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  1. Seems like a hard choice and then take into gear.. Half-Giant's have a racial that may translate to AoE and larger base healing. Elken seem the wisest due to stealth detection. Centaur's have their own group support, but to what it translates to is unknown to me. It could be better for HP, DPS, or HPS. Don't know. Then you have Stoneborn with the oddity for higher Support Power and the question of INT over SPR? From a stat baseline Guinecean seem to have better favor while lacking in support base, they should have an overall better healing ability. Assuming the Human racial's damage increase also translates to healing, it could very well be viable. Overall best picks are Guinecean for overall stats, Elken for hard PvP, Stoneborn/Centaur for large groups.
  2. Crowfall Racials Took about 10 minutes. The link will give you all the info as of 5.8 01/03/2019 of Crowfalls current racial disciplines. Keep in mind stat wise there will be variations based by class choice. Meaning a Wood-Elf Cleric is not going to have the same INT as a Knight would. If you were wondering of what the best race is for what class that's a bit more complicated by the looks of things due to racials. A good example being for Clerics, in terms of stats at 68 INT, 86 DEX and 46 SPR with Guinecean is a clear advantage in terms of potential healing ability, but the Stoneborn have the most CON at 112 boosting level 1 hp by 200-400 compared to others. However, Centaur racial "Hippocratic Oath" does offer promise "Increased group support power" alongside with Elken for "Gestalt" allowing "Limited duration can see stealth" highly useful for PvP. All while Half-Giant's "Blood of the Giant" could apply to healing AoE range. Simply put, it's complicated what's best.
  3. OS: Windows 10 Mobo: ASUS ROG Maximus Code X CPU: i7 8700k at 5.1GHz RAM: 32GB DDR4 at 3200MHz GPU: EVGA GTX 1070 Ti Monitor: Acer 2560x1440 at 60Hz You SHOULD be able to run the game just fine. I get depending on the area obviously 60-120 fps. I would guess you'd sit about 35-85 at max settings. Likely even higher if you're on a 1080p monitor.
  4. For once I'm actually doing this sort of thing. Sup, so a quick note about me I guess is that I've played healer classes since conception. I've played more games than I can count, I hate DPS and even moreso tanking. While I can do them...No. I'm the kind of person who's healers in World of Warcraft all are maxed with alchemy, cooking and first aid. Why? Do you want buffs or worries? Because I got an alt lock sitting outside the raid about 20 seconds from relogging to start summoning people. I'm always ready to go and always trying to keep myself updated on everything that rotates around healing. So if you need a jack of all trades or a master or a healbot.. I got you. Might as well make use of the stuff I bought too; the Adventurer Starter Pack, Premium Guild Bundle and my Keep Greathall. Figure it'll take me a minute or two to really become an asset to any guild, might as well look flashy being a newb.
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