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  1. Keep Flying mounts away from this game please they break PvP and make the world feel to small.
  2. Voxel based doesn't mean you get to craft like in EQ landmark or so, I rather think we'll be getting predefined structures we can place, at least if you look at the KS some get Cottages, Mansions, Villas, Encampments (small, medium, Large), Castles, Cathedrals and statues
  3. Turn into the hulk and hulksmash! Or Depending on how fast stuff gets destroyed I won't be neer walls the next time! altho my stupid brain will have forgotten and i'll just die to it again.
  4. Sure it would make sense if you have your entire guild play under 1God, But if they have every guild exist of only One god it would siriously limit the player basse that you can chose from for your guild, There is 12 Gods that fight eachother, or 3Factions. Servers would look very empty unless there are a few thousand players for each god. I think its good that you can play under a diferent god in a guild, You can still play with your guildys in the GvG world, and Slaughter them in the God vs God world meaning Zerg guilds would be less zerg.
  5. Every one wonders what Centaur ride but honestly Have you ever seen a Guinea pig (Guinecea) ride a horse?? what will they have for mount? a hamster wheel whit some type of food hanging on a rope in front of them?
  6. There is no Instanced PvE/Raids. PvP is on a giant world instead of battle grounds and its not tab targeting. There are no NPC vendors/Quest givers. The world is ever changing *seasons and destruction, Player building (Life is Feudal style from the looks of it)* The only thing that might look close to wow in this game is maybe the art style even tho I can't realy resemble much wow art in it, ppl these days seem to think oh its an MMO-RPG it must be a wow clone even tho 90%of the rpgs arn't the same. As for guilds the bigger guild you are in the more ppl you'll have to play with in the campaign, have stuff crafted and eternal kingdoms expanded. Zerg guilds might win tho I realy hope they find a way to limit zerg guilds and keep it fun for smaller guilds/ solo player aswell
  7. I'm guessing with all the worlds that guilds can have members with each god/faction alignment but these members will not be able to play together in *God's reach and The Infected* Unless they are all aligned to the same god/ faction. so you'll probs see guilds forming who preffer one good/faction so they can play together in each type of campaign.
  8. There is always one person who has to die first, when the world is covered in fog and you don't know where anyone is yet, You might end up at the an enemy basse by accident and get jumped upon even the worlds best player can be the first to die.
  9. Thank you artcraft this gives me even higher hopes for the game!!
  10. Use Xsplit or OBS to stream, having them put it up as a stretch goal is wasted money since you can do it for free having a program run wich allows you to stream better then most of those ingame streaming things
  11. If you wish to use controllers you can use Pinnacle Game Profiler its a great program that allows you to play with a controler for every game you wish and its easy to setup, Just let them spent the money on better stuff then Consoles and Controlers
  12. We don't know much about how the EK will work so no one will be able to give you a solid answer on it, all we know is that ppl in guilds can have and EK together and place buildings/shops/castle etc. But thats about all we know.
  13. Not sure if you'll be able to upgrade the Kickstarter, But after the kickstarter is over they'll put other things on their website you can also buy, but everything there will be more Expensive then what the kickstarter offers now Please use the search function to find any topics that have already been created you can find a topic asking the same thing a little lower in the list.
  14. Not sure if you'll be able to upgrade the Kickstarter, But after the kickstarter is over they'll put other things on their website you can also buy, but everything there will be more Expensive then what the kickstarter offers now
  15. No Flying mounts ruin PvP and make ppl skip content also what will be the point of flying over castle walls...
  16. Personally I dislike camera shakes if there are to many in a row I actually start getting headaches/Dizziness As long as they are only optional and can be turned of I don't mind if they would be on by default and can't turn them off I won't be able to play this game.
  17. Don't think its disinterest in thinking about different systems, Unless they prevent you to be able to change the gamma of your game(which is impossible cause many monitors can change it individual), Prevent you from turning of shadows and Prevent you from removing foliage if would be extremely hard to find a realistic way of having stealth. Personally I turn off Shadows, Foliage in many games just to have smoother gameplay and a vissual advantage even tho my pc can perfectly handle most games.
  18. I'm wondering if when you have your guild kingdom, and say your officers that you know really well etc have tax free parcels, would they be able to give them to the guild leaders kingdom to expand that further or would the guild leader have to pool together money for a higher kickstarter to have more tax free parcels. Me and some in RLF are planning on starting a guild and some are buying the higher tier kickstarter that give these tax free parcels but unsure if we should pool it together to get more free land on 1 account or if they would be able to individually give those tax free items to the guild leaders kingdom.
  19. The FX engine that is being show on the 3rd update on the KS shows some videos of popcornFX (need to click the picture of the guy with the flaming sword to get redirected the link aint that visible)
  20. I agree with you however, I don't mind if a blacksmith can repair my armor or any one else's armor as long as the Blacksmith is player controlled and you need xx/ amount of the Craft requirement to restore your armor to its former Glory That would solve a few things: Give Crafters more to do besides just crafting gear and selling it, Players who loot defeated players their gear can get it Repaired/Reforged or melted down for basses materials. as well as Gear that losses durability should also take small hits on the stats they provide a Dmg'd shield should give less protection, a blunt sword won't be able to poke you to death
  21. They talk about localization as well that post not just Servers, Italy is one of the top9 Languages for the game atm *might change* but ppl rather have English servers by Artcraft first rather then see any localization except the bare minimum that's needed for country's like Germany and France who got some stupid law for it.
  22. Personally I also corps run rather then spawning 2zones back, but it only really works for PvE games. Don't think in a PvP game it would be nice if you kill someone eat some food, bandage, get some rest for the next enemy to slaughter but instead the guy you just killed resurrected right next to you and stabs you in the back. Or you just defended your keep from an attack and all of a sudden the ppl that died right next to your wall came in their spirit form inside your castle and resurrect on your walls and slaughter all your innocent children and woman while you are asleep.
  23. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3283-european-publisherrelease/ Feel free to check that topic out as well as that there are multiple topics already about this where it seems the majority of the EU players want the game first to launch in English and every other language being optional for post release.
  24. I think what he means is that there is already a couple of stealth discussions going on about what you are suggesting and other suggestions for stealth gameplay. As for realistic stealth it will never work because it can easly be cheated, a short timed stealth is a bad Idea as well imo, the only stealth that I don't mind ppl having is a stealth like in wow where its permanent out of combat doesn't give any attack boosts and can only be reactivated out side of combat.
  25. It usually is easy to see what a GM is like, which ones do everything for their community and which ones have their community do everything for them, but I understand what you mean. But on the other side, WHat if you are just a member joining a well established guild have them help you/boost you to the average level in that guild then you decide to leave with everything you received from that guild for no effort to only join an even better guild and do the same there. Imo it has risk and rewards on both sides, only spend, give or do what you are willing to risk to lose.
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