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    Samulus reacted to oneply in Dodge should cost stam   
    With the upcoming changes to survival tray combined with CC not being very good in the current build,I believe there is a very simple solution, make dodge cost stam. 
    the removal of survival tray means choosing between dodge and block for some classes. Dodge and retaliate both cost stam, dodge does not. So someone who chooses block is double dipping into their stam pool while someone who chooses dodge is not. The latter allows dodge toons to retaliate far more often with little to no concern if they over use it. Which is why the current state of CC is almost useless. 
    Moving dodge to stam based makes CC vastly more effective and also puts both block/dodge toons on the same footing of making that choice between retaliate or not. To me this is the simplest solution to the CC issue and makes the loss of survival tray less impactful to the blocking classes.
    It does mean however some powers need a change. 
    - Knight shield bash would have to remove stam not dodge pips. 
    - High Elf dodge passive would essentially be the same. Just an instant stam refund.
    - Escape artist would need stam regen instead of decrease pip regen. 
    - Nethari and wood elf dodges would probably need to cost more stam than the regular dodges.
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    Samulus reacted to Staff in Please consider   
    I look forward to forumfall
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    Samulus reacted to Extintor in Please consider   
    When I read these type of messages I always wonder why people try to play an MMORPG when it seems they want to play a MOBA.
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    Samulus got a reaction from Audin in Promote your guild during Twitch Take-Over Feb 14 - 16   
    This is now my favorite CF-related video. It likely will be for a long time. 
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    Samulus reacted to oneply in Warstory : Zerg or Flop, Pick your QQ   
    Coolster50 is UP. You can win.
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    Samulus reacted to Kambien in Warstory : Zerg or Flop, Pick your QQ   
    I am pretty new to the conflicts in this current testing phase and have only returned to this game recently in the last week or so, having been away since basically hunger dome.  Some things about the current conflict and the reactions to the war stories seems a bit striking to me.  Let me preface by stating that I think both this video and the one posted by the Winterblades the day before both are targeted at sparking conflict, and both make the assumption that their content infer that the the "called out" party is unskilled and inferior on some metric.  I don't think either of these videos do a good job of getting the point across.  But something strikes me about the follow up comments that keep popping up in both videos wherein there is this argument about using guards, and whether that makes a person bad or good.  The fact that this is even an argument is beyond amusing.  Guards and fortifications are an essential game mechanic, which intentionally provide an advantage to the owner.  This is and always has been a valuable resource in conflict and one that games intentionally utilize because of their strategic importance.  The idea that using this resource makes a player bad is beyond absurd, it's like being angry at someone for not tying one of their hands behind their back in a boxing match.  You add in the contextual information that the defenders in the current video belong to a faction who is consistently outnumbered in the majority of engagements and have no way of knowing if and when enemy reinforcements will arrive, then their choice to remain close to their strategic advantage is an intelligent choice.  
    I have played with Spectre Legion a few nights of pvp.  What I have seen is strategic choices and a willingness to take risks when it is valuable to do so.
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    Samulus reacted to Kambien in Warstory : Zerg or Flop, Pick your QQ   
    But shouldn't they leverage a strategic advantage when their enemy has access to a larger force.   Even if the current fight is even, in a game like this it's unlikely to stay that way.  I mean if your going to play the faction with fewer soldiers, you have to leverage other strategic advantages in most if not all fights.
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    Samulus reacted to oneply in Crow Appreciation Rewards   
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    Samulus got a reaction from Frykka in Promote your guild during Twitch Take-Over Feb 14 - 16   
    Exactly what I thought on Sunday. It's kinda disheartening to hear that only one guild has entered anything, but I can't really blame anyone because I'm not playing until after wipe either... 
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    Samulus reacted to PopeUrban in Dev Diary: The Winged Knight   
    We are not ACE's marketing department. They have trained professionals for that that have assured us they're very good at their jobs and know how to engage the media.
    We are not obliged to be positive, nor are we obliged to sell more copies of Crowfall. We are not highly trained marketing professionals, we do not work for ACE, and it is not our responsibility to sell the game. This is the actual community, honestly reacting to the actions of a developer whom we have already paid for a product.
    It is not now, nor has it ever been our responsibility to make crowfall or ACE look good. They pay people for that like we paid them to make a video game.
    If their trained professionals can not manage our expectations that isn't our problem and until I get a check in the mail I have no intention of making it my problem.
    I'm not out to be negative for the sake of being negative and neither is anyone else. We are simply being honest. If 5.11 comes out and its the best thing since sliced bread we'll be honest about that too.
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    Samulus reacted to Pann in Dev Diary: The Winged Knight   
    The Aracoix Knight is joining his Assassin and Druid brethren in the Aracoix War Tribe camps.
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    Samulus got a reaction from Armegeddon in Promote your guild during Twitch Take-Over Feb 14 - 16   
    Exactly what I thought on Sunday. It's kinda disheartening to hear that only one guild has entered anything, but I can't really blame anyone because I'm not playing until after wipe either... 
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    Samulus reacted to Staff in Dev Diary: The Winged Knight   
    really? this is all we get this week? aracoix knight announcement. please just dont do dev diaries if marketing is strangling so much info you have to try and hype up aracoix knight 
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    Samulus reacted to pamintandrei in Dev Diary: The Winged Knight   
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    Samulus reacted to Darksun_ in Warstory: The Ballad of the Two Templars   
    You all were the ones that pushed for TimerFall. Now you upset we are defending the fort until the timer runs out. We were playing for the objective. That should be obvious to you.
    We've won open field vs you before and the QQ then was... "We weren't on our open field characters"
    "Humiliating defeats you've been suffering from campaign to campaign"
    Yet we are still here... Fighting.
    Sure we could've formed a zerg army like others. Hidden behind a larger force. How many of these people joined in because they couldn't handle a lose or a silver badge over a gold one. The reason doesn't matter I guess. We are cut from completely different cloth.
    We chose the path of resistance. We don't find zerging fun. We don't agree with the win at all costs mentally. We are not sheeple.
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    Samulus reacted to MrErad in Warstory: The Ballad of the Two Templars   
    Oh I don't know. Maybe real life stuff plus if we're lucky Order will make up 10% of the siege population on a good night?

    The real question is why did you run from a 1 vs 1 opportunity from one of my guys.
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    Samulus reacted to Kcing in Support for the RTX graphic cards   
    I'm not building a computer for gaming. Trying to decide if I upgrade my gaming rig with a new RTX card or buy a cheaper card for the new rig that isn't going to be graphic heavy. I believe this is a question Artcraft or someone familiar with there developing tools can answer.
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    Samulus reacted to srathor in ACE Q&A for February   
    Will this be the day that the trifecta of unholy evil goes carebear? First new world, then Camelot, and next Crowfall.. 

    Pve raids announced?

    A pivot towards a more robust and safe environment where you can frolic through the fields of godsreach and gather to your heart's desire?

    A second game for phones that has a wonderful transparent development cycle? And most definitely is not going to ever ever be on kickstarter. 

    Cats and dogs living together?

    No releases on some random Thursday at noon? 

    Future Todd and Future Blair, drunk in a corner going why did we talk so damn much on stream? While Present Blair, and Present Todd, shake them and tell them to get to work? They still have a 724 foot mountain made of pebbles to move and only 1  spoooooon between them! (That only has 14 durability left)

    Obi wan Halash is our only hope.
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    Samulus reacted to PopeUrban in ArtCraft Entertainment Closes Series-A Funding Round   
    Serious question:
    If you've closed your final round of funding, and you have the resources needed to push through to launch, of what value is media attention before launch? Isn't the entire point of media attention to drive sales which you are no longer relying on to get the game to launch where you're going to do a big marketing push?
    I mean call me a cynic here but isn't the top priority at this point cutting the fat and pushing to launch?
    Isn't the games media mostly irrelevant given the current financial picture and current goals of development?
    What's the purpose served by icing out your Crowfaithful(tm) who literally paid you for the privilege of helping you design a better game?
    This isn't a new EVE update aimed at bringing in new players or recapturing lapsed ones, and its not a project that's attempting to balance the books to bankroll new features or staff.
    From an outside perspective, it seems like an exercise in marketing for no purpose other than the act of marketing at the expense of the product itself. You aren't marketing to secure more money or more players. We know you have the money now, and we know that building a sizable testing pop isn't a goal as you've got a switch to flip that just opens the floodgates to a free testing base of emails.
    I don't do your job. I develop software for a soulless corporation by day and develop more software for myself by night. I can't possibly conceive of any reason be as hostile to transparency with your community as you are being right now, especially when you marketed transparency as a mission goal of the company, and especially when you marketed greater access as a perk for a subset of that community that invested quite frankly ridiculous sums of money during your launch phase.
    Why does getting media attention matter more than transparency at a stage of development where you're not ready to market the game and you don't need any more money to get to the point where you are?
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    Samulus got a reaction from Tofyzer in ArtCraft Entertainment Closes Series-A Funding Round   
    As frequent lurker, there are probably tens of us ready for ACE to at least get to the polishing phase. Sadly the 5 or so other people I got to back the game after I did are pretty set on "ehh... probably not going to revisit" mode unless Crowfall does something spectacular and some of the "same old" problems are addressed.

    The game is going to be awash with bright-eyed and confused new players when they release access to the non-backers (whatever they are rightly called), HOPEFULLY they time some of their more anticipated releases with beta and the newly-gained access they will be granting at that time to start the PR boulder rolling downhill. Honestly, out of all the planned and anticipated stuff we're promised, I only think Frostweaver will actually bring back a sizable chunk of players and even then that's not going to keep them here if it's all the same otherwise. I'm also convinced that Dregs isn't really going to cater to ANY "fresh" players either, but I've been wrong. 

    I'm hoping for good things from Crowfall, but ACE needs to be downright tactical in the coming months/years or this thing is going to lose steam.
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    Samulus got a reaction from Drakano in 3 Faction Systems Don't Work   
    I doubt anyone will jump down your throat, you're opinion is pretty spot-on in terms of the majority of people here. 

    A lot of the well organized guilds in CF at the moment are awaiting the fabled, fated, much-worshipped, even lauded, DREGS (queue angelic hymns) campaign to save us all. I'm not sure it's going to be the bandaid that fixes everything but it will be a welcome change of pace from the last 10 years of MMO pvp for sure. But, from what I understand, 3-faction rulesets will exist as a sort of logical next step up from God's Reach. 
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    Samulus got a reaction from DantaeCameron in chat and inventory and ninja looters   
    Agreed. And the option for a consolidated chat window. 
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    Samulus reacted to Kianna_RuneMaker in 12 Exports are far too Low   
    Its not good form to demean a persons legitimate concerns. 
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