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  1. I wouldn't want a toggle. That is way too boring. While I do not mind holding F while gathering I think this can be a little more engaging though. In Wildstar there was a timed interval to press F mechanic. This interval could change so you had to pay attention when to press the key. Great for bot prevention and kept players engaged.
  2. The time has not yet come to redeem our rewards. Yes, you can consume VIP in the future, but during the tests this is not needed.
  3. I'm fairly sure the exploit statement wasn't made because of the building bug alone.
  4. Great to see that exploit statement. Hopefully players now see exploiting (misusing bugs) is not okay. Even in testing. Apparently I should have had access to the buildings last weekend ... guess I have to write support to fix it.
  5. Think it is fine: https://www.crowfall.com/en/news/crows-of-many-colors/
  6. You're saying? Source: https://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/16130-patch-notes-march-10-2017/
  7. Awesome! Can't wait to place my fort and other buildings! Sadly my MC is not yet available to play with. I have some questions though: In how many degrees are we able to rotate the pieces? 90, 45 or custom? Can we rotate every piece or building or only certain ones?
  8. Still a couple of months away, but really looking forward to this! My social life and sleeping hours will suffer because it but who cares!
  9. If you had pasted in the image (http://i.imgur.com/lWHpRgx .png) it would have worked. You pasted in a regular link to a webpage. See?
  10. I did my fair share of arguing in another thread already. My part is done and I made my points a looong time ago. The devs know my stance on this. No need to keep repeating myself to convince those that can't be convinced. I support Svenn 100% though.
  11. Nice! Looking forward to see all the crazy combinations this system will enable.
  12. Nice! If the wings will not be too much a big of a pain this might be an interesting archetype to play. I really enjoyed the vanilla Rogue in WoW. Hopes she plays similar.
  13. Saturday 1pm CST would be the only time that suites Europe. What will be the location (aka campaign) of the event?
  14. Be nice. Show me you did better and we talk again.
  15. Not sure how I missed this thread and news post last Friday. That never happened to me before. I guess I was too busy playing the game and managing our Crowfall guild! I just want to say thank you for creating this game that has been controlling my life for more than 2 years now. From the first moment that first puzzle piece dropped I was hooked and totally invested into this project. I spend countless ours reading and writing in this forum, played hours and hours in tests (although I never want to see the Hunger Dome again). I created a guild for Crowfall, made a ton of new friends, met some members of the community at the Travian Games VIP party and had the opportunity to ask Todd a gazillion questions about Crowfall. Every week I'm sitting on the edge of my seat to see what will be the news that week. These two years has been a wild ride and the best has still to come! I'm so excited was is coming. Keep up the good work and expect a nice surprise from Caldera soon! So a BIG thank you to the current Crowfall team and the ones that left us in the past. You are my heroes.
  16. Excellent job creating this so closely to Dave's concept!
  17. One more last time and then I'll leave this discussion alone. It's not the fact he used the bug or the fact he didn't know about it that ruffles my feathers, but his reaction to wave it off like it's a trick and his acknowledgement of it being an exploit. His and the other ones excuses why it maybe isn't an exploit/bug and how they justify the use of it is pathetic and aggravating. I'm not even discuss it if it is a bug or not, because it so obvious to (and others) it is one, it's really silly to even assume it may not be one. Funny thing, I know they know it is one, because they are smart people and veterans in testing. But hey, let's wait what ACE has to say about this huh? Let's see how they feel about the use of bug and exploits when they lose 3 months of hard work or an entire campaign because some enemy guild used one to win. Reaction of the winners: "Ow, we didn't know it was a bug, so it's alright. Right? Right! Party time!" Btw, this is from the Terms and Conditions (https://crowfall.com/en/travian/terms/): This is copied from the European site and yes, I checked, it's also there on the US site. Use those bugs on your own risk I would say.
  18. It's not obvious for Crowfall. Since the beginning the skill training is active the skill reset bug was not happening. Not once. So this weekend this bug suddenly happens without them announcing it or writing it down in the patch notes this being a new thing? It's totally obvious this not a new feature. Yes, I'm you calling you out for exploiting (something that is heavily frowned upon) and your only defense is that you didn't know or it might be a new feature. Yeah, you're making a great case for yourself. I think people are smarter than believing this lame excuse. Calling it a trick is even worse, making people believe it is allowed to use it. It is not. Report it, leave it alone stop exploiting and move on. Call it dramatic, but I hate cheaters and exploiters with a passion.
  19. You know it doesn't matter if ACE acknowledges this bug or not. You really expect them to do this after 2 days? To use this as an excuse is disgusting.
  20. Yes, this skill reset bug is reported in the testing forums 2 days ago (https://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/15765-thu-february-16-sun-february-19-bugs-anomalies-and-tech-issues-feedback/page-5#entry325767). And I know you read those posts, because you're posting bugs in there yourself. That you decided to stick your head in the sand or even when you truly didn't know about this, still doesn't justify the usage or promotion of the bug.
  21. I was referring to the stamina reset bug alone. The rest is well done, I'm not complaining about that. You promoting using a exploit however. I'm not okay with that.
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