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  1. STC is doing a boot camp for the next few weeks of testing. We'll all be playing the same class running around teaching that class and just having some good laughs! Feel free to stop by in our discord and say hi. This week is cleric week!
  2. Dregs released today on test!! STC is still looking for more mercenary types to help us collect on some bounties!
  3. STC is still recruiting we're on test right now just waiting for the Dregs test campaigns to roll out. Like many other guilds we're doing EK pvp testing so feel free to poke us whenever on our discord! We're looking for support/dps players right now.
  4. We're still recruiting looking primarily for healers still. We are playing on 5.110 test right now for any who are interested.
  5. thanks! @soulein We are still looking for a few more to fill our 3rd group. Primarily looking for healers and melee dps.
  6. @Pann I'm not sure if there’s a specific place to post this as a response to the Q&A but I wanted to give my thoughts on how I feel a sabotage mechanic could work in Crowfall. I do also want to say that if a sabotage mechanic isn’t limited I do 100% agree that it would be abused during the night. That being said I did want to post my thoughts on sabotage here in the hopes that it isn’t completely ruled off the table. So without further ado here are my thoughts on a potential sabotage mechanic. Sabotage Devices with Rules The best way I feel sabotage could be implemented would be to add rules to various sabotage devices. There are plenty of ideas for these sorts of devices I will list below but for a quick example let’s say we create a time bomb. This time bomb isn’t a bomb where we get to choose how long we set the timer for but is instead limited to blowing up when a siege timer starts. Specifically in this case we’ll say when the keep siege timer starts since naturally we want to use it to blow up a keep wall. This way the bomb can be placed at any time but still allows time for it to be diffused. Now there is one other rule we need to add to this bomb so that people aren’t just placing it 5 seconds before siege starts. So we’ll add another rule saying it has to be placed at least an hour before the siege window. This sort of rule set should effectively create a time gap where the bomb could be diffused while still allowing it to be a night activity. Placing and Diffusing Sabotage Devices Now we need some way to hide our bomb when it’s placed because if our enemy is going to have an hour where he is able to just walk around and see a bomb sitting there it's pretty much completely useless. There are a few ways I can think of for this that may work. The first and probably most simple way to do this would be to make all sabotage devices invisible unless someone is using a certain discipline to discover them. Second, an item similar to a mine sweeper could be created to sweep for sabotage devices. Finally and perhaps the most interesting of these options would be to give a sabotage device a stealth stat which could be rolled on creation. This way you could have different devices with different amounts of stealth which I feel could make for an interesting minigame. Once a device was spotted you could then hit ‘F’ to disable it. Example Sabotage Devices Time Bomb - The time bomb would be a device used to damage or destroy walls set to detonate at the start of the siege timer. This device would not be allowed to be placed during the hour before siege or during it. The visibility of this device would be high but would also be very damaging if it went off. Discharger - This device would be used to disable the bonuses granted from buildings for a period of time. It could be used to disable buildings that give combat bonuses or even to prevent people from being able to freely bank if you knew they were saving their ability to bank from anywhere for when they got attacked. This visibility of this device would likely be low but ultimately would depend on how powerful the bonuses from buildings are. Food Poisoning - This sabotage device would be used to poison the food in an debuffing guards for a duration. This device would follow the same rule set as the time bomb only being allowed to be used up to an hour before siege. There could be multiple iterations of this to provide different debuffs (reducing damage, DoTing, giving a chance to get CCed when attacking, etc). This device would likely have low to moderate visibility depending on how powerful the poison is. Auto Dismantler - This sabotage device would be used to instantly destroy or prevent the placement of defensive siege equipment (ballista). Like most other sabotage devices it could only be placed up to an hour before siege. The visibility of the device would most likely be moderate. As always I just wanted to say thank you to those who took the time to read this and to the Artcraft devs for being understanding. Myself and I’m sure many others are thankful to you devs for being forthright with your answers and progress on the game. Also for the record...I can’t wait to see 5.110!!
  7. I just wanted to toss out an idea I had floating around my head and see what others think about it. I know a lot of people feel that vendors should be able to use dust as currency and also that alchemy needs some love. This idea is hopefully something that would help with both of these problems. In the current iteration of the game very few goods are sold via vendors because the currency that vendors deal in is gold. Now the difficulty here is that the usefulness/need for gold is far outweighed by the usefulness/need for chaos embers. Given this I feel that a possible solution to both give gold value and make alchemy more useful would be to add a transmutation that turns gold into Ethereal Dust/Chaos Embers. The gold cost of such a transmutation could be very high even something like 25k gold for 1 chaos ember. Now at first this may seem absolutely absurd but what if we linked alchemy skill to this transmutation? Admittedly I know next to nothing about game design and how difficult this would be but what if a players skill in alchemy could increase their yield from the transmutation? So maybe an unskilled alchemist gets 1 chaos ember from the 25k gold transmutation but a master alchemist might get 5 chaos embers from the same transmutation. I don’t know if it would be possible to say certain % success increases give certain amounts of chaos embers. Something like 1 chaos ember in the 0-30 range, 2 chaos embers in the 31-60 range, 3 chaos embers in the 61-90 range, 4 in the 90-120 range and then finally 5 at the 120.80% max. Again I’m not sure if this is something that would be feasible or worth the time but I wanted to throw the idea out there and see what people thought.
  8. @cadmus The OODA loop is observe–orient–decide–act. It basically refers to thinking and planning ahead of your enemies. A getting inside their heads type deal. As far as being on EU it's unlikely our times will match up for the most part. Typically we are active from 5pm eastern time to 11 pm eastern time I'd say. More on the weekends. I'm not sure what time that would be for you or what your schedule is like, but I do know typically I'm still at work when EU is active so if you have a fairly standard schedule I'd say you will probably miss us most days.
  9. @Sorrows Feel free to poke your head in whenever. We have a guild app on our discord, but I'll go ahead and link it here if it's easier for you. If you could fill that out when you get the time I'll look over your answers and get back to you. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfd6a9jPw_RWg-iSopzR0eYgjwxfq8HO_LT5ACNh5dk1vaIXA/viewform?usp=sf_link
  10. Haha yup anyway still recruiting looking for support and ranged dps players primarily atm.
  11. I usually craft for a small dust profit if people have the materials. Right now with a wipe eminent I have been willing to craft with mats at a 0 profit. This is because I feel that with a wipe coming making connections is more valuable than in game currency.
  12. We are still looking for more currently heavily preferring support classes.
  13. We are still active and recruiting all players with a preference for clerics, myrmidons and confessors.
  14. Edited to include joining our discord to contract us. Still looking for more players new or experienced to fill out our second group.
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