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  1. Sure, let's play on a European server all together. You guys won't mind the extra latency right?
  2. Sounds like some of you don't seem to understand that the current classes are not representative of how they are going to be like after the class/race changes. Comparisons between the new Cleric and the older ATs are a waste of time.
  3. This is not possible or really really hard to do in a game like Crowfall where you have to aim to hit.
  4. Nice to see these new shiny blocks. I do not see a reason why we won't be able to see these in the campaigns as well?
  5. Yes, a pledge package is still required to play the game. Again, yes you need to purchase the game (or a pledge package which includes the game). Yes, you can own as many buildings as you want.
  6. Caenth


    They said in the past that we will be able to crush coins from the dust. Haven't heard them mention this lately, so the plans might be changed.
  7. Soon. Only if you bring the cookies.
  8. Looking forward to see you all on Saturday!
  9. Pretty much this is what I expect as well.
  10. So how are you going to turn on your axes quickly and move backwards efficiently with this type of movement?
  11. I totally agree. Sorry @thomasblair , but instead of blaming the players with "You just can't help yourself!" comments during the livestream last Thursday, you should focus on giving new players more info on what they can expect in a certain campaign. Guiding them to less cruel pastures at first even. Maybe an educational introduction video about it? We understand the importance of having new players online to test. We are willing to think with you and help you retaining those new players. It is better for all of us. So yeah, while I understand ACE needs a lot of new (solo) players to get more test data, in the end the campaigns will be a place for guilds and other bigger groups of players. Some explanation about what new players can expect in campaigns is needed. Maybe write it down with red big letters in the campaign description. Although the name Bloodbath should say enough I guess? I (will) hate the invulnerability fields with a passion. Since you mentioned my rant in the testing forum on the stream ... It was blunt (sorry) and it was certainly right to the point. I also realize it was not the most thought out post of mine. But this just proves how upset I am about the invulnerability field. IMO, Caldera has been rather nice to new players on the European and US Corruption servers, not killing (new) players near the temple is one rule of ours. The design and the ruleset of the Bloodbath map is not that great to enforce that same rule on ourselves. It would leave 80% of the map unplayable for us. Another thing to look at when releasing a new test map maybe? Like always, I'll be honest. Outside the temple areas we think it is game-on though. We really don't care if it is unfair or not. I don't have to tell you that this game is cruel and will be even more cruel when the first real campaign starts. You even designed the game around this fact. We will not hold back outside the temple areas. So yeah, we can help ourselves. Caldera has been playing nice for months already. I realize other players and guilds have not been though and while we try to protect those new players from time to time, Caldera can't and won't hang out near the temples the whole test. We are not the police.
  12. I was able to sent a PM today with no problems.
  13. Looking good! Excited to be able to create my character.
  14. Thanks! We are doing our utmost best to create something amazing.
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