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  1. Might as well item wipe. Other guilds have been using that exploit for ~20% dmg boosts on their weapons for awhile now. gg, on using exploits in a pre-alpha testing environment. It's an effective weapon wipe for us, since we have to remake everything now with it to remain competitive. Guess, it's an exploit war from here on out.
  2. Ballistas can still be placed on enemy keep walls with los to tree room
  3. Sieges should be longer. The walls are made out of paper. If you die once, your pretty much done for that siege. Fewer, longer sieges would be nice.
  4. Gates in Forts and Keeps will sometimes Desync your client and you will not know that you are desync'd until you use a skill or something and get warped back to inside the gate.
  5. If you do not like the rules or in-game disciplines coming from usage of this forum, then make an unofficial forums. Why rely on others for what you can do yourself? If you want a no holds barred forum with a few basic rules, get input from the top guilds and find some moderators that people will trust and set it up. This forum would still work for game/testing information and the unofficial for political+ activities.
  6. He lives large and it is easier to read Mr Meany Phr00t
  7. I liked the part where my base Bene Harvest Chance was 15% instead of 0.15%. But my gear still showed 0.38% and when I put that piece on it my Bene Harvest Chance read 15.38%. Same as Hamlet's post above. His set gives 1.45% or really 145%, but added to the 15% from the skill tree only gave 16.45%.
  8. Last campaign, players complained about high level Iron scarcity and that seems to have been addressed this campaign. I would like to bring attention to Skinning Mob scarcity, especially Aurochs. Auroch skinning gives Soft leather. Soft leather is used in all leather crafting sets and in -crit hit chance combat armor. Both are high demand builds. Aurochs do not spawn in any named parcel like cats and spiders. Cats and Spiders are in abundance because they spawn in high level forests, chasms, etc.. Auroch, Wolves and Elk only spawn in random parcels out in the wild. These are generally lower levels than the named parcels. Last campaign had a spot with 3 R7 Auroch which was good, but again it was only one spot of three Aurochs in the whole map that reached that level. This campaign has a single R10, 2 R7s, and some R5s. This makes skinning a very needed resource tedious. Please increase the availability of high level Aurochs, wolves and elk. Another possible assistance is change the leatherworking recipes for crafting sets to use Flexible(cats) or Durable(spiders). Thank You! PS. Also this campaign seems to have pushed Pigs, that used to have some spawns in fort parcels, out of those fort parcels. Which also lowered the availablity of higher level Pig skinning.
  9. Grimarr

    Zone Caps

    Add a 4th keep somewhere
  10. Well, we no longer have Master of Bows, so that quiver no longer works. That leaves taking either Sharpshooter or Arcane Archer to be able to use a quiver. Kind of a rough way to get one, especially for Brigand.
  11. Archer - Brigand - Booby Trap Passive As a Brigand, you cannot place the Booby Trap passive in the Survival Tray. If you place bombs, then go to the survival tray, Booby Traps does not apply to your bombs and they do weak damage with no DoTs. Please allow the Booby Trap passive to be placed in the Survival Tray (this doesn't mean that you can place bombs from Survival, just that they do the Brigand dmg buff still) Also, you have to go through Survival Tray to get back to stealth.
  12. Mob corpses disappear during day/night switch. Annoying when skinning.
  13. It appears that the Elk have migrated from the servers. I am unable to locate any of the Elk that I had previously scouted or any Elk for that matter. Change was prior to today, though I'm not sure exactly when it occured.
  14. After a recent patch, the range to see an outpost pip on your compass display seems to have increased. The outposts have the same icon, a diamond, as players in your group. Please change the icon for outposts to something else so that it is easier to differentiate.
  15. not to mention that lvling a blue will wreck a set of gear
  16. I gotta admit, I was really looking forward to this campaign. I had actually expected that people would play more and there would be more conflicts for forts, etc.. Which would lead to more group fights and some of those fights that turn out really fun and interesting. And I thought that there would be two weeks of it... The next two weeks do not look even remotely like that.
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