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  1. I feel like I need to specify why I answered first, "Agree", and then "not at all". I like the fact that leveling to 30 takes a little more time purely based on the fact that previously, leveling a vessel up was either borderline trivial (by having already-hoarded gold) or not too bad with the right tools but otherwise pretty hard (I leveled a purple vessel in 1.5 days on the weekend but I already had blue/purp armor and weapons for it AND farmed spiders for the runs and gold - no way I could manage that now). That being said, there were times whilst in blue/purple gear I still felt like fodder. I'm not sure where to separate possible off-meta class/talent choices from this, but I definitely never felt competitive on a white vessel pre-30... I say all of that to say this: we need to feel that we grow in strength from start to finish of whatever character development process we start. I say this because I personally like leveling, Others don't, and I'm OK with that too because character growth doesn't need to be given in levels. I don't think "lowbies" need to be able to contribute to the battle as much as a fully-leveled, tricked-out vessel, but they should be functionally effective and able to contribute in other ways. Trackers, supply runners, anti-stealth detectors, forward scouts... whatever other support roles others can think of that ACE may or may not have plans for can be added to this list. Crafters, one day, may be in the mix as far as participating in battles/sieges in order to repair walls, etc. With other roles at play, a level 20 white Ranger vessel may get stomped by the God-tier lvl 30 Champion easily... But a Ranger that has managed to get over the Keep walls to disrupt their builders is a whole other thing. Especially once ACE implements the ability to devote talents to crafting... /rambleoff
  2. If I remember correctly, they were going to be tying crafting and (the now absent) weapon disciplines into optional off-shoots from the tree. I think all of the major disciplines with their associated slots are staying how they are. What exactly will be offered in the crafting sections is anybody's guess. I'm not sure if having all the recipes available when using the appropriate table like they are now is a permanent feature or not, but at one time they planned on those being unlocked via talents.
  3. On the flip side, how cool would it be if they did though? I mean they've been working on features for 6.0 AND 5.9 since December and (I hate to keep quoting it) they were just waiting on 5.8 to "leave the station" per Todd to implement 5.9... WE CAN'T TAKE A BREAK, THE HYPETRAIN DOESN'T TAKE BREAKS!!! 6.0 TRAIN CONFIRMED TO PLOW THROUGH ANY PREVIOUS UPDATE TRAIN WHETHER LEAVING A STATION OR NOT! NOTE: None of the conclusions in this post are actually based on any factual evidence of any kind. Samulus is not responsible for any unreasonable expectations in the development of ACE's Crowfall hitherto or hence forth. Bonus points to any user that makes a poorly made socksty MS Paint pic of a Frostweaver conducting a runaway train.
  4. I may be reading too far into it, but I assume Srathor knows how it all works. He's been around a while. I don't know the guy or anything but I'm sure he knows that vessels aren't bound to EK's like they are campaigns, and if it is stated there won't be a wipe then his vessels should be fine. Building badass EK's and complaing about storage space though... those are kinda Srathor's "things" lol.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe @srathor was mainly stating that he probably wouldn't have room in his inventory/bank to accept all of the parcel items (because some of those take up like 9 spaces in the inventory) to rebuild his EK. Because of our storage issues.
  6. I knew me applying this complaint to this thread was a stretch (I tacked on "vessel" to class multiple times in an attempt to link the relation lol). Alas, I have to complain somewhere. I'll go back to grumbling to myself in the corner. In the immortal words of Eric Idle in the Flying Circus sketch, "if you're going to split hairs then I'm going to piss off" lol.
  7. I hate to be the guy that's complained about the same thing for 3 months but... In terms of balance passes on all the the class vessels, what are we waiting for? Frostweaver? Making attribute choices matter like @VaMei mentioned is definitely a step in the right direction, but there are so many sub-types of classes out there that are just not viable for a whole list of reasons easily searched on the forums. New ones pop up week by week saying the same old things. i get that a game is being built from the ground up here, I appreciate that fact, and I know you guys don't want to double your workload and then have to turn around and rework it when adding new systems... But you're going to need a pretty engaging core to this game to keep player retention up, a core that is composed of varied/impactful class and combat choices. On the surface it looks great but after wading around the pool and discarding a few uselessly maxed vessels, you can see why the "meta" (if it can even be called that right now) is the way it is. Blair keeps stating that balance is an "on-going process throughout the life of a game". I can agree with this, when do we get to consider Crowfall alive enough to be worthy of this privelege? EDIT: and before anyone jumps me, I'm not looking for MOBA-like rock-paper-scissors balance, I'm just entreating that we actually have meaningful vessel options. The groundwork is already laid out but we still have the same broken mechanics/skills/dynamics and it will remain that way until an actual first look is taken.
  8. Here we go, he didn't expressly state that they were abandoning cartography but he basically stated that he's choosing not to worry about it right now:
  9. Back in February, I believe, JTodd basically said they weren't going to be messing with the scouting/mapmaking/fog of war mechanic at all before launch, if ever. Let me see if I can find that quote. It really disappointed me honestly, because I followed this game for so long and that was really one system that stood apart to me. Talk about a role/specialization that would allow a niche for small group or skillful solo players to pull off...
  10. The options for build diversity/mechanics that you speak of are really supposed to be controlled by Crowfall's Discipline system. Right now, the major disciplines are what determine that "flavor" aspect you seek, but I will admit that very many of the disciplines themselves are lackluster. They haven't made an official balance pass on that, or damn near anything else really, so far. I think they also plan on integrating all of the weapon disciplines into the skill tree itself later on, but that may have been scrapped (others with more up-to-date info can correct me if I'm wrong here). As of right now, you can equip a weapon discipline, for example bows, on a character that couldn't otherwise use it and it grants access to a ranged option. I think each weapon is limited in a case-by-case way concerning who the discipline is able to be equipped by though.
  11. I was going to say this. Faster animation in a random direction in a pre-set range away from tornado when hit.
  12. I'm torn though, I want to help support the game, but I don't to burn out in the process. I have no problem with taking a break, but I would be perfectly entertained if I felt I was making an impact. But maybe I'm not making an impact, that would be OK too, I just wish I had an indication of that if it were the case lol. I can respectfully say that you are probably my favorite tryhard in the bunch, Mandalore. I don't see the terminology as a bad thing necessarily, but maybe it is mainly offensive.
  13. See, calling it "metagame" ("the game above the game") when actually fixing some of the borked class mechanics/skills would wildly shift it around really kinda gives the actual state of CF class balance too much credit. The fact that the term is being thrown around at this stage of development is humorous to me; the "meta" is not some complicated culmination of experience with what works, it's a very simple few conclusions drawn from what race/class/disc combinations aren't bugged into uselessness/are broken or borderline exploits. Without balance being sought or established, it's hard to tell what should or should not be acceptable, so people roll whatever they can play CF most effectively with. The earlier part of what you said though I guess I can agree with lol... But I likewise would have rather they put off the recent wartribes addition until we got 5.9... That patch has been pretty much done, "waiting for the train [5.8 talent tree update] to clear the station" (JTC's quote from January) per ACE.
  14. The wife and I have kinda fizzled out on playing/testing for the time being, mainly in anticipation for 5.9 and the presence of bugs that we at least see as things that need to be fixed before we spend anymore time on it. I'm not going to go in depth on the whole list, but I will hit on the class balance issue. There are certain classes that have had the same broken skills/talents since we signed around the New Year, and then there are even more, a whole slew in fact, of skills/talents/entire branches (not necessarily discipline-based) that aren't worthwhile or effective by a huge margin. Combine this with the current guild-driven tryharding during campaigns that are, for the most part, the same from week to week (not really testing anything different from campaign to campaign unless a patch happens to hit -- 2 weeks is a pretty long interval to not crank some dials in between) and things get stale. You could really boil down what I mean with this paragraph with one sentence: for at least me, the game isn't developed enough to be interesting for very long in the current environment, and testing/providing feedback on things but seeing little to no progress gives a very futile feeling at the end of the day. With all of this in mind, would it be possible to start balancing classes now, or would that stress the ol' team out too much? I totally understand the consensus that ACE won't "balance until we have systems online" so it can be more efficiently done, but we have a lot of breadth within the class system that we're really not seeing in the game at the moment. For folks like us that like to test builds and build combinations, it's pretty sparse for the moment... At least fixing obviously malfunctioning skills or mechanics would go a long way. I guess my problem really has this root: I like testing, and up until recently I enjoy playing the game. It has huge potential and I'm not writing CF off or anything, but testing and not enjoying doing so makes you log off really quickly - especially when you keep seeing the same problems. Maybe my scope is too limited in "what I like to test", but it's totally within my power to pick and choose since I'm paying to test things lol. What do you guys think? There are a lot of other systems and mechanics being focused on at the moment, which is A OK. Does the current "meta" (hilarious to call it a meta with so many bugs/broken things in the game that people have to avoid or are able to take advantage of) help that process, or does it skew your data? I honestly don't know the answer to that. I may just need to shut my mouth and wait for 5.9 or 6.0... Would love to know the timetable on those though.
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