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  1. Guild criteria: Region: US West. Atmosphere: working as a group, open to new players, pvp & GvG (I think) Casual/Hardcore?: Somewhere in-between! Size: medium. Would rather build some genuine friendships with guildmates than be in a huge guild. Play-Style: Unknown! (Doing my research now) Commitment: Most evenings, multiple hours. Miscellaneous: 24 y/o, consider myself a chiller but would like to be in a guild that desires to succeed. Checked in on the game a bit during development but never really played much. Feel like now may be a good time to hop in. Hoping to find the joy I had from Shadowbane back in the day. Will perhaps update this post as I do more research and figure out my intended playstyle. Experience: Warhammer, WOW, Shadowbane, FPS, Strategy games, etc. Voice-Chat services: Discord Hvnter#7042
  2. Most definitely! I will add you when I get home from work.
  3. Same boat as Vavati here. Just started up today, running around as a Templar just trying to get the hang of harvesting and crafting. Looking for a group to get a little bit of direction and enjoy the game with others. I am Order & [NA West]! Cheers.
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