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  1. Sorry if you all are aware this is still not able to be learned, but I didn't see it in the known issues so wanted to make sure.
  2. So this skill no longer DCs me when I try to learn it, but when I click to learn it I still cannot get any pips into it.
  3. Trying to Learn this skill in Great ranged causes me to lose connection.
  4. Guys just click the read more and go to the actual page. It says this "((Total Kills + (Assists/5)) divided by Deaths" is the actual formula which makes much more sense. Just a typo or a misunderstanding you can all calm down.
  5. STC is still recruiting for all who are interested.
  6. Durability on death is dropping by 30 I don't remember what it is on live, but things seem to be breaking faster. I am guessing that this may have something to do with us no longer revivin at our corpses which before penalized us by taking increased durability damage. Someone who remembers what it used to go down by will have to confirm on this one though.
  7. There are a couple of changes since last vessel with @Incarnatus that are likely affecting you. The first change is the availability or crafting minors before you could get these free and each one added about a tier worth of experimentation skill. The second is the changes to re-rolls...it used to be re-rolls just rolled in addition to the original rolls now re-rolls replace the original rolls which has reduced the quality of all crafters items. So basically before it used to be if you had 5 pips you got those 5 rolls which we'll just say was 20 in this case. Then when you re-rolled before you got 5 more pips worth of rolls so like another 25 for a total of 40. Now when you re-roll it basically takes the first 20 away and gives you whatever the new upgraded roll is so in the example you'd just get the 25 from the second roll not the 20+25....hopefully this helps a bit.
  8. The rune gates from order temple are turned sideways not sure what that's about
  9. Saw your post in the Looking for Guild thread. We just started recruited yesterday and I think you may be a good fit. This is the [STC] Scarlett Trading Company recruitment post check it out and join our discord if you like what you see!


    1. ManuDragonne



      Thank you for replying to my post.  I reviewed your guild information and found it interesting.  I had not considered a mercenary angle to the game.  I had another guild reach out to me first, but I will keep your information in the event I decide what you are proposing is a good fit for me.

      In the meantime, best of luck in building your guild for launch.


    2. Sophia_Scarlett


      Thanks and best of luck to you as well!

  10. Oops, just saw I'm not supposed to advertise guild here
  11. I just wanted to add a quick suggestion for skinners. I know skinning is something often talked about how bad it is with the leather needs and such so I wanted to propose we add a POI for skinners like there is for every other gatherer (with the exception of grave diggers that can get r10s near keeps). Keep zones have POIs now in them, but they are all empty only holding siege materials and sometimes some random spawns. So I was wondering would it at all be possible to replace one of these with a plains sort of POI where high ranking aurochs, pigs, elk and maybe wolves could be found? While I am not a skinner myself I just feel it seems unfair to not allow them the same ease of access to R10s that other harvesters have.
  12. Cannot name newly created vessels. Crafting experiment point caps are....confused? They start at showing 18, but after using a potion of sapho if you have over 20 once the potion runs out the cap is 20 forever. I know on live it's 20 so I assume it's intended to be 20 and not 18.
  13. Scarlett Trading Company Overview Scarlett Trading Company (STC) is a faction neutral mercenary and trading guild created with the goal of creating a hub for trading and mercenary activities cross-faction. We want to offer our players the freedom to choose whatever faction they wish to play without losing the support of a guild. Faction neutrality will allow STC to offer unique cross factions services such as killing spy accounts, trading information or feeding misinformation to different factions. Additionally STC will offer any standard services for each faction such as capping forts/outposts, defending/attacking resource heavy areas or even sieging keeps. In order to achieve this STC intends house at least moderate force of 10-15 dedicated players on each faction. Finally, STC seeks to be able to complete any task customers are willing to pay for and therefore must be able to contend with any force on any faction. Aside from mercenary jobs STC will spend a good portion of time building a trading empire. As its name suggests Scarlett Trading Company will be a large trading EK trading anything from resources to off-profession components to full gear sets and weapons. STC seeks to set the standard for trading companies selling even the highest quality gear (yes even legendary) for the right price. We want to be able to ensure quality and fair prices in addition to offering discounts to newer players and possibly to losing factions if things are looking pretty grim in hopes even out the odds. STC intends to become one of, if not the largest mercenary and trading guild in the Crowfall community. Requirements We expect our members to: Have a Progressive Mindset - While we do want to be one of the best we don’t expect you to already be the best. All we really ask is that you are willing to listen try to improve. Be Active - You don’t have to make every day just let us know when you aren’t able to make sieges or if you are taking an extended break. Be Productive - Crowfall requires farming for resources and time spent crafting. Lots of people means lots of farming/crafting...so just be willing to help out in some way. Have a Good Attitude - Basically just understand that sometimes YOU ARE going to die and YOU WILL sometimes lose stuff. You just have to be willing to get over those things it’s just the nature of the game. Who Can Join? Anyone can join, though right now we can only really offer support for order players as we have not yet spread to any of the other factions. We are currently preferring harvesters and those willing to play healing classes, but we aren’t going to turn anyone away as long as they meet the requirements above. Want to Know More/Want To Join? Feel free to join our discord https://discord.gg/4m4bkKh and ask questions or inquire about joining STC.
  14. Let me start by saying thank you all for your willingness to listen to feedback. I have never seen a company that is so willing to listen to its community and change based on player feedback. I would also like to compliment your team and the community for having so many wonderful ideas and finding ways to implement them. Many of Crowfall systems are already great or on their way to being great, but those things aside there are still improvements to be made and so here are the things I believe could use improvement. Skill Trees · Crafting Speed – I’m not sure if this is something that is already in the works, but I’ve noticed that some of the skills just feel bad to put points into (not counting the ones not in game yet). Particularly the reduced crafting time skills. I don’t know if this will perhaps change with factories (fair enough if it does), but right now these skills feel to me like it’s such a small gain I avoid it like the plague no matter what the profession. I’m not sure if others feel differently about this, but I personally would rather see something else here. My suggestion for this would be adding skills that when pointed into reduce the number of resources needed to craft things. For example, if the first skill were to reduce the ore needed for metal bars from 9-6 taking 1 ore off each slot then the second skill might take 1 off each slot for metal scales and so on and so forth. I think this would make progression through this skill tree more fun. · Stonemasonry Experiments – I have a feeling you are already looking into this, but I’ll leave my feedback here just in case. To my knowledge there is nothing in stonemasonry that uses experimentation so the entire top tree in stonemasonry seems pointless. I’d like to see buffs to forts/keeps here which do use experimentations. I also think it’d be neat to make these a double-edged sword so to speak. Where you can build up forts with better walls/guards or buildings which cause them to generate points faster, but also add to the capture bonus faster. I figure this would be difficult to add/balance, but I feel it’d also be a very interesting addition to the game. Gathering · Ganking – Currently a gatherers defense against getting ganked is to spirit bank everything which isn’t fun for either the ganker or the gankee really. I realize the spirit bank is going to go away and that will make ganking gatherers more fun, but for the gatherers it will make gathering the worst experience. I admittedly have very little idea on how caravans will work, but at least in the current iteration of the game 9/10 times if you try to fight back against a ganker you will lose (believe me I’ve tried). The main problem I have with this is when gathering if you get ganked you start out at a very large disadvantage and you must either heavily outgear or outplay your ganker if you want to survive (or just have bard on while there’s no mounts). When you get ganked as a gatherer not only are you in gathering disciplines typically, but you also have to overcome lower stamina from hitting nodes in addition to the fact that more often than not the ganker gets the first hit. With the reduction to damage on weapons this isn’t as bad, but I still feel when the spirit bank is removed this will make gathering entirely unfun. My suggestion for this is to add things like the Miner/Quarryman/Skinner disciplines into the skill trees and having them grant passive that can be slotted into you trays in the same way leadership is now. This would free up at least the major discipline slots to have combat disciplines evening out the playing field a fair amount when getting ganked. · New Player Gatherers – New players who have just joined the game will often ask where they should go to find monster or to farm ores/stone/wood. The only place to direct them really is to the POIs since they don’t yet have the tools or skills to farm at their controlled keep where it’s safer. This often leads to a rather brutal initiation as more geared, more experienced players often camp the POIs looking to kill gatherers for free resources. I think lowering the rank of nodes required to get green resources to 5 or 6 which can be found at forts in addition to adding more monster areas throughout the map would help with this. While white resources can currently be farmed easily outside POIs/keeps most players will be in greens which seem to be a fairly big increase over white gear. Campaign Rewards This is one I know you’re already looking into, but I had a few thoughts I’d like to share. The biggest difficulty I feel with the campaign rewards is that if rewards are exclusive to that campaign it incentivizes the Uncle Bob scenario where everyone quits or plies onto the winning team because they wanted that reward or are losing too badly and don’t feel they’ll get it. A possible solution for this could be to implement a system I’ll call “Crow Points” for now. Crow points would essentially be a store at the menu screen where players could spend points received from their efforts in campaigns to get various in-game rewards. Points could be received from things like being one of the best players on the faction, being in the winning faction, gathering the most resources, etc. These points could the been spent to buy from a set of rewards in the Crow store. This would also allow the option to have items in the Crow store to be gated behind conditions such as a player has been on the winning faction (or guild for Dreegs) in a campaign, passed a certain kill threshold or gathered X amount of resources. I feel a system like this would stop players from feelings as though they are losing out by not being on the winning faction and be more likely to continue to try if they can still get points by being top on their faction. This would also offer a system through which players can be awarded for being on the losing faction in the future if it’s needed. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you all in game!
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