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  1. Things that are needed: The ability to see group members on the map and dropping a POI. Faction Chat Special Font/Text/Color for top 10 of faction More additions to the gameplay loop. DAoC had the realm dungeon and relics as well as pvp ranks. This doesnt seem to have a loop except pvp forever which will get boring quick enough. I enjoy the game but it definitely needs something. Right now it has no longevity in my opinion.
  2. - Leveling up should give full stats - The crow when you're dead should go faster or be able to fly - The lack of quests at the start is going to dishearten any non mmorpg veteran. Sure we have the starter island but it doesnt really tell you what to do or guide you. - I shouldn't have to buy all 15 talents in order to progress the tree, i should be able to pick and choose. For instance on confessor i dont want the thing that increases my armor 0/5. -
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