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  1. Hello, yes, I would like to tote Crowfall gear around so I have even more of a reason to not shut up about it.
  2. I honestly didn't play mmos until a few years ago. My loss for sure. The most recent mmo that I played heavily was Neverwinter.
  3. Someone might well have thought of this and brought it up here already but since I didn't see anything immediately I'll go ahead and toss it out there. I was checking out the possible mounts we may be getting if we hit the 1.3 mark (which I'm fairly certain we will) and thinking about how cool it would be to have a sort of stable in the Eternal Kingdoms where other players could look at your beasts. Particularly extensive collections might even serve as a spectacle, much like a zoo or menagerie. Any criticisms are more than welcome. I just adore the creativity and excitement that's going around.
  4. I agree with what appears to be the majority here. Flying mounts are not something I would like to see. Too many problems and quite a bit of undermining for existing mechanics. I suppose they wouldn't be so bad in the Eternal Kingdoms but even that seems iffy to me.
  5. I'm having a tough time settling on my choices. I'm leaning toward Templar and Legionnaire (obviously subject to change as information is released) and the last slot is completely up in the air. So many fun archetypes to daydream about.
  6. I'll admit the lore makes me uncomfortable but you know what you can do? Roll with it. Literally. Roll a character that exclusively hunts down the Fae because they're a zealot or something. Tada!
  7. I'm much more invested in lore than how my character looks. If there are reasons biological or cultural that prevent one gender from appearing then I'm 100% okay with that. Just because the first Archetype they revealed was a male gender-locked one doesn't mean anything about what they might be planning for others. Harpies, dryads, sirens... there are many 'monsters' that are female-only through biology alone. I'm not worried in the least. Just looking forward to a fresh take on mmos and a bunch of shiny new mechanics and features.
  8. Another race type I see even less often than reptiles is insect-based creatures. They're almost always exclusively mindless beasts but there are plenty of fun examples in nature of insects acting as a community. It would be pretty ambitious to try to work that into a lore-friendly race/culture. I'm not very keen on the Archetype aspect so I'll leave my comments strictly on race.
  9. I'm not worried in the least about gender-locked races. I mean, when it comes down to it, it's essentially the same thing with a few different curved lines/angular lines. Customization sure if fun but there's tons you can do in the scope the devs have confirmed already. I'm pretty stoked about the dynamic worlds and actual mechanics. Having never played SB, I think I'll spend some time reading up on it. Sounds like there are some parallels pointed out by other users that would be fascinating to investigate.
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