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  1. Im looking for guild to play with. Chaos. English
  2. Hello I'm Nemesisdadon EST Time Zone Been playing alone to feel out the game but i am ready to take it to next level. I know having a guild will speed things up and will help me to succeed. I have vast experience in MMO's and on Discord most of the day so if you are recruiting please hit me up. Guild criteria: Region: NA Atmosphere: Im looking for fun Guild to bounce ideas and take over the game with lol Casual/Hardcore?: Both Size: lol doesnt matter Play-Style: currently i havent PVP yet due to lost direction just been LVLing and tryna fix Build looking for guidance Commitment: I like to win. I can play any Role (right Now I'm Assassin Due to Fae) WOW, FFXIV, FFXI, Tera, Black desert Sheesh its too many to name. Max in all and participated in END GAME Content Voice-Chat services: Whatever is needed Discord Mainly
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