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  1. I dont think you get it...No one wants to immerse them selves in a game of realism...The fact they have a stamina bar is not the issue i have. The issue i have is the fact that my magical man of stone is a puss. we are talking 7-10 swings he is tired. This game will need solid game mechanics if it wants to retain a player base. The graphics are extremely low quality and fighting is clunky and not fun at all, the harvesting that i kind of like to do is gated and not enjoyable at all. Magic man of stone 7-10 swings tired and needs to wait for days before he can swing again. They will lose players to this poorly made mechanic. Take runescape they have stamina bar...doesn't hinder their ability to harvest/mine. World of warcraft no hindrance for gathering resources. When you enjoy and certain aspect of a game it needs to be smooth and make sense...right now it does not and if not fixed it will lose a lot of players.
  2. I'm gonna be honest with ya bud....Food does not provide any layer of tactical game play....if after 3 trees i need to eat food....seems dumb. I dont think u grasp what im saying about the stamina....MY GUY IS A MASSIVE STONE MAN....YOU ARE TELLING ME AFTER LIKE 5-7 SWINGS IM TIRED? HELLO? AM I 12....If i can harvest more wood per min in real life than my magic stone man can in a game there is a problem with that...mmmkay.
  3. Ok, I have been playing RPG's and MMO's since the dawn of time. Something that tends to happen with new games is things tend to be added when they are no needed for the functionality of the game. The food meter for one. I played a lot of rust and the food meter while it looks like it should be in games it really shouldn't. The idea of it seems cool in my opinion but when u actually play it out if really feels bad. In most cases ill be fighting and be like oh i cant regen mana or health and have to go find food. The time between eating and doing other things is way off eating every 10-15 mins feels really bad. The dreaded stamina bar...It always seems like a game needs one when they really dont. I mean just picture this I am playing a magical stone man who is built like a truck....gets winded after 3-5 swings of an ax...The stamina bar does not add anything special to the game other than an extra mechanic they needs fine tuning and could be done away with completely and still be a great game. I understand this is still early on but the movements feel clunky and the spells dont feel very fluid along with harvesting..It almost feels forced and needs alot of polish and should be the first things that get fixed. a clean crisp playing game goes along way in the eyes of a gamer more than how much it has to offer...if people dont like the way it feels or reacts to how they play they will drop it and this game will not flourish like it should.
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