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  1. I think limited imports are good, but I don't know about wiping skills. That said, it would allow everyone to mimic an actual 'first ever campaign' which there will eventually be. Maybe wipe skills on a later campaign? Let people get their feet under them first.
  2. Don't be mean, pet. Help or don't, but this sort of childishness isn't worth either of our time.
  3. Also, how do I get them out of stealth? Let alone let them not restealth?
  4. Oh I want stealth! It's just, as a new player, there was no one and then I was dead, even with a mole hunter disc. I don't know how to use any of these other options yet. My character isn't a warden or an elken and while I'm assured that eventually my champion has the option to be unkillable it does take time to reach that stage. I've googled, but every guide is months or more out of date so I've no idea how good the information is. I'm sure I'll eventually learn, but it might be nice if, when someone was using stealth within a 75m radius, you at least knew there were there? I'm happy to have to work out roughly where around me they are, but it might feel more even if there was some clue? Kinda feels like going from 0 to 100 as is.
  5. I've been having the same issue in both regions since yesterday. @APowell23 - are you new to the game as well?
  6. Mikki


    Ain't that the truth! The Rogue is an excellent Jack-of-all-Trades.
  7. Sincere question: is it possible this is a combination of bugs that will be fixed (combos etc) and templar not being a good class fit for your playstyle in this game? I don't know what your playstyle is, mind, but for example, I tried playing a Cleric yesterday and a greater exercise in frustration I never did find! There's nothing necessarily wrong with the class, it just isn't the magic user for me.
  8. Has anyone suggested noise cues as a compromise on the stealth issue? Encountered it for the first time today and it looks like a neat mechanic. I certainly wouldn't want to lose it. But maybe hearing footsteps so you know there's something there might be a solution? You know, you hear footsteps, so you can start triggering the relevant abilities, which means you aren't completely up the creek. But if you're not paying attention, or you're too slow, or didn't invest in perception, they still don't lose the advantage they based their class around. I mean, it's not perfect, but it might be something?
  9. I'm still only a couple of days in, but I'm really not finding the farming so bad yet. I guess over enough iterations it would become a drag, but the end user will only have to undergo level progression a handful of times and the cap is only level 30 (however, if that cap is set to rise, I could understand the concern more). Probably a controversial opinion, but I think some areas could use even more resources. It feels like a see an awful lot of knotwood compared to the amount of useful wood sometimes. I do like the idea of a single button to switch between stances though, Admittedly, like this, I can't see any possible way someone could accidentally wind up hitting the survival key during combat, but just make the middle of nowhere H key the trigger and you'll still keep that advantage. I do think its worth keeping the stances though. I like having the double hotbar, it's the changeover that bugs me. It might be nice as well if changing into survival meant the character lifted or brandished the equipped tool somehow though. Just to make it a little more obvious before I try harvest silver with my hammer or anything.
  10. $10 NZD at most cinemas, actually, but you don't usually have to hand over all that as a lump sum of one week's income. Also, to continue the movie metaphor, yo're charged at the point it's finished and viewable, not the point where the actors are doing their first reading. And given the piracy stats in NZ the argument could be made that most people in NZ consider the cost of 90min of entertainment to be too high. My point is basically that, as you said, "the full game purchase price is one big one" and absolutely you get much more out of a game than your average book or movie, but as a lump sum ... it's not small and not cheap. It was mentioned that apparently this games primary demographic is significantly older so perhaps we're approaching it from different ends of the spectrum, but as someone who has only just hit a living wage - I mean, I don't buy $70 jeans, and you can actually get arrested for not wearing clothes Perhaps most users here are at the stage of their life where they can afford to just ... spend ... that much money on anything at once but I'm still getting used to the idea I can afford to go to the dr now let alone "waste" money on entertainment. As I said, I decided it was worth it to me, but even for a game this one is pricey and I do think it'll be something users struggle with going forward. I think price is a far bigger factor in most potential players minds' than whether or not they have to grind for a few levels to get decent armour or what the in-game market situation looks like. People will accept flaws in all those systems if the price is something they can justify to themselves.
  11. Love this actually - is this an actual loading screen? If so it's not one I've seen yet.
  12. Points for nudity and weapon positioning. Use of apples implies the original sin and adds an extra layer of meaning to this traditionally drawn piece. The horns are well crafted on the artistic and metaphorical levels. Overall a strong effort by the artist. 8/10
  13. I will admit I forgot about the Elken, but he'd have more strength as an argument if his sword was positioned nearer the waist ;D
  14. Given that half the classes don't even have female characters enabled, it does strike me as amusing that every loading screen I've hit so far has involved a scantily clad lady. Now, I don't mind a bit of cheesecake, but I think in the interests of fairness and gender equality there should be a similar number of scantily clad blokes lounging about on our loading screens. Give me some demure, blushing young lads in loincloths (or give me tigers - it'd be okay if all the loading screens featured nothing but hunger cats too lol!).
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