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  1. I´m missing the Siege Warfare Componets (MK1-MK4) recipes in our Keep. I´m using siege engineer and woodworker discs and our engineering works building is rank 3. https://imgur.com/a/5fof8FY
  2. Still looking for activ german players!
  3. Wir suchen immer noch gute Charaktere die unsere Truppe verstärken!
  4. Wir suchen weiterhin aktive deutsche Spieler!
  5. Still recruiting german speaking players. Visit us in our discord.
  6. Wir suchen immer noch aktive deutschsprachige Spieler!
  7. Bump for the only active german speaking guild currently in crowfall. We are still looking for active german players!
  8. Good Morning. The Dregs Test Campaign ended last night so there is no active Dregs campaign you could join.
  9. Crafted "Ring Settings" can´t be used in the "Ring Band" Recepie at the Jewelcrafting Station(Necklace Bail into Chain works.)
  10. nice looking and very well structured, leaves no questions open for new players. great work @Marklarr
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