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  1. I just had a corpse vanish in front of my eyes in the second between killing it and pressing the loot key
  2. Bug for the day: When you enter a campaign the hunger meter instantly drops to about half. Eating anything (even an apple) refills to normal. I've been thinking that Chaos's colour on the campaign map doesn't really pop in the same way the Order-Orange and Balance-Green does. You know, in the circles showing how much of a map they've conquered? Maybe edging a tiny bit bluer would help? Or to a more definite grey? Names above player-vendors might be nice. Would help make sure you're not going in circles hitting the same vendor over and over again. Icons for crafting stations like vendors have - runes, alchemy, and necromancy (I think?) are usually tucked away somewhere and it's not hard to find them or anything, but it might be helpful anyway. It would be helpful if banks on a map connected into an uber bank. Not all banks over all maps, obviously, but all banks on a single map node. I see where you're going with the spirit bank concept and having to bank before you leave a world, but I have had the thought about what happens if e.g. there's a surprise big patch, or a player has an emergency, and can't make it onto the map in the last day or two of campaign. I think it's been suggested elsewhere, but it might be nice to redirect to a 'foyer' area where you can bank your stuff after a campaign closes. Only up to whatever your limit is, obviously, no extra slots granted.
  3. I get this one sometimes. CTRL ALT DELETE out and reopen the game. You should land in the new world.
  4. Not sure if skills are meant to take partial points towards an upgrade or not but they are. A skill costing 1024 points to upgrade can be partially upgraded by 1000 points leaving the remaining 20 something to go. Not a bad plan, but I can forsee people "losing" their points via accidental misclicks and just plain forgetting what they were in the middle of upgrading.
  5. Champion rage meter is broken - never fills. Also - hunger drains really fast.
  6. I think limited imports are good, but I don't know about wiping skills. That said, it would allow everyone to mimic an actual 'first ever campaign' which there will eventually be. Maybe wipe skills on a later campaign? Let people get their feet under them first.
  7. Don't be mean, pet. Help or don't, but this sort of childishness isn't worth either of our time.
  8. Also, how do I get them out of stealth? Let alone let them not restealth?
  9. Oh I want stealth! It's just, as a new player, there was no one and then I was dead, even with a mole hunter disc. I don't know how to use any of these other options yet. My character isn't a warden or an elken and while I'm assured that eventually my champion has the option to be unkillable it does take time to reach that stage. I've googled, but every guide is months or more out of date so I've no idea how good the information is. I'm sure I'll eventually learn, but it might be nice if, when someone was using stealth within a 75m radius, you at least knew there were there? I'm happy to have to work out roughly where around me they are, but it might feel more even if there was some clue? Kinda feels like going from 0 to 100 as is.
  10. Have to second everything in Darguth's post but especially the proc-gen worlds. They're really well made and distinctive. I love grave-digging as a concept. Haven't tried it yet, but it sounds awesome. Skills like necromancy and alchemy also sound cool. I like how the resources are widely varied - it's not just "wood" but ash and spruce, and birch.
  11. Inventory breakdowns for e.g. "ores" and "crafting materials" Clearly shows exactly which tool in inventory is equipped Sprint just a little bit faster Champion abilities display an indicator for how much rage required/whether you have enough
  12. Noticed Issues: Monsters killed while a knockdown effect is active will stand back up before falling down dead. If a risen warrior is lured away from its spawn location the corpse will sometimes teleport back to that location mid harvest Risen warriors will shamble all over the place during combat. Sometimes they'll shamble toward you to engage, othertimes they'll shamble in the opposite direction. Chantrelle mushrooms in particular often spawn mid-air when placed on/near slopes. Issue sometimes affects other plants/basic rocks as well. Monsters attacked w a leap will maintain position relative to Champion by scuttling along the landscape in sync. Probably direction/distance from Champion should change during leap. Dead monsters near resources often cause harvesting issues. In the following picture, attempting to skin the shadow wolf in the foreground produced the results of trying to skin the limestone node in the background: Link to example image bc the in forum uploader is being a pita As shown in the above image, the effect occurs even at a moderate distance. Annoyingly, if one is a particularly high level (R7 cat) it can block access to the other (R2 copper) entirely. Might or might not be a bug but sometimes monster nodes will spawn right beside outposts. I've not witnessed an outpost being lost as a result of this but the guards do get locked into an eternal murder cycle. Not a big deal, and kinda amusing in it's own way. At last check, EK still inaccessible for some reason. Minor Improvements: There could be some kind of visible difference between chests in the wild that have just been looted and chests that have not. Ability to place map markers would be nice - so for that matter would be having outposts names visible from the map as well having a mini-map and shareable group map If you ESC out of the crafting and spirit bank screens at the same time, it would be nice if opening the inventory didn't automatically bring up bring up the J and B screens as well. I'd drop the import limit on the spirit bank, personally. Export seems fine. I think it might work better to make all crafting disciplines minor disciplines to make it easier to multi-craft in the future (or release extra major discipline slots at a moderately low level). I decided it might be nice to make myself more armour yesterday and the amount of back-and-forth crafting I'd need feels excessive as a new player with only one major discipline slot open. And that's while discipline recipes are essentially free. Speaking of - and this might be a holdover from previous iterations - to craft leather armour you need the lacing sinews recipe. The lacing sinews recipe can't be learned until you've progressed through the crafting tree. Having half the major recipes for a craft as a Discipline and half as a Skill seems confusing. Maybe have the minor 'X technique' craft skills be replaced by a minor 'X basics' discipline containing component recipes and the major disciplines contain the full recipes (if the crafting recipes do stay as major disciplines) would be a clearer fix? The contents of the 'x technique' discipline could then become the new skill. If the guard towers were a little higher it might be nice. Makes it easier to see if they're actually taller than the hills. Alternatively, some kind of fix so that - if there's a hill next to a valley - the tower spawns on top of the hill and not down in the valley. That's just fussiness though, doesn't really impact anything. I feel like armour mitigation values could be a tad higher? Not excessively, but the values feel off somehow. Spitballing, but a 20% increase? For the dead of winter, the landscape was still fairly fruitful. This might be because player numbers are still relatively low per campaign, but perhaps increase the amount of winter areas a little? I think chasms need to be marked on the map in a slightly different colour. They're kinda hard to differentiate rn. Bridges over them could be cool on a graphic level too, even if that does kinda defeat the purpose of a chasm - although it might also serve to funnel players towards each other. Objection withdrawn if they'll be future-traversable water areas. I believe hovertext is planned but a 'mouse-over button' might be nice too (if not already also planned). The ability to push ... I think ALT isn't used atm? And bring up my mouse to hover over hotbar items/manually scroll chat/etc sounds convenient. Major Changes: Flying as a Crow was a disaster. Controls didn't feel intuitive at all, or perhaps simple weren't working? Whatever I tried, I could barely stop myself nosediving into the landscape.
  13. Can't enter EU campaign. NA character works fine, but EU just comes up w "no scenarios found" even though the world is definitely still active.
  14. I've been having the same issue in both regions since yesterday. @APowell23 - are you new to the game as well?
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