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  1. Sieges should be longer. The walls are made out of paper. If you die once, your pretty much done for that siege. Fewer, longer sieges would be nice.
  2. If you do not like the rules or in-game disciplines coming from usage of this forum, then make an unofficial forums. Why rely on others for what you can do yourself? If you want a no holds barred forum with a few basic rules, get input from the top guilds and find some moderators that people will trust and set it up. This forum would still work for game/testing information and the unofficial for political+ activities.
  3. He lives large and it is easier to read Mr Meany Phr00t
  4. Add a 4th keep somewhere
  5. After a recent patch, the range to see an outpost pip on your compass display seems to have increased. The outposts have the same icon, a diamond, as players in your group. Please change the icon for outposts to something else so that it is easier to differentiate.
  6. not to mention that lvling a blue will wreck a set of gear
  7. I gotta admit, I was really looking forward to this campaign. I had actually expected that people would play more and there would be more conflicts for forts, etc.. Which would lead to more group fights and some of those fights that turn out really fun and interesting. And I thought that there would be two weeks of it... The next two weeks do not look even remotely like that.
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