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  1. Please oh please give back to Swordsman the plate armor. It's a Knight and he is supposed to wear plate. Dont ruin it for us Rp medieval poorly made dergs people...
  2. I used Recall and opened the map. When i closed the map the casting bar of recall had dissapear but i tped normally after 2 secs
  3. Went first time into EK and i had this bug https://youtu.be/40NTfkMDYqI Also in Eternal Kingdom i can't build my throne room. Says collision with enviroment to every spot
  4. I hope after the release of 5.11 they focus on the combat, cause is the main aspect of the game. If it doesnt get a smooth Combat system before we go to beta then i see many problems with the future of the game.
  5. I had some aples at Alt+1 slot. I ate them and the slot became empty. It would be nice to stay there in grey with the number 0. Cause i need to put them there every time.
  6. saw 3 characters like this. https://youtu.be/IgL3vrA5gzc
  7. I use Righteous Stand on melee mobs and it doesnt some times triggers righteous parry. I need to Click my right MB second time to get a parry.
  8. Generally Low fps. i Use to have on live 50-60 and now 20-25.
  9. Guinecean Knight mobs use chain Pull but doesnt pull me on them
  10. IMO the colors now are too bright and happy and going to a very cartoon style, I would love to see something ballanced between cartoon and Dark.
  11. Gzas


    I go with Guild wars 2 wich i like a lot, but you can also try Bannerlord. Or you can w8 for crowfall server to come back up.
  12. They had some issue and the shut down the server. Now the second patch is because they are trying to fix it.
  13. I uploaded a video to see what's occured to me. I was afk and the game logged off to the main menu. I went back to my pc and joined God's reach. After i logged in this is what i experienced: https://youtu.be/j2nWCEyXcCo I think it's a server thing but you know better
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