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  1. I'm A-OK with using the scientific approach they often use to isolate variables they'd like to get balanced for whatever future approach they intend on taking. I must ask though, what is the purpose of limiting imports/exports by 1/8 of what it previously was and NOT TOUCHING the resource levels in the beachhead? What variable are they trying to isolate other than people farming all the time in God's Reach? Don't say that's all, because it makes no sense to not limit things upstream first. Can anyone confirm, are they all level 7 nodes like they were previously or is it a spread of ranks 1-7? This to me seems the biggest oversight here if it's exactly the way it was... I haven't gotten to check yet. I mean I I'm not one of the ones that run around with the top tier doods outside the beachhead rolling over people with 2 other groups of buddies spamming "GF 1v1", so I'm not looking for easy fights here... But I sure would like to see some more Average Joes like me out there to scuffle with. Last campaign is was either A, dead outside beachhead or B, the "damn mongorians" come break down your sheety wah in 10 seconds and move on.
  2. WHAT?! Why in (pick RP deity of choice)'s name did THIS make it back in?!
  3. Agreed. And the option for a consolidated chat window.
  4. I will mostly be happy to have Frostweaver done so it frees up manpower for other things (class balance/polish is my most anticipated feature). Maybe we will see the talent investment with Disciplines open up the same patch or afterward (because that Talent investment into disciplines is going to open this all up even more). Looking forward to this Thursday, I think this art is a teaser of more impending teasers.
  5. I just found the BACONATOR, but I see Kate already snagged the pic. To couple my late response, I also thought it was Whisky that initiated the request (seen above). I got excited guys. Who says the devs don't listen?!
  6. Not gonna lie, that ambush had me salty at myself for reacting so poorly. But it is what it is. Despite all the gobs of stuff on me I hadn't banked recently, we still came out well after farming for as long as we had. So the reward outweighs the risk if you ask me, the diff of R7's from R10's is still worth the danger. Considering that HoA (in this instance) probably had blue quality mats in ample supply 3 days ago, we didn't exactly lose anything that gave away an upper hand. People who pay attention and aren't bad like I was last night wouldn't have lost what I did lol.
  7. That was us, our Molehunter failed us. And I don't believe that's what Duffy said, he was congratulating you on killing a group of people that were farming and hence not geared for PvP. If he had known, he would have mentioned the fact that you guys outnumbered us like 6/7 to 4. But your execution... I hope you guys got that on video. I've never had a trap snap so cleanly on me before lol. Props on that.
  8. Though I really think the design this campaign is way better for promoting PvP and like it because of it, this is the next logical step. Reeeeeeaaaaaally wish that Temple zones didn't include up to rank 7 mats...
  9. I doubt anyone will jump down your throat, you're opinion is pretty spot-on in terms of the majority of people here. A lot of the well organized guilds in CF at the moment are awaiting the fabled, fated, much-worshipped, even lauded, DREGS (queue angelic hymns) campaign to save us all. I'm not sure it's going to be the bandaid that fixes everything but it will be a welcome change of pace from the last 10 years of MMO pvp for sure. But, from what I understand, 3-faction rulesets will exist as a sort of logical next step up from God's Reach.
  10. I may be one of the few I guess, but I like the dizzy and blind effects. I don't get physically sick from either though... I'd prefer they NOT just make dizzy a "loss of control" effect, we already have plenty of those and they've honestly been overdone for decades already. Edit: Plus dizzy leads to a knockdown anyway, really wouldn't need two in a row.
  11. I can appreciate their sentiment and I think everyone is maybe overreacting a tad, but MAN it doesn't really make sense lol. But I agree here, when we want variety we want something that will change the game from the standpoint of strategy, at least as far as the last campaign was concerned. I guess at the end of the day, you really only have 4 columns of data on the spreadhseet and they're lacking ways of mixing it up from here.
  12. I think you summed up my entire post in one sentence lol... Thank you, because I have never had the gift of poignancy.
  13. I just want to ask one thing, but first, let me posit a few assumptions (obviously, my assumptions may be wrong so pay attention to those first and call me out if needed): Assumptions: 1. God's Reach, ultimately, will be a place for noobs to gain their sea legs without all of the normal penalties or dangers of a campaign. 2. God's Reach, secondarily, will also be a place for players between campaigns. 3. God's Reach will not contain Graveyards in order to encourage players to join an active campaign and farm there. 4. ACE is aware that they wiped gear/items/banks with this patch (of course they did, sounds ridiculous right?) NOW! Previously God's Reach was limited to rank 5 nodes and parcels. These were arranged in a random fashion just as every other map previously generated in CF was from the past 7 months. It effectively preserved the exploration portion of the game along with providing the safety of a supposed "Noob Island". That may or may not have been what ACE was intending, but it was consistent with prior applications. In the current iteration we are allowed up to level 8 parcels/nodes in a very accessible and predictable mapset; we have smaller maps that are not only limited in their level ranges, but labeled for our convenience. I would wager the majority of experienced players in the past week never bothered with entering into anything but the 6-8 zone once we figured out how easily things were tuned. What changed to warrant this re-ordering on God's Reach? Well, the recent gear wipe. That is the only thing I can imagine that made them "up" the viability of farming in God's Reach. I would imagine rank 8 nodes are temporary things in God's Reach, right? I think including their availability was a legitimate strategy to keep players engaged (I haven't seen this many players on the server, considering the absence of sieges, in months) so they build their toons. If that was the goal, it was a good move. I know my group and I would've just waited for the campaign to start if we had been limited to rank 5 mobs and resource nodes. My Question: If ACE made these changes to the previously implemented version of God's Reach in order to accommodate players dealing with a fresh wipe, why WOULDN'T graveyards be subjected to the same standard as everything else, and thus be included? I get that graveyards don't fit into the long-term view of God's Reach, I agree 100% on that... but Rank 8 parcels don't fit that vision either, right? Noobs should not be able to farm Rank 8 nodes and mobs and bosses without a little risk, right? Why would ACE not remove Graveyards from God's Reach at the same time that parcels of any rank higher than 5 were removed? You have people farming the poorly made socks out of both in either setting.
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