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  1. Hello guys hopefully its the right place to report it . But rangers ability Forest step doesn't work . It does the damage but wont teleport you to a target .
  2. You absolutely right . Cant argue with all that . All the effort should be rewarded . Im talking only from new solo player experience who dont have to much time on there hands . Just little example from Albion online. Very much guild orientated , very hardcore gathering and crafting . To the point where unless you have t6.1 t6.2 gear wich is not easy to gather , need to have dedicated account . not easy to craft , another dedicated account . You wont be viable on battle field or in groups . Big guilds taking over campaign map , small guilds cant retaliate . By the time people realise amount of time effort and money they need to put in to have fun at pvp ;( population on servers start to decline . Developers trying to come up with the fix to there initial design but its all ready to late . And what you have left is a group of hardcore guilds fewer new players . Casual players just give up . I think if you want to have a healthy population all aspects of the game so as different players experiences need to be addressed .
  3. Hello guys just to follow up on that God like performance of brave and glorious Balance players . So this is the state of the campaign at the moment . https://ibb.co/xDKt2Dx . If developers don't see balance between vessel and armour crafting is a huge problem . Well not sure where this is going .
  4. Thank you all for replies . You guys have good and strong points there . But basically to many variables at the moment that involved . As solo player who doesn't have to much of a time to invest in to the game and want to have casual fun it wont work for me . White vessel and white advanced gear doesn't make a difference at all . So maybe a year from now when im gonna be able to gather quality resources then craft a vessel and the gear to be able to be viable on the battlefield . Sadly leaves solo casual player no where . And before folks start to say well thats a guild oriented game i realise it. I just feel like there is should be place and some sort of a balance for noobs like me as well .
  5. Just as new player would like to address current state of PvP . Have a look at this video and think about how game is balanced . And its a PvP orientated game .
  6. Was playing then game kicks me out in to the lobby . and i cant log back in one that vessel . Also joined the siege and game crushed after that little icon that indicates race changed to minotaur but the vessel is complitely different race
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