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  1. Hey there, There is a lot of talk about balancing in Crowfall at the moment. It will always be the way, that the better team/faction (which invest more time or is just better/more skilled) will win – and that’s of course the goal of good competition. But i think right now there is to much of a gap between the gear stats. I do like the whole crowfall idea about harvesting together and that big crafting experience you can achieve and I understand that you need a goal – like really good gear stats to improve. But it will be hard to balance this game for the Devs and the gear is one point where the devs could control the balance. So my suggestion would be: Make the crafted gear all the same (maybe just very little stats improvements, or buffs which doesn’t effect pvp – like harvest/craft buffs) and let all the crafted gear differ in cosmetic appearance. So if you craft white stuff, you have a very poor looking armor. I know a lot of ppl don’t like that idea but for the sake of coming closer to a balanced game, I would go that way. And if you think ppl would stop harvesting/crafting – I for myself would sure do harvest/crafting for an awesome look of an armor and maybe some nice bonuses which wouldn’t effect pvp that much. What you guys think?
  2. Hey there, was wondering what stat should i level more to get max. healing amount out of the Earthkeeper? Support power or healing modifier? and why? Thanks bundy
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