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  1. I think we can all agree that the solution to "mega guilds of scores of players with around the clock coverage can control the majority of the territory across multiple servers and get all of the rewards with minimal risk" is absolutely not "make it harder for groups with less players and resources to get rewards" Edit: And to do so in the final hours of a month long campaign without any warning or announcement...
  2. Considering that I only noticed the massive rule change today when I saw that the campaign rewards were changed entirely with no announcement, hmmmm, not gonna bet
  3. I thought being able to create enemy spawns in EKs was planned years ago?
  4. "Just log in Sunday night and get 100 points in the last 6 hours of a game that changes its rules without warning" seems like weak consolation rather than addressing the breach of confidence this is.
  5. Pretty crummy to see the rules shift in favor of the 100+ player guilds even more dramatically in the, what, last day of the first campaign? To see my own small and admittedly not that focused group's efforts go from "on the scoreboard" to "not on the scoreboard at all" does not feel good.
  6. I kinda wanna get rid of the default EK parcel tile (with the big statue and two NPC buildings) Is that possible?
  7. Did you read where I said "apologies if I'm wrong but could you share where you're getting your information?" before you ever posted in the thread? I was upfront about my concerns because there was a big change without any clear answers about a replacement. I don't get why you're hounding me for asking questions and it's pretty weird.
  8. Thanks for avoiding the urge for ~Forum PVP~ and answering my questions.
  9. You didn't confirm anything, and I'm not seeing anything from developers on the forum or frontpage about how the skill system is supposed to work with the crows/vessels split. If you want to be helpful, then show me where you're getting your info?
  10. I would appreciate links to official sources instead of just "no you're wrong" but then being smug is what some people use the internet for.
  11. Well apologies if that's the case, I can't find any comprehensive info about how it's supposed to work in terms of how players/vessels are split now. It's a huge shift in what the game is and probably needed a more thorough explanation. Guess I'll wait for a video or something?
  12. Kind of frustrated that five years after backing the game and following its development they completely remove one of the most interesting things about it. It feels like the game just keeps becoming more like the same MMOs it wanted to get away from. From my POV, someone who doesn't have the time to level a new character every time I get a few days to play in a campaign, this puts a pretty big hurdle in front of me any time I'd actually want to play the game. Consider WoW, where I know I have a handful of characters I'd only have to level once, usually pretty fast with new content. Or EVE Online, where, if I were playing it, I'd be able to log in and have my skills slowly grow even when I don't have the time to play. Unless I'm mistaken for how this new system works: Crowfall has completely inverted both, so now any time I want to play a new campaign I have to worry about getting to max level again. And so would my friends. Not gonna lie, I probably won't be playing the game at all if this is the case.
  13. I accidentally claimed some of my pre-order rewards. Now I'll never be able to have any spirit bank space ever again...
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