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  1. Exactly Durenthal Angelmar. I was about to write the same thing.
  2. Always great to know more about the man behind the camera! Nice amount of work you have done Gibson.
  3. What do you think we showed at the demo stations? I've seen people literally jumping from excitement when I explained the crafting system. We gave them t-shirts and other goodies. We saw them walking the next day in the city, with the CF t-shirts on, with big smiles on their faces. An old lady with a fake SC tattoo who sat in a wheelchair came back the next day because her discount card didn't work. They fixed the codes by then, but we gave her a new card anyway. If she could jump, she would have as well. Like @Ceollach said, the vid was to get people interested enough to get them into the booth. The content of the game did make them excited, in some cases even mad from joy. The big smiles we saw all day, made it worth being there and working our asses off.
  4. And you have no idea how many people came to the Gamescom booth to check out Crowfall AFTER seeing this video. People are overreacting to this video and in general gamers are spoiled with fancy cinematics. Do you want another trailer that shows nothing about how the game looks? At least this is done in-engine. I don't want ACE to spend money on fancy 3D animations ala Blizzard and marketing right now. I think my money is better spend on getting the game done. For the resources ACE has, this is a good video imo. Could it have been better, sure. But that applies to everything. ACE is still an Indie game. Please don't forget that. Lots of indie games on the showfloor didn't even have video running.
  5. Some feedback on the guide: Playtest Access: B-2: Maybe it would be nice if the 'groups' are sorted. Now they are just random written down in the list. I have a lot of rewards and the groups are hard to find. Maybe even make tabs for the different kinds of rewards? Like a tab for access, one for mounts, buildings etc. B-3: I have a Beta 3 group in my rewards, so the sentence 'If it shows Beta 3 or later, you do not have playtest access at this time.' is not correct. Because I do have access after all. Quick Start Guide: VII. Configure Power Tray: Maybe put this step after 'X. Add Disciplines and Runestones'? Because you want to change your Power Tray again after you equipped the runestones on your playerdoll. And for the initial gathering you do not need any powers or do combat. Steps: I-C: Add that the name they choose also is showing in-game as well as in the forums. I-E: You can only gift after you enabled 2FA. This is not clear. II-A: You can also follow the menu THE GAME > DOWNLOAD. II-B: The text on the button says 'Get Download Links Now'. II-C - Test Patcher: Maybe explain better about the staggered release, because for new players this will not be clear at all. II-E: Should the default location of the game not be C:\Program Files? Because Crowfall is 64-bit only? III-A: I think if you let people install in another folder than Desktop (or any other system folder) they don't need to start the launcher in administrator mode. But I'm not sure. I never had to run it like that and I installed the game under C:\Games\Crowfall. III-C: There are more menu options, albeit some are disabled: V-A+E: We don't really have characters anymore, but not sure how to make this otherwise clear. V-F: It is key B to open the Spirit Bank, not S. Not sure how you guys walk backwards. ;-) V-G-1: To actually edit your Kingdom it is ESC>Edit Kingdom, not ENTER. V-H-1: See V-F. V-H-2+3: Combine these steps into 1. V-J: See V-G-1. VI-B: Net yet able to customize anything. The vessel name will not even be visible in the game, so why bother? VI-D: Sprinting only works in combat. VI-F: The Spirit Bank now has import and export. Thus not really viable to use it anymore to transport items between worlds on a large scale. The line is not wrong, but people will run into its limits and might be confused. VII-A-3+4. Better to combine these. IX-F: Materials are not Resources. In Crowfall they are different. Resources you get from the nodes, while Materials you get at POI's. You cannot use Materials to craft. It is confusing as hell, but I didn't come up with the naming scheme! *I'm looking at you Blair* IX-F: Blue is actually Rare, not Uncommon (green). X-B: Add also 1 Weapon Discipline. X-C-1: The disciplines at the bottom are test recipes and do not demand that much resources. Maybe make that more clear? Also, there are also Basic Disciples at the top of the list. X-C: Add another step where you explain how you can replace a runestone. Aka, drag one out of the window, destroy it and drag a new one in. Hope this helps!
  6. Yeah, normally I do the interviews, so it might be they just didn't see you. I'll be home tomorrow again.
  7. We received the application. I'm myself in Cologne at Gamescom right now, so reviews are going a bit slower than usual. Sorry about that. Your application is awesome though!
  8. We just received this horrible news in Cologne. While we didn't always see eye to eye on matters related to Crowfall, his passion for Crowfall to me was clear. I can relate to that. His presence on the battlefield was also always leaving an impression of passion. Those times when he visited us on the EU server he was always giving us some good fights and a challenge. He will be missed, by all of us of Caldera. My condolences to his family, friends and all of Winterblades. May he rest in peace.
  9. No one seems to be able to play. I tweeted ACE to fix it, but so far no response.
  10. I thought it was next week, every 3rd Tuesday? I'm confused.
  11. Hilarious! You just made my day! I can't stop laughing.
  12. I hope you realize you, the players, are the main content.
  13. Not sure if the fine targeting is so great for harvesting. I have to test this for sure.
  14. That was D'Orion pictured, not necessarily an Elken. The Elken look great btw! You making it hard for me to choose what I want to play with these races and classes! That is a good thing!
  15. Good point and you are right. I'm totally not worried about it right now. The amount of players currently testing is not worth 2 campaigns. But then let's switch between EU and US every week?
  16. Below is ours, you'll see it today on the stream plenty of times anyway I guess, but can't hurt to share here as well
  17. You are forgetting crafting stations and factories. Remember, the current crafting process is mainly meant as the experimentation phase. Isn't this the basic armor, weapons and the rest that currently is already in the game? It certainly gets your started. Or do I misunderstand what you meant?
  18. The speed is fine as it is I think. I don't see the need to make it faster. The skill training is meant as a replacement for shallow leveling curve and it does that just fine imo. Can't be deep enough. If I want a shallow crafting and gathering system I will play WoW. There are people who enjoy this kind of gameplay solely, so please do not make suggestions that take gameplay away from those players pretty please. If you do not like it, do something else in the game. It is an mmorpg after all. This is a game that is mainly focusing on groups and guilds. If you need armor and weapons, make friends with crafters or simply join a guild. This is not a game that is meant to be played solo.
  19. No thank you. The EU Beta server was a stretch goal even. It's one promise I'm going to make ACE keep. I fought long and hard for EU servers and I'm not going to be okay with a US-only test server at this point. We Europeans deserve our own server, with good latency and without disadvantages regarding that. So far ACE has done just that and I don't expect them to do otherwise and change their ways. If you want to play on a US server and feel disadvantaged, go ahead. That is everyone's own choice. But I and our guild will be playing in Europe.
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