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  1. When i use chain attack with a Knight it doesnt bring my enemy in front of me but behind or to the right . I need to turn my camera to find him
  2. i see my name in game as Gzas and a guy in my party is streaming, and i see my name written gzas with no capital G. All the other names are with capital first letter.
  3. Can't loot outpost guards atm, i could do it in Live so i believe it's a bug?
  4. Now that NA Campaign is over i am trying to Export my items but every time i get a messege that said something went wrong. I restarted the client and then worked fine. PS: before restarting the client i was playing and had my skill cooldowns bugged. I dont know if there is something to do with it. Edit: I exported 1 item and then i get again this messege when i try to export anything https://ibb.co/4jYbMgL
  5. Got teleported as i was ariving at Zukowski forrest. 3 people in the party and we all got teleported multiple times
  6. My cooldowns are frozen on the screen but i can use them. Exaple in the video https://youtu.be/cjmlyU7sA74
  7. Outposts sometimes say Unclaimed instead of capturing and i need to move in the circle Music stops sometimes without fade out for no reason I died and killed a mob at the same time and i got a level. and then my health bar went full while i was releasing my crow
  8. In exploration Basics Movement speed damage bonus says " Increase your damage bonus against targets who are Snared or Dazed" If i remember correctly you have removed dazed from the game?
  9. Please oh please give back to Swordsman the plate armor. It's a Knight and he is supposed to wear plate. Dont ruin it for us Rp medieval poorly made dergs people...
  10. I used Recall and opened the map. When i closed the map the casting bar of recall had dissapear but i tped normally after 2 secs
  11. Went first time into EK and i had this bug https://youtu.be/40NTfkMDYqI Also in Eternal Kingdom i can't build my throne room. Says collision with enviroment to every spot
  12. I hope after the release of 5.11 they focus on the combat, cause is the main aspect of the game. If it doesnt get a smooth Combat system before we go to beta then i see many problems with the future of the game.
  13. I had some aples at Alt+1 slot. I ate them and the slot became empty. It would be nice to stay there in grey with the number 0. Cause i need to put them there every time.
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