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  1. I accidentally claimed some of my pre-order rewards. Now I'll never be able to have any spirit bank space ever again...
  2. Make sure you link me when you do this It sounds good I am sure I will be hooked Namaste
  3. It's also uncertain what value they hold if you already have a lodge / keep / etc within your group. Surely those can place NPCs and crafting slots? The in-game utility of this stuff really should be much more clear before they charge hundreds of dollars for it.
  4. QUESTIONS How do these compare to buildings already in the shop for months? (Great Hall, Lodges, throne rooms don't mention anything about crafting stations or NPC slots) Would definitely help to get a comparison for what things can do what, especially since a lot of these are over a hundred dollars. Can these all be crafted eventually? I am assuming these will all be something you can earn via play, but being certain is always nice.
  5. I didn't ask about the investment situation.
  6. Okay, I appreciate that you're trying to help, but if your goal was to offer honest advice you'd do well to read my posts and understand what I'm asking for which is an across the board initiative to be more upfront about what objects in the store actually do rather than any one individual question being answered. Can't make it any clearer than that; please do not respond further if you still don't get it.
  7. No need for the flip interjection, especially since you seem to misunderstand why I'm insisting on answers here. Me having a private correspondence does not help Artcraft be more open with their community at large about explaining things they are charging money for. Artcraft tilting in the Star Citizen direction of "we're putting stuff up for sale and then maybe we'll explain what it does later [but maybe not!!]" is bad, and I do not want to see things tip further in that direction.
  8. Posting this again because it's been two weeks with no response for some extremely basic questions about Things Artcraft Is Selling and I would hate to see them drop the ball on an easy win like "answering questions that multiple people have been asking for weeks now"
  9. The bonus parcels are just for new backers Previous backers get the discount to the parcels.
  10. Who does your art, it's really good and fits Crowfall color-scheme-wise
  11. I just think of Anarchy Online's "gotta cast my buffs so I can equip this gear so I can cast my buffs so I can run this instance and then do it all again in 20 minutes" problem
  12. Anything that adds to "welp, better prepare my buffs and potions before I can actually play" is tedious and not fun
  13. Yeah I just meant the way I originally read it (slow, deliberate transfers, spaced out) would mean people have to carry stuff on their inventory personally and be cautious about what they have on them.
  14. I originally read it as "you can transfer one item stack every two minutes" and thought that was a good compromise Either way, will be fun to try out
  15. Questions condensed into one post, for ease of response.
  16. Crowfall in the first months or year or however long is gonna be pretty even in terms of skill points, across he board. It'll be as ideal as you can hope for, with the system they've laid out. Why give players an item that can only unbalance this?
  17. The difference is that EVE has players that have been passively training skills for over a decade and skill injectors benefit new players far, far, far more than older ones. Crowfall hasn't even launched yet so the idea of "an item that takes skill points from one player to give to another" can only hurt game balance.
  18. Yeah and if a player has busted weapons they have the ability to choose how to go about getting replacements- re-arming from their friends, raiding, harvesting and crafting, etc- all of which stimulates in-game activity-, rather than "guess I literally have to attack this wall for the next twelve minutes if I want to play more tonight". Guess which is going to keep people playing the game?
  19. "Hey dude, wanna group up and try to take this fort on the South end of the campaign map?" "Naw dude, can't, someone put me in prison."
  20. Full game will be different than the current Beta Test Campaign worlds will have Points of Interest that can be controlled and have stuff like walls built on them.
  21. Sounds like you want a "remove enemy player from game" button and not like, an actual fight. Sorry, maybe Crowfall ain't for you.
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