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  1. there used to be this thing in very early pre-alpha called the hunger dome, this is more like what you want and I hope they make one of the campaign worlds like it. If you don't know what the hunger dome was, it was a short campaign world with a border that kept shrinking to the center of the map, some chests with loot scattered around the world and lots of groups of players starting in different locations, last person to survive would be the winner, I don't know PUBG cause I never bothered playing it but it sounds exactly like that and what you want. The big campaign worlds a
  2. pls no teleportation, the walk will be shorter when they add mounts to the game to many games have some form of teleportation or quick travel and usually those worlds feel empty.
  3. GRatz ace on the new stertch goal!
  4. Add-ons don't allow you to cheat a system or so, WoW has been using Client side Add-ons for quite some time as are some other games. Also add-ons don't make a game do anything for you they only enhance some UI to your personal likings, Mods like the ones that are being used in World of tanks tho shouldn't be allwoed cause they actualy help you play better, While in WoW, Wildstar and a few others Add-ons only allow you to costumize UI these addons are not mandatory in anyway you can play the game perfectly fine with out them on competitive level.
  5. Personaly i'm not backing because of the thanks in credits no1 reads thsoe anyway atleast i know of no one, but i would guess it would be your real name linked with your crowfall account
  6. I don't think the EK's should be permanent PvP tho, If your guild goes ofline your entire kingdome will be destroyed by the time you come back Unless you are some kind of zerg guild who got the players to be there 24/7 There is no fun in that and will only be drama later on the forums
  7. You will be able to make your EK flagged for PvP so you can war with other EK's, and ppl will have to use materials they get in the Campaigns for that already so i don't rly see any issue
  8. Considering the cost to get into alpha 1 and 2 I hope they are permanent but there is no information about this. and with week'end testing you can't realy do that must testing the alphas will then just act as Demo plays of the game
  9. Limit to 100 players sure 50 players is to little, And i do hope there will be a limit, altho it won't matter all you'll do is inconvience some ppl, Whats to stop 1 guild from making the same guild multiple times *Invictus, InvictusI, InvictusII, InvictusIII, InvictusIV, and so on* This has happend in alot of other games that limited it to X amount, Zerg guild will find a way to be zerg guilds I just hope there won't be to many zerg guilds or there will be no real point into going GvG worlds unless crowfall has a solution for this. (Friendly fire on every world so zerg guilds kill them s
  10. I meant with it that the search function doesn't even link that post when you look for it. Not a Brit or American so my English might not be the best sorry for any confusion
  11. I don't think it should be allowed, If you have some1 with 6Alts and he knows hes main is winning the campaign he will stock up hes alts with resources to export them back to the EK
  12. The qoute is actualy from the first hunger week post not the faq placed the link under it
  13. I wouldn't mind having such risk involved near my fortress aslong as there is also a reward for the risk, Next to a volcano have higher Fertility so easier to plant herbs/grow crops(if that's a possibility in the game)
  14. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/1597-020215-hunger-week-its-about-time/ So when we spawn in a campaign there will be a fog of war, Will the Fog of War fill up the battlefield again when no one is near by, Or will the battlefield stay discovered and give permanent view over the locations that have been discovered and you can see every enemy approaching from miles away. Personally I would love to have it act like to Fog of war in AoE, Visibility till units/buildings are gone after that you can only see the shape of buildings that you discovered before the fog of war
  15. Great Idea but i would go even further and allow ppl to chose to destroy or capture them, If the enemy captures your Teleportation pond they can take the portal in the oposite direction possibly right into the middle of your own base. for flight towers / docks this shouldn't work tho but just link the tower/dock with your own towers/docks
  16. Thats why they are going to make mounts, It would make no sense for a centaur to run as slow as a human can run.
  17. Belgian beers are the best! Personaly I preffer Duvel
  18. When Creating your character you'll need to select a few skills/traits what ever you want to call them, Some will have Beneficial stats others will make your char be weaker in another area. Ex: 1 will reduce your chars ranged accuracy by say 5% and that stat is worth +10points you can then chose a beneficial stat worth -10points that you think will be better for you They call them Creation points http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/907-012015-character-creation-preview-runes-runes-runes/ Besides that we only know that weapon skills will be capped at X amount and when you go to
  19. Having been a GM in the past, I always limited the ppl who could invite to the guild, but why would you invite some1 and don't invite he's friends so he can play with he's friends and have fun within the guild aswell. The only way I see something like overthrowing a GM happen is when it is 75% of player accounts inside the guild that are against the GM before it would actually be possible to overthrow him so if you have 100Accounts (Not Characters so alts don't get counted) in your guild you'll need 75ppl to be against you and online during the voting. Pros about that are: -
  20. There is still Lore for the game, Tbh quest give little to almost no lore. and questgivers are certainly not needed to make for good RP good RP comes from the player not the NPC. You're guildmaster can also act as a questgiver to you if you join some RP community. And with the removal of NPC vendors I would actualy see more RP going on than not.
  21. EQ Next is still being made but since SoE was bought up and lost half of the ppl working on EQ next its being made slowly and there are rummors going around that it might not be F2P anymore afterall. As for all the other stuff I don't think there will be That much issues atleast i can play landmark quite well and those servers are always stuffed with player made stuff
  22. Dragonkin are horrible they look more like ugly Gargoyles or lizard ppl like that guy from Spiderman.... They should stop messing with Dragons and give them a proper look Like the Traditional Western and Eastern dragons not these Lizard 2 legged rip-offs. If they add dragons they better look like dragons, I don't mind if they have some form of ability where they can Shapeshift into human form but stop assaulting them and turning them into sword wielding lizards on2 legs.
  23. Hmmm could be nice if we have a map like the Island map from AoE with loads of water and no way to get to other islands without ships, I did love ArcheAge naval combat so wouldn't mind it being here.
  24. There are no quest givers, don't think there are vendors either.
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