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  1. I must admit, it's an interesting concept. I'll have to think this over. Lots of new info here with lots of consequences and possibilities. I like the normal 'permanent world' though and while this still exists somewhat in the form of the Eternal Worlds I hope this experience is still fun when you choose to skip a campaign.
  2. Well, we're seeing more and more games getting native clients or ports on Linux. If enough game developers offer that as an option more people would play on Linux I think. For me it's not worth it atm, because the games I like to play are not available on Linux (yet). If Blizzard, SOE, Ubisoft and others would do it ... Windows 8(.1) isn't really well received (I think it's okay though) and I don't care much about the upcoming Windows 10 with Cortana and all other useless crap. I would switch to Linux if I didn't need Windows to play games. I just prefer Linux.
  3. The new FAQ mentions Windows, Mac, consoles and mobile(s, but not mention of Linux. So that doesn't make me hopeful...
  4. I think the answer to this picture is 42.
  5. The Hunger sounds like a disease to me. Maybe you turn into one of those 'undead' if you're not careful or actively fight the disease. The stat Hunger Resistance would fit with this, like with more resistance it will slow it more down or harder to get infected.
  6. After reading the FAQ I have one important question left though: What target system does the game have? I like everything I've seen so far!
  7. Middle of the night for people from Europe ...
  8. That is why I chose "with heavy restrictions". I want the cities highly customizable, but they have to fit in the artstyle of the game. No custom colors, no custom textures.
  9. Do I know you from somewhere? Good to see you here buddy!
  10. We can only hope ...
  11. So far nothing to complain about, the game is looking good and really interesting. When I don't like something, I will let you know. You're asking for it! Looking forward to know the team, I think it's really important to feel connected to a developer.
  12. You can use this one on another site: http://www.crowscall.com/devtracker/
  13. I wouldn't mind seeing region servers. I even think they are needed for latency issues. But it should remain optional to connect to US servers for Europeans and other regions and vice versa. If you want to play with higher latency for whatever reason then you should be allowed imo. And also no separate region clients please. I want to be able to connect with one client to all the servers if possible. I don't want to purchase multiple versions of the same game to be able to switch back and forth.
  14. I just hope we're not stuck being part of a fealty though. I can care less about kings, queens, dukes and barons. I want to be able to play as a mercenary or thieve. :-)
  15. Caenth

    Crow's Call

    Great site, I'm using the devtracker multiple times a day to check on dev posts!
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