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  1. I'm looking for a guild on NA that does PvP and incorporates RP storylines or is at least RP friendly (Im not the type that has to be in character 24/7 but I think that it makes the game more immersive to RP some times) I am very active and am currently in the process of learning the game and how different things work and would appreciate the help. I am generally most active from 3:00-9:00 cst. Weekends vary, some Weekends I'm on the majority of the time others probably morning and early afternoon. I am trying to decide between a melee class or a ranger at the moment but I would be more than happy to try and tailor my selection to what a guild needs. I also would not be opposed to learning crafting in this game and attempting to help the guild on that front as well.
  2. Where did you find those descriptions those are awesome?
  3. Thanks! Any other tanky combos prefereably not a minotaur lol They are my least favorite in terms of looks I would rather be a stoneborn or humanoid or even a centaur. Also I like your channel I have watched a bunch of your vids!
  4. I just started playing and am still learning all the systems and subsystems, I like the idea of playing a tanky character that controls the battlefield via positioning and cc, just curious on what the tankiest combo of class and race would be from more experienced members of the community? I was leaning towards a stoneborn knight or champion? or would another combo be tougher?
  5. Thank you! I haven’t decided on a class, I was hoping the cleric had a melee option, gonna look at champion or knight possibly
  6. Is their a good resource for what classes can use what weapons? I was using the Master of disciplines but I guess that is not a good way to do it?
  7. Im a bit confused on how weapons work in the game, does my vessel unlock the ability to use different types of weapons through the talent tree or is it through disciplines or is it some other way entirely? Do Clerics get a melee bar or are they only ranged and cannot use maces?
  8. I am so excited to get started with this game, I have been watching It for the last couple of years and decided that the time was right to jump in. I love the Art Style, and am looking forward to finding a home in a PVP/RP guild. I take my guild search seriously as I believe that a good guild experience can absolutely make or break a game, especially one like this one that relies on cooperation and teamwork to be effective. If anyone can help teach me the ropes I would very much appreciate it. I look forward to the future of this game and this community.
  9. Guild criteria: Region: NA Atmosphere: RP-PVP (New to RP But it is something I find makes games more immersive) I would prefer a guild made up of 18+, not necessarily looking for a guild with feudal or military RP vibe but also not opposed to it. Casual/Hardcore?: I tend to focus on one game and commit most of my playtime to it particularly MMO's but would prefer a guild that is flexible Size: Would Prefer a guild where I am not just a number or nameless grunt, like the idea of a small but well oiled machine vs a giant cannon fodder zerg guild Play-Style: I generally like to be in the thick of it, playing tanks or off tanks in other mmo's but I also have a penchant for archers or pet classes as well, I generally do not play magic based classes, but im not opposed to it, I just tend to gravitate towards more weapon based classes. Commitment: I generally dive head first into MMOs and devote the majority of my playtime to them, Im most active during weekdays from 3-8 cst as I tend to go to sleep early because I wake up early for work. as for weekends, I can be hit and miss, because the weekend is when I do RL stuff with friends etc. However I will often play much later on weekend and will occasionally do marathon gaming during them if I dont feel like doing things. I have played a lot of other MMO's over the years, my first one was PSO on the nintendo gamecube in 02-03ish ( I did not become a PC gamer until I got to college and got hooked on WoW) As previously stated I'm really interested in a guild which at least has some RP facets, I dont particularly want to have to be IC all the time but really enjoy RP events and feel like it would make a sandbox game like this with no real PVE content seem more alive. I have followed CF from the shadows now for several years, and really think it checks most of the boxes for me as an MMO gamer and really think it could be my gaming home for the near future. I primarily use Discord.
  10. Hey Crowfall Community! I have been following this game for the past couple of years and finally jumped in with an early access package! I have played a lot of MMOs in the past and would love to join a guild and be a part of something special in this game!
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