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    Wizard101, Pirate101, Web Design, Blogging to name a few!
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  1. Been offline awhile, but still excited for Crowfall! :D

  2. Ended up backing Crowfall with $150 which means I'll be in Alpha 2! :D

  3. Backing Crowfall by donating $100 on Kickstarter! :D

    1. heather titanbreaker

      heather titanbreaker

      Wow, Nice! wish I could of done as much. But did $30. :D

  4. 1st Week of my 2nd semester wasn't that bad! :D

  5. 2nd Semester of College classes start Monday....!

    1. cameron redgem

      cameron redgem

      Mine starts the following week.

  6. Class/beginning of semester starts Monday..

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