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  1. I don’t want to beat around the bush before getting into the meat and potatoes of why I’m making this post. So for anyone who’s interested, I am going to be coming at Crowfall as it existed in it’s pre-alpha 5.8 state. With that future proofing out of the way, here's my actual rant. What I’m proposing here is simply an idea for improving the class and discipline mechanics that already exists in Crowfall. Mostly because I was at first insulted about not getting to make an exact character I wanted. Then afterwards going on to find more justifiable reasons for requesting a change and finding possible solutions for them. These reasons will come after my proposals for anyone who’s interested in that. So for now I must ask for everyone to continue hearing me out. What I would like to primarily change is the relationship that the crafting and gathering classes have with the combat classes. The best way I can think of to accomplish this would be to remove classes from the character creation screen in favor of a more open system. Wherein the main classes are actually tied to specific weapon types and the race’s only have access to a select few of these types. Meanwhile you would also make new primary tools like a blacksmith’s hammer or a miner’s pickaxe. For the first few levels a character can freely change between these weapons and tools, with any points spent in these skill trees getting refunded once a new weapon or tool is equipped. Once a player reaches around level 5 they would need to commit to one of these weapons or tools before the rest of their abilities can be accessed. Afterward the class is locked and the game could progress as normal. Another idea I had specifically targets the major disciplines, in that I think it would be preferable if you had three of them in total. However you are only allowed to have a maximum of two disciplines from each type, with those types being combat, crafting, and gathering. These ideas are not meant to be tied together but I have my reasons for wanting to suggest these specifically. As for the reasons of wanting to make the classes dependent on the weapons or tools a character has equipped. Well it mainly stems from the idea that crafting and gathering in this game is supposed to be as important as fighting. However, if I just wanted to be a crafter or gatherer I would still have to pick a combat profession that I would prefer to have nothing to do with. So if instead of making these mechanics into disciplines which are essentially subclasses. I think it would be a much better system if they were treated as actual classes that are on par with the combat. The second idea actually came to me first, and was simply a reaction to not getting what I want. See, when I first heard of the game I began looking into all the available information about it. Which always boils down into what character I want to make if I like what I see. I’m also not shy in saying that I tend to try and make my first character as much of a self insert as I can. Doing my best to find aspects of my real life that could be reflected in my main character. Which at the end of day was really close to being possible, but since I’m here it wasn’t. So I came up with an idea that would let me have my cake and eat it too as far as that went. If you think I’m wrong, or have an idea of your own, I’d love to hear it. I’m doing this in order to see if I can get something like this implemented and the more minds collaborating on it the better. So thank you for your time and I hope y’all have an excellent day.
  2. Ey, So I just bought into this game about a week ago and am loving it so far. I've already joined a faction and found a guild so things are moving along swimmingly. Now since I'm here and have decided to stick around I'm going to start bugging the crap out of everyone about any ideas I have for the game. That's my goal anyway.
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