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  1. there used to be this thing in very early pre-alpha called the hunger dome, this is more like what you want and I hope they make one of the campaign worlds like it. If you don't know what the hunger dome was, it was a short campaign world with a border that kept shrinking to the center of the map, some chests with loot scattered around the world and lots of groups of players starting in different locations, last person to survive would be the winner, I don't know PUBG cause I never bothered playing it but it sounds exactly like that and what you want. The big campaign worlds a
  2. pls no teleportation, the walk will be shorter when they add mounts to the game to many games have some form of teleportation or quick travel and usually those worlds feel empty.
  3. Not sure about gamigo, But frogster/gameforge have bad Customer support and make their games P2W, wich is pretty much what the entire European market has become, it would be extreemly hard to find a Customer friendly company here when they only think about their wallets.
  4. The problem with this is that there are no good companys in the EU that won't make your game a money milker/pay to win game in anyway possible unless artcraft will have a say in everything and prevents this from happening which will be unlikely to get European company's to actually want to publish it they only think about their wallet not the costumer. Rather see the game published in the Eu by artcraft which will give us a lot better support, Better updating when updates need to come instead of half a year later and make the game globally the same. Localization can be done way after the
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