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  1. Lucky i was smart enough to ask my friends if they wanted a t-shirt aswell so we only had to pay once 20$ shipping.. Kinda ironic when shipping cost as much as one t-shirt.. but i'll do anything to support artcraft. So take my money!!!
  2. I like how it is , if you want to make it unique , make it a special color that won't be used again or something Great job!
  3. Nice update, looking forward to seeing how this will play in effect. Very exciting!
  4. I think this is a good change, but make sure its transparent enough for the people who register now. So they know they only got 30 days to post.
  5. Hey all, So i recently started Endless legend, and what a fun game it is. My favourite faction is Wild Walkers feels it suits the best to my play style. Tho i have yet to win a game on hard I'm still learning the tips and tricks, but i'm really enjoying it. I was wondering if anyone else plays this here, share your opinions and maybe we could play an online match together one of these days.
  6. My personal experience with proximity voice chat has only been good, maybe with a few downsides here and there. But i played planetside 2 for many months, and used the voice chat daily. It helped a lot in organizing team battles with strangers without having to get them on your skype or ts. So i would have nothing against it in crowfall. I think it would only improve the game.. And for those being so defensive against this idea,, just turn it off?
  7. Sound fair and i like the way you guys aproach each kinda of opinion people might have on the change with a solution to it. And this is a reason why i keep supporting ACE because you guys are so open about everything., I hope you keep that up. It's your strenght as a company.
  8. Nicely explained once again, i'm agreeing with this.
  9. Friendly fire,,, Zergs will fall apart with friendly fire..
  10. Tbh i'm a figurine lover and unlike most that posted here i'd buy them.
  11. The last brood is currently active in GTAV, WoW, HotS and Battlefield Hardline. If you want a friendly , fun adult environment and still looking for a community to play with , please consider us! We might be small but i can assure you that our TS is active daily. Have a nice day!
  12. I got my code (amber aswell) didn't notice it untill i checked the Promotion tab. So Gmail users be sure to check that folder!
  13. Yay for europe! Makes me such a happy kitty!
  14. You're getting me all excited!! Thanks for the update.
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