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  1. Something changed for the worse for me. It says I am getting anywhere from 40 to 70 FPS most of the time. But it feels like I am getting 5 to 10 FPS. Just walking across the map is miserable for me. Sort of stop and stutter along. Picking up loot when harvesting makes it an even worse experience. I can't imagine how much worse it must be with a party in a siege. Haven't tried it yet and doubt I will even bother playing this campaign if my performance remains the same.
  2. They also need to give them incentives to claim keeps/forts. Displaying a faction banner AND a guild banner with the guild's crest would encourage some to take them just to so they can fly their flag so to speak. But why not give bonus points to score when killing enemies near the claimed fort? Maybe something to give bonus to AP or defensive stats. A bonus for harvesting nodes that are close to keep? There are a lot of things they could implement. Just copying DAOC's system wouldn't be a bad thing. It worked. And guilds often tried harder to defend stuff when they had it claimed.
  3. They forts are too easily flipped from faction to faction...and usually by too small of a force. Razing them is not a bad idea. But instead maybe adding a timer to make then invulnerable for some set period of time will help keep them from flipping from faction to faction too often. Should it be 10 mins? 60 mins?
  4. What are their plans for end game character progression? Getting to 30, upgrading vessels, and passive training seems to be all their is. For example Dark Age of Camelot had a system where you gained realm ranks doing PvP that earned you new abilities. And it took a really long time to reach realm rank 12. I think that system really keep a lot of players motivated to pvp and grow their character to make it more powerful and also for reputation. The early ones who reached RR12 were really proud of that achievement. Expanding the leader boards might help a lot to keep players interested in playing for a long time. Being number one in deaths for example might be a long term goal for someone if that was tracked as a crazy example. But someone would do it if it were so. Tracking the stats of players over years instead of just campaign to campaign could make leaderboards competitive. But include healing, player resurrections, defense of keeps/towers/ forts. Maybe even include harvesting and crafting info. What will keep them playing for years on the same character? Also, are there any plans to increase training for actively doing things? I like the whole passive "Eve" skill training. But I also feel that if I log in on launch day and actively break ore nodes for 3 months, and some other character logs in and activates his training and then does not play for 3 months, I SHOULD be a lot better at doing it than him. With the current system that will not be so. Why not combine passive and active training? The active could be a fraction of the passive...but at least I would feel like doing things in the game would be progressing my character.
  5. Maybe there aren't enough players with pitfighters but looking forward to seeing a fight where one faction zergs with like 40 of them. Just hope when that happens they are playing my faction.
  6. The problem is they need to "git gud" just to kill this one class. They wouldn't have had to for any other would they? Does that seem fair? All I know is they need to change something if they don't want a huge majority of the population playing one class.
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