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  1. Voxel system used in Landmark is the same, Voxel Farm. So, they use their own 3D engine (Forgelight) + Voxel Farm. To make more easy to understand for players, Voxel farm is more a 3D addition to the main engine. For example, Unity also has more than one Voxel engines under developing if I can remember well. I'm pretty sure that they will use it for the terrain basically, some structures (I don't know if those structures are converted to meshes ones rendered), and the creation of the worlds. All depends about how they manage to use voxels with structures and phycics, all working together with thousands of players. Performance wise there is a lot of testing work on there. There is a known old topic about Voxels and Polygons war, thinking that voxels will be the future for everything. The real story is that polygons and voxel are not competing between them in any form. On the contrary, they complement one another pretty well. Like they said, Voxels are a good solution for a procedural world/maps, but this is not always the case (ex: an RPG with unique locations and unique look must be done, mostly entirely, hand crafted). Like in any game, all depends of what you looking for. And for polygons side, you can't replace the quality of animations (rigging, vertex weight, deforming, etc) with any voxel engine at this moment. The benefits of using polygons for animations and I would say, 99% of the props in games, are too many actually. I'm just an amaterur 3D technical artist but I'm sure Crowfall dev team could explain these differences better than me. Btw, nice to see more indie/amateur developers here, and great post by dev team
  2. Awesome. Thanks for bringing here the old forumfall drama xD I had a blast experience when we were ALL together, EU and NA. After that, DFO was not the same for me and I started loving MMOs with an unique server worldside (ex: EVE). Unfortunately we can't find too many supporting this.
  3. Any new MMO will be a new disappointment if we can't let DFO to be a thing of the past. Well learned few years ago, and I have been playing MMOs for 16 years. It's nice to remember good old days but knowing that we can't expect to see the same one more time.
  4. Hey Eric!, 2 main textures (diff and normal) and all those masks are inside the main two textures. Sounds awesome! I can't wait to test it myself soon May I ask you what resolution you using for characters? power of 2 is a requirement or 2:1 textures are valid for some models? Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate what you guys are sharing with us.
  5. Really nice thread, good job guys. - I have a question for the technical artist team about shading and texturing workflow. You are using a common shader materials (diffuse, spec/gloss and normals maps) or something more complex? I know that I can't ask you to share UV maps, but any info and details about the texturing process would be awesome. When I saw your first game footage screenshots I really liked the cartoony textures and I asked myself about this. I'm an amateur 3D artist and I love to read and learn from devs working on MMOs. If we can't ask about these kind of questions here, can we use a another way of contact? Regards.
  6. I understand your worries. Anyway there is not any real information about Unity and Crowfall atm. Hope to read something official soon.
  7. Zero knowledge and experience, ok, nothing more to say about this. Linking an URL with Unity lag issues proves nothing. Try to search same in google with UE, CryEngine, Hero Engine, or any other engine and you will find thousands of links with same issues. And no, we have not seen yet any Unity big MMO sandbox, using streaming maps (technically). Design decisions means a lot, and not always is something about "if our engine can or not support this". We will see in a future, I'm sure of that.
  8. Performance? it depends of your abilities programming and optimization methods. This is not limited by the engine actually To make a sentence like "x engine is not good for this kind of games", you need to have some knowledge and experience with real-time engines and programming imho.
  9. As Unity user I can tell you that you are wrong, Unity is capable of that and more.
  10. I's a long wait yet but we can wait patiently. Tbh I'm not trying to find another DFO. There will be never a new DFO, and same with UO, SWG, EVE, etc. Nostalgia is playing a big role when we always think about our favourite MMO. After DFO and my last years in EVE Online I have learned that I'm just fine when I find a new game that has at least a few features I'm looking for (sandbox mechanics, pvp, full loot or semi-loot, etc). If we make that circle smaller, we will stay here wandering forever, playing nothing because we can't find OUR game, and like our granparents, only talking about the old days PD: Pathfinder Online.. good impressions?
  11. Good, thanks mate. happy to see some old friends, and enemies, in this new home
  12. Hmm, too many little alfars here... little bastard creatures... Good old days on Agon. Regards from a black fat dorf o/
  13. You're welcome good luck with the project!!
  14. It's not the rendering lighting, these doubts are more about highlights and specular/gloss on shaders. I can't say that these pics are not ingame (in this case are footage because some visual elements are missed, UI, chat, etc), but would be awesome to see an ingame video soon. 2-3 images are not enough to make a review about graphics imho.
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