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  1. A "good" new player experience does not mean that solo playing should be viable or as competitive as being part of a "big" guild. That's anything but what I say. This game DNA is guild PvP (or maybe faction if players want it to be that) and should always be that, clearly a team based game (and not a 5 man team MOBA like game). As the name implicate new player experience is all about new players. Like I said before, a good number of new players aren't going to be willing to get in a guild from the get-go. The biggest reason (and that's mostly true for "modern" players) is that they will want to test out the waters before investing in it and they consider joining a guild/community somme kind of promise for implication from their part (after all they are getting a huge help from the guild they should also give back). Some don't for other reasons and that's fine because we should not force them to join a community they should understand and feel the need to do it if they want to invest themselves in the game (that's especially true if you want them to contribute to the community). Right now, we are not there and that's why I said new players needing to join a guild/community is a workaround. A good example (because of obvious longetivity) would be Eve Online. Sure, the new player experience was/is mostly PvE and far from perfect but after the tutorial you get to enjoy the different aspect of the game at your own pace without needing to join a guild. Whatever you decide to do, joining a community/guild becomes the natural path for becoming more competitive and progress in the game. Clearly Eve Online is a guild driven game but players have the opportunity to discover the game at their own pace before getting into the "real" part of it. More so than the tutorial missions that's what define their new player experience in my mind. Now I'm not saying Crowfall should be the exact same as both games have their own particularities and way of doing things (concurrent campaigns, EKs instead of protected space) but the purpose behind it should probably be similar. Right now, new players that get into the game have a very limited experience in the safe environment and once they get into the PvP zones they feel like lambs waiting to get slaughtered (unless they play during off hours maybe). It definetly changes once they join a guild which is the reason they need to do it but the way it happens is way to abrupt. As I said, the fact that there is a workaround for this is good enough for the state of the development of the game but there definetly need to work on it before launch because otherwise there is going to be a backlash.
  2. Check Zybak's Q&A. They said they were working on the "secondary" specs, and that it's the class they've spent the most time on animation. There is a chance we get it for alpha but probably not before that.
  3. As far as I am concerned, after a little chat with Mandalore, I'm good with the direction things are going. It seems that devs do recognize that there is an issue with the new player experience right now (which is really all I wanted to hear), it just is not their priority to fix it in the very near future (and yeah I agree it should not). For the state the game is right now (pre-alpha) joining a community/guild is a perfectly acceptable workaround and I guess people need to understand that we are quite far from the finished version. The fact that new players "need" to join a community now does not mean it will always be like that and devs want it to be like that for their game at release. It's the best workaround we have access in pre-alpha nothing more nothing less. Their is still a long way to go and a lot of testing to do before "new player experience" get to the top of the todo list so either you bear with it for now or you wait a good bit before coming back (and I mean really a fair bit lol). Clearly, I wish it would be in for alpha (because it will probably be an iterative process) but there are a ton of more important things that they need to address before that (like stability).
  4. Sogar

    Duelist in 5.8

    To be honest, dirge has more chase power than other stealth gankers (assassins and rangers ... well good assassins have disengage but FPS drops make it hard to use well). Here are your options : - Use your racial active to get a slow on your pistol skills with high uptime (assassin do not have any slows outside of discs). Your target should be slowed when he disengages. - Use your dodge pips and flintlock/pepperbox them. You don't need the stun from pepperbox as long as they are in survival stance - Use your dodge pips, get in stealth mode, tunnel and snipe for a range knockdown. - Use you dodge pips (you can tunnel afterwards not sure if worth it ... probably) and immediatly get on your mount (that's the universal method used by all because ganked people will wait to get out of LoS to mount up). By mounting earlier you catch up way faster. As for discs I've not tested "get them" so I don't know if it's as good as on the paper ... you tell us (yeah I'm not playing dirge anymore so I can't test it).
  5. Thanks for the info Jagour
  6. I know all that but do remember we are talking about new players (and yeah I'm a leather worker ... worst decision ever). First there is the knowledge barrier as you pointed out. I guess as a player base we could/should work on alleviating that problem. While all the knowledge is there on the forum, it never seemed practical to me, I guess we should form a general new player guide with links to every aspect of the game that we can post on this forum and reddit. Right now, general chat is helping a lot of new players so this issue is definetly going to get worse when general chat is gone. Secondly, as you pointed out you need corresponding passive skills (and disc but more on that later). IMO, you have 3 types of new players. The first one is here to discover the game wholy and is willing to join an "established" guild. This guy won't get any issue doing all that because of the support of the veterans in the guild, especially since they should have an established blacksmith. Then you have the guy that comes to play with his friends and start a guild of new players. Even if they get the knowledge and organise themselves it will take a few weeks before their blacksmith get enough passive training for green crafting. During that time they will get continuously ganked while trying to farm those pits (because pits are prime ganking area especially with how easy it is to know if no one is there with spies). There is a good chance that all those encounters where they feel "wronged" by the game will make them fed up before even having the gear to compete (and yeah that's considering they pass the knowledge barrier which will take some time). Finally, you have the solo players who is here to test the waters because "5/8 brought campaign and it looks like a game". Those have it even worse than the group of friends. So yeah, for the first type of new players ... unless they decide on a leather wearing class (which they probably should not since they joined a veteran guild that should have told them not to but that's another issue lol) green equipment is not a big issue. For the other types it definetly is and, to be honest, with the coming disappearance of general chat and later the easy access to runes and runes swapping it's only going to get worse. While I get it's pre-alpha, we are getting very close to alpha and all I see is an increasing issue more than a decreasing one. Yes, we will all start with intermediate gear but "veteran guild" will have their specialised characters very fast and work on getting that green advanced equipment pretty fast ... the others won't.
  7. Well, I probably have seen even less weapons than you as blacksmithing is not my thing. All I know is that I've never seen any white weapons with more than 90 average damage while I've been told about green ones (that's not heavy) with close to 120 average damage ... not considering the difference in AP or pen there which is the reason I considered 15% damage difference reasonable. But as you said, there is a lot of factors to consider like the prowess of the crafter, the willingness to reroll so it's hard to make a "fair" judgement on the difference. Still from what I've experienced from crafting armor it should definetly be closer to 15% than 5% (which is also why people consider you need green weapons to compete). As I said though, they do require a lot more farming but in a PvP game that's definetly worth it.
  8. I totally disagree with the "not worth the effort". Even if white advanced gets a lot closer to intermediate in damage output right now a green advanced let you deal about 15% more total damage compared to white (I don't even want to talk about blue). If you think that doing at least 20% more damage is not worth it it's your choice but don't expect others to agree (and yeah the purpose of the nerf is make intermediate weapon closer to white advanced weapon not nerf the increase you get from rarity from everything I've seen).
  9. That's kind of the issue to be honest. New players can get advanced white weapons and armor easily ... good quality green gear won't happen for a long while. I've never bought into lowering advanced weapons so they are closer to intermediate weapons ... the difference between a non gimped green weapon (or armor) and a "good" white weapon/armor (and let's not talk about blue) is a way bigger issue if you ask me. Now, I understand that there need to be a difference between white/green/blue to give an incensive to harvest quality materials (and yeah there is a huge difference between farming white, green or blue materials) but the fact that you need green weapons AND armor to be able to stand your ground is a big problem for the new player experience if you ask me so I kinda undestand where the OP comes from. And while I do agree that new players aren't as useful as the big guilds for testing pre-alpha, we still need frest blood for plenty of reasons (server stability for example) and the bad press that comes with bad new player experience is also something to consider.
  10. I'd like to see a scimitar/sickle druid get 35% armor pen. Just so you know, they have 0 armor pen in their skill tree and can only get 3% from passive training because of a bugg so good luck getting 32% with just gear (no elemental armor pen with disc either obviously). Edit : While that seems like just an unfortunate example, keep in mind that confessors are the same (they do have 9% pen in their talent tree and an aditional 10% for the CC spec but same bug and disc issue) and generally speaking, leather weapers don't have any armor pen bonus compared to other armor wearers ...
  11. Let's talk about confessors shall we? I mean it's definetly a class that is supposed to have a place in large fights and sieges and for some obvious reasons 90% of them use the plate wearing spec. So yeah, plate and mail deals less damage than leather but the tradeoff is not nearly as close enough for it to be worthwhile (10% damage/healing for having less than half of the survivability). As for the specs themselves, with the passive equiped you get less than 10% damage tradeoff from the spec for again a lot more survivability (righteousness giving a shield anyone), the only drawback is the range and with how laggy large fights are, range does not help that much. Now, I still disagree with Puffs on one point : I consider that the weapon nerf is actually a buff for leather wearer simply because they will be able to survive longer which will let their healer be able to do their job before they get OS. That said, they will have to have a second look at the difference between the different armor class. Right now, the HP difference coupled with the resistance difference is just too huge compared to 10% bonus damage and healing.
  12. I think it works properly to be honest ... clearly undertuned but it does what it says : - You have a 1000 essence pool not 100. - Normal essence generation while on death tray is already 25 per 2s - I definetly see a little increase in essence regeneration but that's obviously not going to be enough for sustainability. You need to use sacrifice (the upgraded version obviously) which give you 200 essence with a 5s CD.
  13. Let me necro this as my concern is basically the same. As far as "high" level leatherworking is concerned I have a lot of issues with some of the mats. Here is what I know : - Spiders : r7 spiders can be found in underground/mining Point of Interest on the various maps so quite easy to find (some of them have risen instead of spiders though) - big cats : can be found in named forest POI (usually have both mid and high lvl packs) so again pretty easy - boars : usually found in small forest patch without a name (non POI) but mostly low level. Good thing is that they are nearly always in a group. - Aurochs and Elks : If you are lucky you can find them in small groups of 3 but I haven't found a pattern for those. Mostly low level again and in "off road" areas. - Wolfs (not important yet but will be next patch) : same as Aurochs and Elks. So, as far as I know (and I would really like someone to correct me on this), there is a huge discrepancy for high level ressource clusters for leatherworking. 2 are really easy to find (easier than most ressources). I guess we need either more diversity in the different POI (big forest POI could have high level boars or elks instead of just big cats) some new types of POI for other ressources (Aurochs/wolfs)? I think POI ressource nods should be the premium way of farming high level mats instead of wandering off-road exploring all the maps hoping to get really lucky (95% of the beast off-road are level 1-3).
  14. Sogar

    Duelist in 5.8

    There are a lot of things to say about what you just posted so let's just say I don't agree with you on some of your points. - Impale : I don't really doubt your numbers (I played dirge in full white advanced for a while and 2k was a result I saw often) but that's because there seem to be something wrong happening with the dirge passive to be honest. Here is my take on it : Impale "normal" damage figures are replaced by the ones on dirge passive (this is something I need to test with another spec), it then checks if the target got under 50% and, if it is the case, it deals that damage again. That's not how it is supposed to do its damage, the only part I'm unsure of is the first part but I'm 90% sure the dirge passive is procced after the normal impale damage instead of before which seems like bad design IMO. As far as I know, impale doing a ton of damage only concerns the dirge (and I don't have one anymore) so I'm happy with any feedback you can get. Still, while I do agree there is something wrong happening with impale numbers and it certainly need to be looked into, I don't really think it's a big problem either. - The dirge spec : Let's start with some purely subjective numbers but I'm pretty sure I'm not that far from the reality. I'd say at least 80% of the non newbie duelist population should be slayers and less than 20% (probably around 10% tbh) use a rapier as a MH and not dual pistol. As you can see, I certainly doubt that the dirge passive interaction with impale impacts a lot of players, now why is that? There are good and bad reasons for the dirge not to be the premium duelist class. One of the bad ones is that, as a CC class with a lack of design focus it has a bad rep (so people underestimate his gank power). One of the better ones are about QoL. Duelist don't have access to the OP Fae passive so positioning while being stealthed is a big burden like any non fae stealthers even if you do have access to tunnel. For that reason, being able to open at range is considered a huge boon and while the dirge is perfectly able to do it, it does not have any advantage doing it than the other specs (just a knockdown on snipe). Furthermore, duelists don't have the necessary staying power to stay in melee unless ganking. So, using the rapier gives you more "gank" power but less staying power than dual pistols even if the dirge has more survivability than any other gankers in a straight up fight (well maybe not the blackguard I guess but the BG don't have killing power as far as I know). So, the biggest reason IMO for people not using the dirge spec, is that they feel way more comfortable using dual pistols than a rapier ... which I feel is perfectly reasonable but at the same time a perfect excuse to write about my next point. - The balance focus of combat in CF : CF is certainly about big groups roaming and sieges, you just can't see it because of the server population but that's, without a doubt in my mind, going to be the biggest aspect for combat in the game. Now we can discuss at length at what point a small scale skirmish becomes a big group combat but that's not the point. The dirge is better at ganking but poorer at group combat than the other duelist specs because of his need to go melee range. He is kinda like a fae sin without the passive but tunnel so actually worse. Sure he does have access to pepperbox shot which is great in group combat but if you can't get your pips from melee auto-attack what's the point? For me, that's the biggest point against the dirge and why it is a fringe spec even if impale seems OP to me right now. That's also the reason why you won't see them post videos from sieges ... they are very good gankers but more frustrating than fae sins to use for that and you don't really bring much more to the table ... sure you are better at pinning down stragglers/healers but the level of commitment a melee focused duelist has to put compared to a ranged one is a big trade-off, and that's why people (with the ability to spam pepperbox in a group which is great) prefer using dual pistols than melee for group combat. I'm honestly unsure about duelist videos in group combat the only interesting ones for me would be VS ones (slayers are about spacing control and spamming so nothing too flashy even if it should be effective and as for the dirge you would only see him gank stragglers or try to get a healer down and probably die in the process) but no one plays it and it's still too limited (basically harassing and trying to get the focus away from your teamates and limited range gameplay).
  15. Sogar

    Duelist in 5.8

    To get back on topic, I found that vanguard scout is not as bad as I initially thought on paper. There are a few things that need to be done before it gets playable/good : - Replace that self healing bonus with the ranged bonus the other trees have ... even better put it in the "normal" skill tree. I can't stress how annoying it is to be limited to 15m range on a spec that do not want to go to melee. Even the dirge has the ranged bonus and it has a ton more incentive to get melee range so the fact that the vanguard scout is stuck with the worst range of any ranged class without any effective survivability (no 950 HP and an unreliable lifesteal aren't good enough as a leather spec) is beyond me. - "General passive" (uniform leather, weapon finesse etc...) need to be accessible on stealth tray slots. Granted, that's more an issue with the stealth tray as a whole but as the spec that is supposed to spend the most time in it I guess VS is a bit more affected by this. Weapon finesse is 2s CD reduction that would really help the fluidity of the spec in stealth tray, I don't even care about uniform leather and other bonuses resetting it just feels wrong being stuck with "stealth only" passives. Anyway, that's how it feels after trying VS in ganks and group fights. As for pepperbox, 2k is really not usual/"normal" damage numbers. It does spike sometimes for whatever reasons and they certainly need to make the damage less random but pepperbox is far from a premium damaging ability on average.
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