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  1. @elvo You realize Soulreaver was playing a Ranger when no one thought the AT was viable? He certainly doesn't play the meta game.
  2. I second this. Sometimes I get it working, but it takes a lot of tries to unlock the message box.
  3. You really need to use a uniform way to show us stats. In articles and certainly in-game. Lots of tooltips and stat windows are a mess. I've seen stats in "%", "0.00", "0.00%." For example in today's article: "Positive Power Cost Multiplier is bad, (e. +.54%), meaning all of your powers will cost 54% more resource to use. A power that costs 100 base mana, now costs you 154 mana." What is +.54%? This doesn't make any sense. I read this as less than 1%! You should use 54% or 0.54. Not a combination of this. I recommend using 54% since this is easiest to understand for most people while 0.54 is more math-y.
  4. Having played the same female human Confessor for 2 years I can live with this.
  5. Why are all these people posting before me? I just finished reading and watching everything! Amaaaazing! The game looks great with the lighting updates! Disciplines sound and look great. Customization overload with u locked classes and races. I love everything. Like you promised. You guys and girls deserve more cookies.
  6. Watch YumX and DravoiX creating a bloodbath right now!
  7. Caldera is presently one of the most active and largest European-only Crowfall guilds and we want you to be part of this experience! Watch and follow us here: https://www.twitch.tv/calderaeu! The channel is brand new, so expect some start-up problems. Please be patient while we set it up further and get on track to provide you with quality streams and gameplay! Just enjoy the ride!
  8. These random pictures leave me guessing, but they are sure sweet to look at!
  9. Crowfall never had a Moba feel to begin with. Some players might wish or want Crowfall to have this, but CF sure ain't a moba and will never be one. If CF would resemble a moba even a little bit I wouldn't be here. They already making tons of art and animations for the hundreds of disciplines. Some AT makeover sounds like peanuts to me now.
  10. Yes, this is what I thought. Maybe they get rid of the archetypes and we get free pickings?
  11. Ugh no. Let's keep it a mmo please. This would split up the game even more competing with all the different campaigns already. Go play a MOBA if you want to play an arena game.
  12. So according to the store the Warden's Dragon is advertised for EUR 19.99 including VAT. And this should be the case for the Store in Europe. And I think you changed this a few months ago? But when I add the item in my Shopping Cart the price suddenly changes to EUR 24.19. So is the VAT added twice or something? This can't be right.
  13. Yeah, I wouldn't mind if the Giant would be at last twice as big either. it's looking great though, seems like a real threat and you might need multiple people to take down.
  14. Really enjoyed this video Dave! Loving your work. Your art made me fall in love with the game.
  15. Does this mean you will update to 5.6 later as well? How often do you plan to update the engine? I'm not complaining here so you know. I think keeping up with the versions is essential. With Unity supporting Vulkan as well, do you consider supporting it? And will this increase the chance we'll see a Linux version at some point? If Crowfall gets a Linux client I will kiss Windows goodbye and never return to this piece of *poorly made socks*ware.
  16. Thanks for reporting! I changed the links!
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