers or not (at least for this portion of the alpha).
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    Allinavi reacted to Ussiah in Dust Based Economy   
    When Gold Coins were first introduced (long time ago it feels like) I believe that they would be "created" by merging dust together.
    Obviously this wasn't the case, but at the same time gold coins were introduced, so was leveling. Thus Gold Coin inherent value was created through the leveling process. I know that there are future plans for more gold usage and more dust usage, and my suggestion would not counter any of those.
    My suggestion is to create a basic recipe that allows anyone to transmute gold coins to dust and vice versa, but creating wastage / sink while doing so.
    An example already exists where we can change Chaos Embers to Dust. No one uses this recipe because Chaos Embers are the de-facto payment method between players because of its inherent use.
    Gold to Dust Transmute - Gold Coins Required = 50 - Result = 40 Dust Dust to Gold Transmute - Dust Required = 50 - Result = 40 Coins Thus losing 20% of your transmutation. Why is this needed?
    Besides the obvious lack of players, the economy has been lacking since the inherent value of gold was nerfed(no longer used for leveling vessels all the way) Dust has inherent value and by adding this you create a way for PvE players to interact with Harvesters and Crafters. More paths are always good. It will give players more independence and more choice of how to spend their time and interact in the marketplace.  
    Balancing - obviously this would require balancing to make it so dust and coins are still both valued in their own way. (30 minutes worth of farming gold should transmute to 80% of amount of dust you get in 30 minutes and vice versa so better to farm dust if want dust and farm gold if want gold.) Ease of Implementation(besides balancing)
    All this would require is adding two basic recipes, something that could be accomplished very easily.  
    Sidenote: I would love to see a chaos ember creation recipe with a large amount of wastage to do.(IE 500 dust for 1 ember)
    Thus Gold to Dust to Ember would have huge wastage but provide use for End Game Players.
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    Allinavi reacted to Ussiah in 5.92.0 LIVE Bug Reports for 6/6/2019   
    They changed them to have 2 esoteric runestones in the patch before this. Not sure if it was an oversight to not do the polished gemstone at same time. In any case this patch they only have one and should have 2
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    Allinavi got a reaction from oneply in Upcoming Discipline Changes   
    Yes absolutely. But what you've done is gated it and gimped them otherwise. If I could only equip a Legendary Vessel with Legendary Disciplines then those should have additional stat payoffs, while abilities remain static. This isn't any sort of rewarding progression, and you can't even argue that the experience is any way rewarding. 
    Absolutely no one feels prestigious about getting a different color vessel in this game without a power scale increase on every component. It's like owning the White Elephant, at the end of the day you got a 2 ton poorly made socks machine that becomes a burden. What you've essentially accomplished is making Blue the new celing.
    As for legendary becomming the new minimal viable, yes, in endgame content, with over a year of getting professions to make legendary mats viable even, wouldn't you expect for people who put the work in to reach for the best at their disposal?
    As the man behind many of the crafting decisions I'd assume the goal would be not to make the entire process unrewarding, and without need for progression late into the game. Isn't being more powerful the only reason driving any progression in a pvp game? Where as the way you put it more or less, makes this feel like I'm just aiming to build an all Diamond house in minecraft because it's nice looking.
    *another note, coulda been a cool add to give runecrafters a hand in making combat items, RIP
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    Allinavi reacted to fnukafka in Future: skill restart   
    this is very important if u cant restart skill every time if u want and try new skill and u dont know what skill doing and your character is lvl 20  and skill u pick is wrong u must delete character and progress  and start again on lvl 22 again try skill delete character u do 10 more times is waste of time and players who know what to pick is 30 or 50 time stronger then u because u experimenting with skill .. can u do for player like me some price for restarting lvl an stats about 5 EUR 
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    Allinavi reacted to Ussiah in Future: skill restart   
    I absolutely agree that talent reset items and attribute reset items would be great crown items. Being able to reroll your vessel would be great. 
    I am sure someone will say this is p2w but it would help players a lot who get frustrated if they believe they have completely screwed up their build. 
    Wouldnt mind it also to to be a craftable item with a rare drop or bought for exorbitant amounts of gold. More gold use is good by me. 
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    Allinavi reacted to APE in Upcoming Discipline Changes   
    They shouldn't give us half a working model when it causes so much issue. Not sure why they continue to do this as it doesn't really seem to make testing/playing enjoyable and I don't see how it is helping them collect data/feedback as it isn't realistic to the experience of having everything at the same time.
    With that out of the way, I like Disciplines being tiered and tied to Vessel quality. I'd like this to be applied to everything, I'd also like everything to decay, but doubt that will happen.
    What this opens up is possibilities for tiered Campaigns. "Blue and Below" or "Legendary Only" could be possibilities. This would allow players insight into who they'd be going up against and what is expected of them when entering. If I'm only willing to put in the effort for Blue gear, I won't join a "Legendary and Below" campaign and complain. 
    Now they could do this without Disciplines being tiered, but I believe it opens up more options in playing with the dials and campaign settings along with where we get resources, disciplines, gear, etc.
    As far as it being a grind for high tier characters, it should be. Getting the best stuff should require some effort. How much effort is in question, but people shouldn't be able to avoid progression and rush to the end every campaign or however long it might take. Defeats the point of progression unless everything is breaking fast and gear isn't sticking around too long. Easy come, hard to go is not a good system. Easy come/go, Hard to come/go can work and be balanced around the power of vessels/gear. If it took an extra 100 hours to get 3% more power, I'm probably not going to be seeking that all the time if Blue or whichever tier is good enough. ACE needs to find the proper power/grind balance.
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    Allinavi reacted to Ble in Upcoming Discipline Changes   
    EVERYONE has been asking that you stop putting your testers through tedious grinds to get gear, levels and vessels - at least until you have the infrastructure to accommodate some path though all that mess.  You're adding all the tedium with the caveat that some day it wont be as bad because of some other game mechanic you're going to introduce.  It's so backwards.
    Every patch you make it worse than the last.  You don't fix whats broke, you make the game less and less fun require more and more time.  It's like you want your game to fail.  I really don't understand how any logic could bring you to implement these (and past) changes in the manner in which you are doing it.
    Jtodd pretty much summed it all up when he said "and thats why I'm never going to do a crowdfunded game again".   Yikes...  Considering this game, that's quite presumptuous that he even could.
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    Allinavi reacted to Ussiah in Upcoming Discipline Changes   
    @thomasblairAppreciate your responses.
    We get that you are looking at the end product in your mind and we are looking at a development stage that isn't the real game.
    It is just very disheartening to your player base when changes are implemented that make the game WAY more tedious than the end result when we feel the changes could've been done slower or in tandem with future implementations.
    I REALLY think changing each CW to 6+ resources AND making a crafted disc work for ANY advanced vessel(until targeted disc farming can be accomplished) would go a long way.
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    Allinavi reacted to Ussiah in Upcoming Discipline Changes   
    Not arguing this point. Please do not move goal post. 
    My argument is this change was unnecessary at this point in time until the gathering of discs was fully implemented. 
    One possible solution would’ve been to make whites available to basic vessels and blue good for all advanced vessels. 
    Then once thralls and loot tables changed push this change. 
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    Allinavi reacted to Ussiah in 5.92.0 LIVE Bug Reports for 6/6/2019   
    RUNIC - Books, Bows, and Staves all have only ONE gemstone slot.
    Other two-handers have 2 slots. Additionally one-handed based classes get access to 2 polished gemstones(1 in each).
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