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  1. oh my god, oh my god, oh my god
  2. I believe that game is mostly lacking Players more than anything atm. The basic game is there ( not saying that is good or bad but it's there) and ofc needs lots and lots of work to to be done yet but, to really test the systems we need people. If we go to 500 online players from 20-50 that we have now, everything will change and the game will feel a lot different. t's a must to do some testing with way more players at this state. both for perfomance shake and content shake.
  3. Now that's some seriously good ideas. Great job. I hope Ace get some of this into the game. Only one question. This way you are suggesting we would only be attacked by 2-3 guilds that are next to us and no need to roam into other guild islands to fight. Am i wrong on that? SO you basically will get fights with only these little guilds and compete with all other guilds only in time race to the central Keep
  4. Hey Crows! Today, we changed the start times for Campaigns along with export numbers. We'd love to hear your feedback about those changes and campaigns in general (not referring to the suggestions for open sieges, or handshake sieges we received a lot of that feedback in our other thread), We'd appreciate if you can take a few moments and answer the following questions. Time Changes: (please list time zones if you're adding in any). EU Times are not that great, here are some suggestions: You should make timers starting 2-3 hours later. For me, you should remove Timers
  5. i ment in general,not now. I think it's already delayed.
  6. If it's possible you could add respec in test server so we can test faster.
  7. Well my thoughts about the changes are good in general. I would like to see you add a valid system for progression without that much rng and actually be rewarding. I think you have to do something about Infected. I dont believe we could be able to farm that in Infected cause will drive people off campaigns (That mean less pvp , so less content for us) Also about the VIP i would say that non vip users should be able to Respec but in a big cost like Loads of gold or 40 chaos embers. Making them not be able to do it at all will feel a bit of P2W aspect for many people. Also you SHOULD NOT
  8. Other classes have some defence mechanisms better than Knights do. I wont speak for myrm and Champions wich are crazy overpowered atm (For example the survaivability on champions are on another level) , but some classes Like assasins or duelists have escape mechanics (Stealth ulti). Rangers have way more damage (archer 60m range so he can get amazing positioning, Warden is top tier aoe damage atm etc) and i think all of these classes do way better than knights. Assasins are good at solo again and also can be used in large scale fights as Assasins literaly to put some1 off the battle. Range
  9. Nope i dont believe Swordsman is in a place to play in large scale fights and be usefull nor to play solo and do well. What's the point of a class running around just avoiding things? We have no aoe damage, bleeds dont work in a large scale fight and we dont even have very high single target damage. We only got an execute and it isn't even the best execute in game. So we do everything below average. It's a bad spec compaired to most other classes. And what's the point to main a situational character if the situations he is good at dont occur that much often? I've found my self being useless fo
  10. I would say once again that swordsman should return to plate armor. In large scale fights is dying so fast and the heal from stuns is not enought to keep him alive. And many times you dont even stun someone cause some1 else did and you didnt even get the heal. We need more survivability on them. They are freaking Knights...
  11. Also if you are not familiar, the game needs optimization like crazy. 6.2 is just around the corner though with devs telling us we will get a ton of improvements! So be patience and hope for the best
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