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  1. We are working on it. But you caught us right in a conversion period. Don't worry, we'll submit, but I can't promise exactly when.
  2. There is a lot of thinking and believing in this thread up to now. It's time ACE clears some things up because it is obvious they left some details out or are thinking right now: "poorly made socks we didn't think of this and that!" Either way, we need some answers.
  3. It was not part of the core design. It was an addition, at least one year after Kickstarter I think? Burn them at the stake.
  4. Character deletion will be one vessel sink, but a very minor one. People tend to stick to their characters. Necromancy is not a profession that is viable with the redesign if there is no proper sink. That said, I like that the character slots are back. The hybrid system between vessels and characters has some design flaws still though. That needs looking into.
  5. The use of excessive amounts of white-space in the UI design makes it all very unnecessarily big. For me an UI needs to be functional first before making it pleasing to the eye. This is certainly not happening right now. For a short while ACE went into the right direction by moving away from full screen windows, but the new inventory/character sheet window is a step back imo. Some examples: The skill trees. The amount of white-space here is nuts. Sometimes you even have to move the tree to see everything. The tree branches could easily be compressed. Even better, with the compressed trees I'm certain you can even show more trees on one screen thus reducing the amount of going from tree to tree. The amount of clicks I have to do to go from one tree to another is almost cruel. Take an example to Path of Exile. Inventory/Character Sheet. Not only takes this combined window 40% of my screen, it also forces me to look at this window when I do other things, like configuring my power trays. The forced combination of inventory and character sheet is not something I like or need. That this window works 'just like in Diablo 3' is fine for single player games where you don't have to worry about enemies and where the game can be paused when looking at windows like this. I want my windows as small as possible. The power icons. Sorry, but personally, in hindsight, I don't like them that much. Maybe it is just me, but I have to look twice to see which power they are associated with. The color scheme, the shapes. I can't follow. I get it, they follow a design philosophy that should make sense. Again form over function. The single color icons don't make me recognize them instantly. Yes, I could memorize the keybindings. But what was wrong with the beautifully square art icons from back in Hunger Dome? Like in every other mmo they work just fine for most of us. I know you are chasing console with this game. I can see it throughout the whole game, throughout the whole design. It doesn't annoy me too much. But the console/controller friendly UI does. Crowfall is a PC game first. A game UI on the PC platform doesn't need big windows with big text and buttons that look they are designed for fat fingers on a mobile phone. Don't develop an UI that will work on a TV and/or with a controller. We use mouse and keyboard and our monitor is right in our face. The current 5.4 UI has other flaws, which I won't mention for now. Besides, Soulreaver already covers some of them. I don't want to turn this post into a multi-page rant.
  6. True, but the cause of inactive servers (currently) is because there is nothing to achieve in the campaign. There are no win conditions, nothing to aim at. Fix this and you'll see a lot more activity. There needs to be a goal if you want players playtesting your game. The current tests are not the proper source to come up with a system that is designed to fix the game. How do you even know the game is broken? Yeah, and now you have replaced it with grinding resources. Harvesting is not that exciting, I rather kill a challenging monster. But for that you need great AI. Like the BAM's in TERA were. You don't have the resources to implement AI like this? With that 6 million you could hire an AI guy too. I rather see the money spend on something like development than marketing. No, they don't. Players don't level. Vessels do. In Crowfall this is a BIG difference. And when you loose your vessel, due to damage or death, you have to grind again for your next vessel. Feels like a proper time-sink for sure. Not seeing how this fits with your passive skill training that wants to avoid just this? What is the point of this then? If it is this quick there is no challenge, no satisfaction of completing something substantial. Especially combined that it is on your vessel. A short, repeating time sink that is unrewarding? Doesn't sound like fun to me at all. The only silver lining is that collecting high quality gear is worthwhile, and thus creating more PvP. This won;t protect the solo player much though. Gank squads here we come, or run with a proper group of friends, being in a guild or not. This system will only bolster the already strong players and weaken the less fortunate even more. If the weak get slaughtered even more, they will log off even faster. Maybe they should stick to be play in the safezones to feel safe and enjoy the game? /sarcasm Sorry, but I don't see how this system fixes anything. It feels like a replacement for the Salvage and Repair systems that have been put quietly on the sideline or are even out of the picture. I rather have these two systems than this Sacrifice system that tries to fix a problem that doesn't (yet) exists.
  7. I know that prices listed in US are always (or mostly?) without VAT. In Europe you need to include VAT within your prices that you are listing! I know this sounds alien to you. So, 4.23 x 21% VAT = 5.12 EUR. Now we have to pay 5 EUR for it. We're getting a bargain.
  8. Totally. But I can't be sad about players trusting the wrong people. You learn by making mistakes I guess!
  9. It's called VAT. 18% is 3% less then we have to pay in the Netherlands.
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