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  1. So im sure im missing something here but if anyone may have some clarification as to what that may be id appreciate it. So a little over a year ago (Jan 2018) i bought the Patron back pack. I was able to download the game and test it for a few hours before the test period went down, and life kinda got in the way and haven't really been able to return to this until now. I can see some changes have been made to the site, and was attempting to re download the game, but i dont seem to be able to do that. Ive gone through the rewards page and it shows things that i can 'consume' one of them being the digital game download but the button seems to be unresponsive, it it even is a button. I thought maybe it meant i had already used it or something, but going into the redeemed rewards page there is nothing redeemed. Was i only able to play and test for that one test group that i would assume has long been able to join if it was from a year ago. The test group i was put with was Test Group 8 but im having a hard time finding what the current group is or even which his allowed to play.
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