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  1. optimistic as I am, whatever we get this time, I see a good chance that sooner or later the other skulls will also be possible to get..
  2. I also agree with srathor. I think a lot of this frustration could be solved by giving short updates at the beginning of a week (no long article is necessary for this): Just something like: - Folks, this week no update is coming/ no news will be published. The next one is to expect in 2/3/... weeks. - Our previously announced update is not happening this week. - Test Servers (probably) stay down the whole week. - ... Thats all I would ask for.
  3. Yep you are right. I read this, but now i realize it can only work for one account: " Remember, too, that import and export tokens for each campaign are shared by all vessels across one account. So, if you have multiple vessels in the same campaign, make sure you keep track of the items each of them has stored when you export your items. "
  4. The way I understood the text, you always have the same amount of exports, no matter how many acoounts you have - so you must decide what you want to export. Did I get that rigth? I also was kind of hoping that some loot would stay in keeps/forts available for plundering if a group takes one.
  5. yeah! 2:30 is difficult. I'd love to participate otherwise. And the EU event is limited to few guilds so far. Any chance you do another one on friday @Pann, at the weekend it is easier to stay up
  6. Hey Kraahk and the others of CoR. Just wanted to say that's really a noble move you you. Thanks 👍 Hope we keep up that spirit as a community. And I hope to see you in game anytime soon!
  7. not really it was down most of the time, which makes it very difficult to play the 4 hours for the tankyard..
  8. Gibts ne chance teilzunehmen, wenn die eigene Gilde noch nicht 100% koordiniert ist? Also z.B. über eine andere Gilde?
  9. Kirigoths Erinnerungen: erstes Fragment Kirigoth drehte sich erschöpft um die eigene Achse und warf einen Blick um sich. Es war kalt geworden. Nichts, aber auch nichts deutete darauf hin, dass sich die Dinge wieder zum Besseren, zum Wärmeren wenden würden. Der Hunger hatte von allem Lebenden, allen Unbelebten, ja offensichtlich auch von allem Göttlichen Besitz ergriffen. Ein Schauer lief ihm den Rücken herunter und setzte sich unangenehm in seiner Magengegend fest. Kein Schwert, kein Foliant Akons, keine noch so kunstvoll geschmiedete Rüstung versprach Rettung. Der Confessor mit d
  10. Mandalore, regarding you answer on my question about imports: it would be still nice to be able to carry tankards and segils. Also there is some time to craft some first equipment in god's reach before the campaign starts
  11. Can we import anything (except recouces) this time to the new campaign?
  12. In-game Campaign timer says 6 days to go. I thought 3 weeks
  13. Von mir auch ein herzliches Wilkommen Menja! Bin selbst noch nicht so lange hier, deshalb überlasse ich das Herumführen besser anderen!
  14. Capping (campfires and towers) As somebody who is capping a lot in the current trial, I have to say that the concept/idea behind it should be overlooked. Capping and recapping is at the moment done without any resistance from players - its basically just a trade. Most of the time campfires and towers are just captured to a minimum so that the next one does not even need to kill the NPCs but only waits a few seconds till the thing is neutral again, then moves away comes back and waits while doing something else (browsing the internet, cleaning my room, or whatever). I feel that campfi
  15. I have not following the forums completely all the time, so this maybe already has been discussed. Nevertheless, I had some thoughts on the winning rewars of the actual campaign (Malekai trial). I don't think that my following suggestion can solve the problem of boring campaigns entirely and I believe that other steps need to be taken in addition. As much as I agree on the recent complaints that people choose the faction that guarantees them most likely a reward, I feel that this problem most certainly can't be solved by hoping for players to behave in a different way. I just need to th
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