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  1. Either that or 33% stam cost reduction on dodge.
  2. Everyone, welcome to the average post on the forums once the game hits Beta. Enjoy while it's manageable.
  3. Other than what was hinted at on the Q&A though, do we know have any reason to believe that it wouldn't be like building in an EK? It would seem a logical thing to implement that into Dregs if they already have a system in place...
  4. This is now my favorite CF-related video. It likely will be for a long time.
  5. Well look at it this way, at least the other war tribes have 100% class representation from the races they stole their bodies from are based on. We shouldn't see this identical thing with the Pigmen or something next week... Yep. Right. Right? Oh god, I hope I'm right.
  6. Exactly what I thought on Sunday. It's kinda disheartening to hear that only one guild has entered anything, but I can't really blame anyone because I'm not playing until after wipe either...
  7. For the first 15 levels on a white vessel you can potentially level faster by crafting simple bows, etc (for experience) and then sacrificing them (for experience). This is the only direct application of this I can think of in which one would be a sizeable exp boost but it's only guesswork because I have no idea how much EXP they are going to value anything at after the tweaks. As a passive "get rewarded for doing other things" kind of mechanic I think it's welcome, but, like you said, the vast majority of the game is going to be spent at max level if you're doing it right. Not blowing thro
  8. As frequent lurker, there are probably tens of us ready for ACE to at least get to the polishing phase. Sadly the 5 or so other people I got to back the game after I did are pretty set on "ehh... probably not going to revisit" mode unless Crowfall does something spectacular and some of the "same old" problems are addressed. The game is going to be awash with bright-eyed and confused new players when they release access to the non-backers (whatever they are rightly called), HOPEFULLY they time some of their more anticipated releases with beta and the newly-gained access they will be granting
  9. Checking in because I don't see if anyone has asked, but... How will this affect the usage of Stamina to bring the walk/run speed up during a fight? Obviously there will be a "Combat: yes/no" state at play to toggle a lot of this from the look, but is being flagged for combat going to effectively slow us down to combat speed until we are out again? Would be awfully tight if we could have just base survival tray speed at all times with an option to use stamina to sprint at the correct percentage increase of survival tray speed... This first thing I noticed about combat in this game was
  10. I'm A-OK with using the scientific approach they often use to isolate variables they'd like to get balanced for whatever future approach they intend on taking. I must ask though, what is the purpose of limiting imports/exports by 1/8 of what it previously was and NOT TOUCHING the resource levels in the beachhead? What variable are they trying to isolate other than people farming all the time in God's Reach? Don't say that's all, because it makes no sense to not limit things upstream first. Can anyone confirm, are they all level 7 nodes like they were previously or is it a spread of ranks 1
  11. WHAT?! Why in (pick RP deity of choice)'s name did THIS make it back in?!
  12. Agreed. And the option for a consolidated chat window.
  13. I will mostly be happy to have Frostweaver done so it frees up manpower for other things (class balance/polish is my most anticipated feature). Maybe we will see the talent investment with Disciplines open up the same patch or afterward (because that Talent investment into disciplines is going to open this all up even more). Looking forward to this Thursday, I think this art is a teaser of more impending teasers.
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