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  1. Every single time? It is even worse than I expected. Why do I need to see my inventory, stats and playerdoll when I just adjusting some powers on my bar? I'm not even joking. This is a serious question.
  2. Yes. You have comparison tooltips for those. You know, those which have been present in a gazillion other games? You want me to make a mockup to see a separate inventory screen? Really? You are a funny guy.
  3. I don't see the point of seeing my inventory when I'm looking at my stats. Nor do I see the point of looking at my stats when I want to trade with someone. This screen is taking way too much space on the screen. Once again! Keep it practical. Please. Functionality > Design. Split the inventory from the paperdoll window.
  4. Incoming changes to Rules of Conduct

    I wonder why this was only asked on the unofficial Discord server only and not here on the official forums as well? Not everyone reads everything there. It's easy to miss the important things between the pile of garbage posts in there. It's weird you ask something about the forum rules/moderation on a Discord server.
  5. I recently changed my email address, but I'm still receiving the Crowfall newsletters to the old address instead of the new one.
  6. They already ran out of time months ago. If you still think that they will make soft launch at the end of the year I'm not sure what to tell you. You know, the main reason I see features and the designs deteriorating is because of this. They are out of time. It feels like they are making design decisions to hasten the progress and get lost time back. The game's quality and difficulty, and overall design is suffering because of this. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I don't like this one bit. Announcement after announcement this game is becoming into something easier, some different game that I backed and got promised. I fully realize game development sometimes means that designs change, but we are at a point where too many crucial and big design changes are being made and the game is not becoming better because of it imo.
  7. +100 Without guild banks ... I don't even know where to begin.
  8. Faction specific info only, which I'm not really interesting in (you didn't forget about GvG and The Dregs didn't you?). Overall not really new info in this article. Still no info about guild banks at all, it makes me a sad puppy. These are the most needed in the game at the moment! Doesn't mean they won't be in the game, but we want them for a long time now. Some info would have been nice imo.
  9. Forum Issues

    The breadcrumb navigation bars on the top and bottom still look bad since the update. It is way too close to the sides of the white area.
  10. A few questions got misinterpreted again.
  11. Forum Issues

    Fonts are looking weird. Tried 3 different browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Opera). Cleared cache to play it safe. The problems are not on my side. Also, still no permission to enter ACE Dev. Logged out and back in. Didn't help. Sorry, but only the dev tracker seems to be fixed so far.
  12. You have two different clients, TEST and LIVE. Both are separated environments and skill training is independent of each other. That is why you see the differences.
  13. Camelot Unchained

    I don't ever see Caldera (or any other guilds) use this Discord integration. Text maybe, voice never. Guilds will use their own implementations anyway. Waste of resources to implement it imo. If people are stubborn and implement it anyway, make it so it is turned off by default or at least give me a very obvious option to turn it off completely. I do not want to hear any kiddies screaming in my ears. Not even for a second. So muting players is not an option here. It is already to late by then.
  14. I would call this race 'nothing special'. I miss something unique to this race. Something I want to pick above all else. Meh. Edit: Give me a free Pickpocket power.
  15. Guild field added to forum profile page

    There was a "real" campaign?