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  1. Ein herzliches Willkommen unseren Rekruten: Bezodelaar, Shino und Schaedl!
  2. After an intesive siege window on Jolmandar EU, (shoutouts @Alekzak and Co.) Nordic Marauders went roaming and met one of crowfall newest guilds "IDLE EMPIRE". Since we met@TerraKill and his firends already a few times,(check out twitch.tv/terrakill) we offered them a sparring chance with an handicap on our side. Enjoy watching: Its a plesure to see all this new players enjoying the game. See you soon.
  3. The campaign was a little lackluster in 3 faction fights but we still had fun with [-V-]Vanguard! Thank you for the fights, see you next campaign!
  4. great work and beautiful done! I hope this will keep new players away from nieche classes (or simple poorly made socks builds) so they don´t give up in their first weeks.
  5. thanks @ConstantineX and his Byzantine Empire for visting EU!
  6. Wir suchen weiterhin aktive Mitspieler! Wenn du Interesse hast einer starken Gemeinschaft beizutreten, schau einfach in unserem Discord vorbei.
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