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  1. have to agree @CrusaderW, even if Í don´t fully agree with all of Makuzas critic, most of it is spot on!
  2. with the remove of "passive training" and the grind for crafting/harvesting discs (and the gold needed) large guilds will snowball hard compared to smaller guilds with gear. the campaign rewards are now crafting/harvesting discs so the biggest guilds can snowball even faster. the devs talked about avoiding a "uncle bob scenario" in the first backer video, but they did a full 180 turn on that. (I liked the passive training, it was a usp for me) ingame mechanics that where ok but needed balance and polishing got deleted and replaced with rushed solutions. bugs that where fixe
  3. Didn´t you tell us in the 5.6 Q&As that rewards should only be visual. (Mounts, Skins, Badges...) Imho the "Trial of X" Badges where a nice solution. With Mats, Crafting and Exploration Discs as rewards you just snowball "Uncle Bob", the biggest Zergs can bypass the harvesting grind and they get endgame mats without any risk. oh and I still think there should be a participation fee per member for divine favour!
  4. maybe its time to delete stonemasonary at all. It adds nothing to the powercurve/actual game and could be free accesable for everyone on an ek. right now it just an additional pain/grindgate for jewelers. this system is your worst idea ever. resources are time players spent in game, my guild always tried to use our mats responsibly, now we get forced to waste them.
  5. Time Changes: (please list time zones if you're adding in any). EU Times are not that great, here are some suggestions: for most of the EU population the siege window starts to early. An hour later would be nice. How do you like the variance with the Campaign cards is there anything you'd like to see different with them? Give us Cards depending on landless or not so that people can decide if the want to play for capture or landless in a campaign. sacrafice X to Y cards are just poor daily grinding quests a participation fee to enter the divine favour competition w
  6. Still looking for activ german players!
  7. Wir suchen immer noch gute Charaktere die unsere Truppe verstärken!
  8. Wir suchen weiterhin aktive deutsche Spieler!
  9. Still recruiting german speaking players. Visit us in our discord.
  10. Wir suchen immer noch aktive deutschsprachige Spieler!
  11. Bump for the only active german speaking guild currently in crowfall. We are still looking for active german players!
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