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  1. What we know: ACE instated some small-time rewards for testers in these campaigns to help draw crowds for testing. They want more bodies for whatever reason (it's their prerogative, it's their game and data is what allows them to make judgment calls on everything). They offered something in good intentions to give the masses something to fight for, because one day, every campaign WILL have rewards and the fact that there is no reward prior, means they have something missing from their formula. They attempted to fill that void with something that was both easy for them to implement and desirable for players. What happened: A minority of the player base took the path of least resistance and ruined a campaign for two weeks, not recognizing intentions of ACE. OR maybe they did, and didn't care, because gold stickers. Your argument is sound if, and only if, it is assumed that the Crowfall backers/community/whatever are a bunch of (for lack of a better phrase) greedy children by default, because then you can state that "ACE should have known better omg". I for one am not a greedy child, don't want to be rolled into a crowd that is, and don't appreciate this mindset growing wings for that reason. Condemn the players that flipped, guilds or individuals, make your pick. But don't prescribe ACE as an entity that should be disappointed about being anything other than omniscient, that's how you, as a player, encourage them to make decisions that don't include you. I have a brain, I would prefer that ACE continues to treat the community as if it too has a brain (most of the time). Otherwise, well, "don't we all have phones?"
  2. Blame the players/guilds that did it, not ACE. I think it's safe to say that ACE VASTLY overestimated the maturity of the community by giving us a carrot in the first place. "This is why we can't have nice things." The important part about this is that the community just encouraged ACE to treat the all of us like children who want candy from now on due to the actions of a minority. Coach is making the majority run laps now because the prima donnas thought they'd be cute this campaign. But who cares, gold stickers, right?
  3. As a Chaos player since day one, I will say: "We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds,we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender." Even if there are only 2 of us. I don't support a restart, I won't cry off.
  4. I see what you're saying, I don't to think that OP's idea is overly creative either. VIP status, and more specifically, the rewards that go with it don't really exist anymore. That being said, they got rid of the double skill tree training for VIP because it felt too "Pay2Win-ey", so letting VIP pay for something like this that is purely cosmetic in nature would be the sort of thing that they would do I think. I doubt they will allow VIP players access to campaign-winning rewards just for paying money, mostly because that sounds lame. I don't know if the OP was actually thinking that far down the line though, but we don't really know what the real campaign rewards are going to be down the line either. TL;DR: Is the OP's idea pay-to-win? For now, no. Later, probably not due to ACE and their track record. It would probably just be boring in this iteration lol.
  5. The fact that the difference in rewards is solely cosmetic. You can read about it here: https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/accessories-how-to-win-the-malekai-crest/
  6. Yes, you are missing something.
  7. I happen to like that things aren't perfectly symmetrical. There are plenty of sterile and symmetrical pvp-oriented games out there, I kinda like that they aren't copping out in this one. The key is to balance it out in other ways, but for now they're testing it. The feedback is needed of course, but I don't think every faction should necessarily have equal access to whatever resource is in question. We need something to drive decisions within the campaign, and honestly they just need to let us as the players be able to harness and keep an advantage like that. I may be the only one, but I think it's kinda lame that one always knows where to go to get the best nodes (around keeps).
  8. I kind of have to agree... I know they don't need to balance everything down to the Nth level, but in the Ranger's case, one pass to fix all of the broken things would be nice. I may not even play this campaign in light of this... I love my Ranger and just grinded WAY too much to get a purple vessel it to max level this last weekend... and I still feel weaker than I should be. A lot of this doesn't help.
  9. Hitting F on that gate turns the bathroom light out in Order's Temple, come to find out.
  10. I can't wait to... Spirit bank my stuff in full 24-hr anticipation since it starts at 2200 for some reason! I know how it got this way with implementation time of patches following the tail end of campaigns ending during primetime already, but I hope you guys shorten a campaign in the future by approximately 2 - 12 hours just to account for this really weird timing. Or maybe they are just trying to see how impactful nightcapping really is.... Hmmmm....
  11. I, for one, would much rather not let anyone around loot them JUST BECAUSE of people on your own faction. So far, with all of the changes to exp gain and sacrificing, it's a pain in the arse contending for mobs with gold drops since seemingly anyone can loot them. One thing leads to another when same-faction people are competing for the same kills and it devolves until "who can loot faster" pissing contests and trashtalking. If those people were on another faction, you could just fight it out lol. #cantwaitfordregs
  12. They're supposed to be adding all of that variety with the "weapon branch" that's splitting from the tree though, right?
  13. Oh I meant for the experience and gold-giving potential PaleOne wanted to attribute to outposts. I think they should give some XP for sure, I was just stating that the community will knee-jerk with that response. Whether it's a valid point or not remains to be seen lol
  14. JTC actually mentioned having a particular type of outpost in the future that would serve as a spawn point so they could change up the spawn mechanics (during last week's discussion over discord I believe). So I hope that's already being considered because it would fix a few things. In my opinion though, the best way to deal with outposts (other than more integral ones like spawn "statues", etc) would be to set the timer to a 5-10 second capture as long as the guards are dead. That way, you can balance each outpost's "cap-ability" by the level of the guards at them and it would give a chance for small groups to do something useful without breaking the scoreboard. I think they generally have to be careful though on rewarding players with too much/any gold/exp on captures or else the community begins screaming from the "BUT THEY'LL JUST BE FLIPPED OVER AND OVER FOR INFINITE(TM) EXP/GOLD FARMZ!!!11!!" script. But I agree with pretty much everything you said. Outposts need a point in the gameplay loop whether it be tactical or otherwise.
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