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  1. so how soon are you launching? LOL, yeah you knew someone was going to ask, at least i wasn't seriously expecting an answer. This is all about speculation at this point anyway right? So, Without seeing anything other than some nice web page graphics at this point. I will put a vote in for Late Spring 2017. Obviously if you have an entire system already built and are only looking for our input for balance than that is way to long. But if you are honestly building systems and tweaking them as the community here gives feedback then 2017 might be a little too ambitious on my part. That said, the date doesn't matter. Finish the product to a retail release ready state. I am seriously tired of pre-release half finished games, and soft launches (open betas) that go on for ever, with no wipe afterword. And really finish the game, I played Shadowbane when it launched, and dropped it like a rock after way to many sb.exe errors, and a system that couldn't handle the multitude of players we had attacking/defending a building.
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