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  1. Die English Deutsch übersetzung war noch nie der Hit hier All Stats -> Glanz hab damals nicht umsonst wieder auf Englische Client zurück geswitched Ich steh auf Thralls , Bosse , Minions manche Sachen darf mann einfach nicht übersetzen
  2. Meh. Dont go to Test. You will not come back to Live . So much better feeling . Good Work . First Update since a long Time that is Really nice
  3. This whole Game start moving in the wrong direction All this PvE ... Timer for Siege on Forts v.v well ..there where so much good Ideas in Forum and now that .. Windows for Vuln is worst for ppl that work in shift .. We not wont have time for more PvE .. the point is ..we wont less PvE and more PvP .. this Game moves a HUGE , very HUGE step away from Fun .. Who like Farm all Day to do few Minuts PvP ..We not Koreans .. Siege Windows for Forts is Bad ..very Bad ..EU feels already like a Ghost Server .. that Order gief a Keep away dont change it .. and that Siege Window stuff will not help to repopulate .
  4. There are even Sides on EU. Every Faction has strong Guild. The only thing is who cares about captures and who dont care The Performance at bigger Fights need a update. You will see much more ppl Fight. Many "Guild" dont play atm. You Judge due the Leaderboard actually is not even? It says nothing . I think the First Campaign with a Reward will not look like this. All Sides have shown that they are able to win.
  5. i would say it dont means anything if you dont full wipe .. Spirit bank + Character = they skills still active .....and ppl farm in maybee 1-2 days a lot of stuff and catch up to actually status ... so no point in doing so as long there are no tomb to get ppl catch up .. full wipe the stuff Fair thing to all and maybee the new player can feel the pvp also than .. actually they are more like meatshields and pvp gets frustrating to them Advanced common and advanced rare + is a big diffrence .. The crafted Vessels also a Point .. that stat boost ... to be fair and bring fun to all a full wipe is what you are looking for just my 2cent
  6. DropkickMurphy


    Northlanders sind auf Chaos Seite zu finden . Soweit ich weiß , ist das auch die einzige rein deutsche Gilde in der was los ist .
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