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  1. it was honestly just about this epic in real life too. that was a helluva night for shirerats and corvus alliance all. "ShireRats take the fight!"
  2. You guys might not have noticed but the double tower outposts are all completely borked. its okay that hasnt been an issue for like 4 weeks or anything.....
  3. ACE you need to give guilds the tools to manage their members. Guild leaders should be able to designate their active members for a given campaign and put longtime members that are away handling real life in "inactive reserve"
  4. To the topic at hand having a zone lockout non participants is sucky as hell for small guilds. How are we supposed to third party and harrass? ACE it's your fault for letting the alliances get this big, turn on friendly fire cap alliances at 250 or 500 members, and for the love of christ dont create a system that lets a guild pay someone to lock everyone else out of the siege. small guilds and alliance wont be able to afford the cost and large alliances will have more than enough to have another guild buy out the warcamp and raid lock the siege. I must be missing something because this plan is custard embarrassing.
  5. Thank you for the clear cut math. AoE caps have always been a hinderance to guerrilla tactics and high skilled small group efficacy. large groups should have the advantage against small groups, but small groups have 0 chance to punish the current zergs in crowfall. I would love some equivalent of the eveonline stealth bombers that can wipe out large groups who are just sitting around in their lazy safety net
  6. I'm so disappointed. I thought Fingerguns was a comrade in arms in this whole debacle. Shirerats on Imerlin are legit we played on one server, one guild, no hogwash, and we didn't quit even though the blobs ran us over repeatedly.
  7. not this argument again. most of the people upset on here were in small guilds with 400-600 points who are going to lose out on 2 big chests now since they dropped from top 20% to top 60%
  8. "real spot" only after they changed the rules. troll.
  9. yeah man, sorry. Fingerguns and I are all over these thread ranting because it seems like we are in very similar positions from different guilds. there are a LOT of people who fought hard against the blobs instead of packing it up and leave or join the blobs. Im proud to be in a small guild that will take the fight even if we are outnumbered. I felt proud to say it was possible to eek out a living and still get good rewards. I cant say that anymore. I'm still proud of my guild and I will NOT be join one of these W+mouse1 superguild zergs but I just feel like a lot of my time this week was wasted. Meanwhile Valeria (I hope you have antibiotics for that) made at least one guild (valravens) and gave them two keeps this week in order to get another guild in the top 20%. so even if we address the free account spam we still have guild like Val that could field 4 or 5 large guilds in the next dregs and ally them. But that i feel is a community problem to solve. If we can see the writing on the wall and band together to deny zergs then that's an us problem.
  10. its a bad rewards system. But atleast it felt possible before. we pulled 580 some points on imerlin with a max of 12 people online sometimes. the past two weeks have felt AWESOME. we were going to get good rewards by being able to beat larger numbered forces regularly. now we are losing half of those rewards because the way the devs are fixing the problem is both 11th hour and appears lazy. who knows maybe they'll divy out rewards based on how we placed against non exploiting guilds but I doubt it. I just dont have it in me to believe in benevolence.
  11. math. Math is how you go from 30/300 guilds with at least one point on the board to 30/66 guilds with 100 points on the board. We were top 20% before the free accounts joined but the fix doesnt remove the free account spam it moves the scoreboard minimum so we are on in the top 60%. that's losing out on half of the chests we worked for. All because the big zergs are exploiting.
  12. this is why the phrase "moving goal posts" exists. because if you get a bunch of people to play the game with you and then decide you dont like the outcome and change the rules then that makes you a bad host/friend/person. your that kid from middle school that packs up his toys and goes home because he didnt like the outcome. How about fixing the actual problem? invalidate all the one-man-wonder guilds that popped up on free accounts in the last 2 days. leave everything else alone. Make a point floor for participation NEXT campaign.
  13. This has been my point all along. this fix is A solution to the problem but it certainly isn't the one you implement with 9 hours to go on the race. a lot of smaller guilds are going to lose retention because of this. Is the fix itself the problem? no, the timing is. The feeling of broken expectations is something you cant deny that will have a tangible and negative impact on the playerbase. bet the big zerg guilds wont lose anyone because of this. but the small teams are going to get hurt by the timing of this change.
  14. Let 's be clear here. I'm upset because the guild I've been running with in imerlin from the start had our rank changed from 30/~300 to 30/66 9 hours before the end of the campaign. we've been fighting to stay top 20% all week. we haven't played on other servers, we havent made new accounts, we only have 12 active PVPers. Its been an absolute blast. Before the huge increase in one-man-wonder guilds getting 4 points in dregs we were in top 20%. Now because everyojne is exploiting the devs have chosen a solution that affects EVERYONE not just the exploiters, and they've implemented it with only 9 hours left in the campaign. I think the are making one of the correct fix actions to prevent future abuse I'm not happy that it is going to have such a negative affect on our standing in the current campagin. I'm also unhappy that the rewards are going to go out later so our guild cant even set up and prepare for the FvF campaign. We're small those rewards were going to be HUGE for us. The build guilds are already way ahead, every little bit counts so much more for us. We've been running the numbers and building up expectations and excitement based on the existing ruleset. ACE has violated that spoken agreement on rules and moved the goalpost. Even though this wont actually affect us in the long run this is a poorly handled fix results in broken expectations. I will not be trusting the devs decision making in the future if this is how they handle things. I expect whatever brilliant strategy is used next campaign to result in a mid campaign rules fix that screws over the little guy again
  15. our lord and zavior. 🙄 save us from someemore nakkid newbies.
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