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  1. Having crazy fps issue with latest patch: When logging in with overall graphic quality set to very high, fps drops to 10-12 fps when outside of temple. If I turn down to medium quality it goes back up to 50ish fps and then reset to high and very high, fps remains good in the mid 40's fps. So I login, stand inside temple, looking at temple from just outside, or looking up into sky fps is good (40-50 fps) even at highest quality graphics. But if I go outside and look at grass or horizon fps dies to 10-12 fps. Changing to medium and back to highest quality resolves the issue. If I login with graphics set to medium there's no issue. Geforce GTX 1060 6gig ram Is what I'm running.
  2. Okeedokee. Cool. Wasn't aware it was taken down. Thanks!
  3. So my test client launcher just had a small, quick patch. Now when I log in I just get black screen. Something coming?....
  4. Yup I can confirm.Had same issues with my vendor too. He's stuck on Joveth>Nysa unusable at the moment. Can't loot him back into inventory, cannot add or remove any items. Many items lost/disappeared without any info as to their status.
  5. EK VERY BUGGED So yesterday I tried the EK. Laid out my parcels and placed a cottage and the bigger building on Shire. Place 4 crafttables in the big building. Later, I reconfigured my map. Parcels moved, buildings did not. See image link. EK is basically frozen. building unlootable, cannot pickup tables that were in it disappeared after I looted them ( I was able to take the ramp and enter, but now it seems to kick me if I enter it). small cottage was 50 yards away or so floating in mid-air but seems now to have disappeared. When I try to reconfigure, I'm allowed to make changes but nothing saves after submitting. map will not reconfigure cannot pickup parcels EK name and description wont save pvp or public/private status wont save Able to place last building on current map config and placed new tables. Haven't tried to loot them cuz I'm afraid I'll lose them. I've lost 2 buildings, and 4 tables. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10208173632456367&set=a.10203428215383906&type=3&theater Oh and HG can't be a Templar? This has to be a bug too, right?
  6. Mouse-look and move doesn't work while inventory open (this is frustrating). When harvesting the ice thingies (I'm forgetting what they're called) I get popup window telling me using wrong tool. Was using hammer and pick, which I believe are correct tools.  No sounds for harvesting . Inventory stacking info not updating. Various graphics and sounds missing (nethari racial powers (dash and AOE have no fire). Not seeing particles for non basic harvesting nodes (intended?) Green and above harvested material not showing up. I keep picking up invisible ore. The building materials popup info window popped for a normal treasure chest.
  7. mouselook doesn't work while inventory open crafting powers are wierded out 3 pips = old 5 pips, 5 pips equals nothing when harvesting the ice thingies (I'm forgetting what they're called) I get popup window telling me using wrong tool. Was using hammer and pick, which are believe are correct. chat, esp gen chat is broken. oops this should be on live bug reports...sorry all
  8. Hey OCC!! Shadowbane and WAR! Maldragus here! Let me know! I'm in Crowfall a bit but looking to do more than soloing! Would love to get back together with ya's
  9. Game does have the feeling of CRAFT-ALL a bit at this point for sure. Maybe that will change with more guilds and more robust economy and longer campaigns. But more combat focused leveling might help too. Too few mob camps where you seem to have to travel far and wide to find at lower levels. Common question in chat: Hey where are the mobs? I ran all over and haven't seen any? Common answer: If your leveling against mobs you're doing it wrong. Is that intended? Should it be? Again, that answer might change with more guilds and longer campaigns. Not sure. I was someone who advocated for slower leveling with more to do at those low levels, that could contribute to higher lvls in SB, to no avail of course. Warhammer had something like this with different lvl combat zones that contributed to the upper lvls. If I remember right you were forced out of lower combat zones ones you reach max for that zone. Maybe some shards within the campaign could be designed for lower lvl combat leveling somehow? XP group runs with my guild in SB, moving to higher and higher lvl camps, scouting for potential high level ambushers made for great times in Shadowbane. Those small skirmishes were the best times for me because I lagged out during banes and was typically useless during them. But those skirmishes played a big role for the endgame because it's where you made enemies, got revenge, and played the politics that could cause larger scale battles that could turn into wars. Maybe adding some linear type shards/map progression (Im not saying all linear) to the mix would be something to think about. Not necessarily advocating for these things however.
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